Published Album!

Six months ago I submitted some work I did to Scrapbook Trends. I went for the mini albums create submissions. It was not my first but it was close to my first pieces I submitted. I had thought it might take a little longer to get in. But a couple weeks later I got an email asking me to send my stuff in and that it would be published. Well I think I was bouncing off the walls for the next month. And when I got home from Christmas holidays this little book of joy was here to greet me!

I wanted to create an album that was unique so that I had a better chance of being published. When I was in Texas earlier this year scouring the antique shops for amazing finds I stumbled upon a shelves of old spools. The inspiration was instant. I knew what I wanted to do. So I got home and got to business. The album was 100% made from scratch to wrap around the spool, thus the title wrapped up in you. It documents our first year together starting with the proposal and going through the wedding and other big events. It ends with our one year anniversary.

Here is my full two page spread and title/credit. I still cant tell you enough how exciting it is to see my name in there. What has also been amazing is the support and love from all my friends. A couple have even asked where they can get copies (online at Its the most amazing feeling. It really started 20eleven off with a bang. I am already thinking of other projects to submit!

This was my original pictures I had to submit and then I had to send my actual album. I will be getting it back soon in a box of goodies and two copies of the magazine. One which will be torn apart and framed (I did tell you how excited I was) and one for my mom. The one who inspired me originally to scrapbook and craft. And still inspires me today. Thanks mom, this ones for you.

Top Tens of Twenty Ten

As I was not blogging most of last year I wanted to share my top tens of the full year. But being me I Couldn’t make one top ten group for everything so you get a mish mash of everything I do. I decided I could Break it down into my top three loves. Projects, Photo’s and of course baking.

Be prepared this is going to be as photo heavy as you can get in one post!

This is my collage of favorite pictures and memories this year. 2010 Brought babies and new puppies, weddings and lots of Disney trips (thanks mom again for the most amazing ever giving birthday gift, I truly and getting as much use as possible out of my Disney pass)  A crazy Christmas, a few more family get together’s and just everyday moments. Really the little ones that are not pictured are the most important, but these fav’s come at a close second!

The biggest growth I had this year was in my baking. How could you not enjoy making delicious smelling addicting sweets. The many flavors of cupcakes ranging from cookies and cream, death by chocolate, the original chocolate and vanilla to crazy seared s’mores, and edible monogram toppers. Cupcakes have endless possibilities, I hope to create many more this coming year again! Then there was the wedding cakes. It was one of my few resolutions last year to sell a wedding cake. And that one has now booked more! I cant wait! And my all time favorite was my fourth of july cake. An original design, I remember my mom being confused by how plain the tall white cake was and how excited I was. But to see everyone’s reaction when I cut into that surprise beauty was every reason I bake in the first place. My american flag cake will hopefully be a tradition and maybe with practice I can cut out half that prep time!

And lastly are the projects/scrapbooking. My first love. This is my top ten projects of the year. Im really looking forward to making more of a commitment to devoting some time to this hobby this year. I broke these all up into their own part, most have more than one picture as it is and I knew I could never squish them all into one!  So here goes nothing, and remember I did warn you at the beginning!

Loved this craft and it wasn’t even my idea at all. Sometimes you find inspiration when someone ask’s you for a favor. My sister in law was having a new baby and asked each of the three girls to finish matching frames in whatever way we wanted for his room. What an awesome idea right! I got to help Jess with her’s on the right with the vellum quote over a picture, simple and cute just like her. And I went a little more complex with a framed mini pull album and giant monogram. Both so different and both so beautiful, I cant wait to see them all together!

This was a fast layout of me and my sister. I fell in love with it making it so fast with my mom’s selphy printer. Need one asap. And with the pages I ripped out of a paper back to add to the layout. Simple, fresh, perfect!

Another Layout. I knew one day I wanted to do a special layout of our relationship when it wasn’t so easy. And after we watched the movie “Going The Distance” and whispering I know exactly what they mean every five minutes, I finally felt inspired to document it. I dont know how many plane tickets we have from that year but it is kind of fun to see the distance we’ve covered to get to each other.

And speaking of travelling, if you ever want to do a travel mini album I highly suggest Teresa Collins “Travel Log” kit. It came with so much and went together so easily. I felt like it was made for my trip. I had been meaning to make an album of my month abroad for a long time and I couldnt imagine it any better than this!

I LOVE this layout! I had decided to stitch my title into the paper. Not knowing how long that would take! Haha but still so worth it! Hand stitched love with love I like to think. And those pictures just make me feel warm and fuzzy every time I look at them.

Another mini album. Can you tell thats my favorite type? So many different ways to make one thing. This is another Teresa Collins kit. A recipe book. Could it get any better for me? Now I just need to fill it in with all my secret recipes!

Last layout for the countdown. Save the best for last? It swirly,blinged out and emotional. It has every ingredient for a perfect layout. Just a timeless moment with my dad. Like I said, perfect.

Another mini album. This one teeny tiny mini. Its an album for our wedding day and it fits inside the compact I was carrying with me that same special day. I wanted to create something out of a physical item from the wedding. I love the way it turned out!

You may remember this one. Another idea that wasn’t mine but inspired me none the less. Rachelle shared the awesome tutorial with us a couple weeks ago on how to make Ornament Wreaths. I was lucky enough to see some readers experiments with the same craft! The top two are theirs and then you can recognize the two she inspired me to create as well. I am still loving them and it was a little sad taking them down today.

Best for last again. My last top ten project was by far my favorite but it has its only story and many more pictures to follow it in tomorrow’s post, but I still wanted to share it in my top ten’s!

I hope you enjoyed this crazy long and heavy post. I enjoyed the trip down memory lane , sharing all these moments of creativity with you. I cant wait for what I can collect to post next January. Good luck with all your new years resolutions! Go create!

My word of 2011

Being new to blogging doesn’t mean I’m new to the blogging world. A couple of the ones I frequent make a post every January about their word of the year. A word to live by for one year with all your heart. As you also may have noticed I’ve been a tad absent since the last weeks of December. Holidays get out of control fast, especially when you are sick and travelling to other countries to see many extended families. So honestly my word of twenty eleven should be procrastinate, Ive been meaning to write this post for the last week but just keep putting it off. But I am back! I am starting off the year healthy and inspired. I’m really looking forward to a full year of blogging and inspiration thus my little word for this year will be create.

Create: it has so many definitions.

From the dictionary: to evolve from one’s own thought or imagination, as a workof art or an invention. To cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes.

From my little corner of the world it means to be sparked with a an ever growing love of making something with your own hands or thoughts. And inspiring others to do the same.

Would anyone care to share their little word of 2011?