Cooking at 9 months pregnant.

I think its a little odd that I cook more lately than ever in my life. Of course Im usually making my same top 3 meals but that still counts. So tonight Im going to share my recipe for my favorite easy peasy meal!

Shepards Pie

prep time:15 min

Cook time:20 minutes


1-1.5 pounds ground beef, cooked and drained.

1 cup of frozen pea’s and carrots

1 cup frozen corn

1 package shepards pie gravy, prepared as directed.

2 packages instant mashed potatoes, prepared as directed.

Shredded marble cheese

6 ingredients, I base my recipes to keep or try based on how few ingredients it has. In a large skillet, brown and drain your ground beef. Microwave your veggies as it cooks. Add your prepared gravy and cooked pea’s, carrots and corn to meat mixture. Simmer on low till gravy thickens. In a second large pot prepare your potatoes as directed. You can go nicer and actually make mashed potatoes, as I did on the first couple times, but at 9 months pregnant these instant potatoes sure make a good time difference, and taste just as good!

Now layer your meat mixture into a casserole dish, and potatoes on top. This is normally where I add marble cheese, but we were out today so I just threw some seasoning salt on top. Pop it into the oven at 350 for 20 minutes. And voila! Yummy filling dinner. Best part is yummy left overs tomorrow!

Sawyer is basically bumping my computer off my tummy as I type this, so he must have enjoyed it too!

Maternity Photo’s

This is just going to be a heavy photo post. I got a little package in the mail today. I was having a bad morning, no sleep, lots of contractions and just plain done with being pregnant. Well just like one of my favorite songs, “Brown paper packages, tied up with string. These are  a few of my favorite things!” This mail brought me great joy! I mean the little package alone was too cute!

She also sent along some cute little knit slippers for Sawyer. Im always overjoyed with the love this little boy is already bringing out in people. This is the second pair of little knit slippers he has been sent. One of my moms clients sent these little bunny ones for him last week. They are both just too cute and make me excited to get them on little baby feet!

but enough with the talk lets see pictures! Back in July I was home visiting family and we squeezed in a maternity session. Im so happy we did. I just love the pictures! If you do too, you can contact Amy at her facebook page or her Blog site. I shared a few teasers with you a couple weeks ago. To see those ones click here. But here are all the new ones! I cant wait to print them and use them around the house and in projects!

So if you are looking for any maternity, family, or newborn sessions make sure to check her out!

36 Weeks

Back at week 4 I had no idea:

-I wouldn’t be able to wash dishes by hand because I happen to be the right(wrong) height with a massive bump to not be able to reach the sink enough to be near the faucet.

-This same issue applies to the washing machine and the little baby onesies I’m trying to wash in prep, that seem to want to stick to the far bottom side of my top loader.

-I would have so much fluid that it would become a problem. Although it sure makes it easier for him to swim laps in the stretched to capacity pool in there.

-I’d be hitting 3 doctor appointments per week, two monitoring, one regular. That they would involve having two ultrasounds per week since week 32. Ive had more ultrasounds in one month that some women have in an entire pregnancy.

-I would be making my hubby shiver under the covers as I crank the AC

-That the only way I would be able to sleep is with every pillow in the house piled around me.

-That this little boy might be making his appearance in the month of September instead of October.

-That although I have hated chocolate my whole life, when I was told at week 35 I couldn’t have it anymore, it would be all I wanted.

-That I would be so done with being pregnant and want him popping out any day, while still being too terrified to actually want him out and home from the hospital.

-That even when I had nothing to talk about, I would still need to call my mom daily to know that everything I was feeling was normal.

-That so many people would be above generous to this little boy and our family.

-I would be so inspired by this baby that I would discover all the creative projects I could accomplish, including learning to sew and make my own heirloom baby blanket.

-That’s when people told me it was going to be the longest 9 months of my life, they were liars! This has flown by! Where did 36 weeks go.

-That 2 little people could make a big baby!

-That no matter how hard I try I would never be ready for a new baby.

But what I did know, was that me and Brandon would be extending our family, and showering this little baby in love. And That time grows ever closer each day. On Wednesday I was given the go ahead to stop the medication that has been holding back the contractions. Between now and 4 weeks from now little Sawyer will be making his appearance!

Happy Anniversary x2

For those of you who dont know our love story here is the basics. We got married with all our friends and family, with the big dress, the flowers, the dancing and fun on September 12 2008. 2 days later we got separated at the airport where they denied me entrance for 4 months for “attempting to marry for citizenship.” It was extremely heartbreaking to be pulled apart so soon after our wedding. Especially since in my eyes my hubby is Canadian and I could care less about American citizenship. But there is no sense in talking sense to a border patrol officer. There was many tears and lots of paperwork. Brandon got on the next returning flight and we made our plans for the next coming months. We hadnt signed a marriage certificate because we knew it was a possibility of me being detained, but that hadnt changed anything so I called up my officiant and told him the story. He was so kind and offered to redo our ceremony for just us and make it official. So in his living room, with my parents, a week later we said “I do.”

It was a long, hard, struggle for two newlyweds. Two countries apart and only getting to see each other every other weekend. But we made it work. And its been 3 years since that time. I believe it made us stronger and a better couple in the long run. We made it through something in our first weeks of marriage that would be hard on any couple. So now every year, we celebrate on both dates. I always joke that he gets an extra day to make up for it if he forgets the first!

So tonight on our second, third anniversary we will be spending the night in watching “friday night lights” season 2 and having pizza delivered. If thats not romantic I dont know what is! But it is so perfect for us. Plus he did take me out for dinner on the 12 and we had our annual scrabble game. Brandon hates playing scrabble but once a year that board comes out just for me. He is the most amazing man in my life. (until Sawyer makes his appearance anyways…)And I love him with all my heart. Happy 3 years B!

Cake Pops!

You may know what this new sensation is. Its spread the internet world and bakery world in the last year like wildfire. Cake Pops are a little dessert much like cupcakes but in bite size form. So basically you can eat more of them without knowing it!

They are very easy to make and always look fantastic. Very elegant. You can display them in two ways. I will be experimenting with the sticks next time, but this time I made them to sit in wrappers. If you feel like experimenting too here are some step by step instructions.

Make your favorite cake batter and bake a full cake as normal. Once its fully baked just toss it into a bowl. I used a fork to destroy it. I also pulled out all the edges that were a bit darker so the cake was one single color.

Then add your favorite icing. I made these as an after thought at 10pm so all I had on hand was instant icing. I would much prefer to use my own butter cream next time as I find the instant icing to be too thin. But its works in a pinch and they certainly taste good in the end so don’t worry too much about it!

Then mash it all together, and roll into small balls. Line a tray with parchment paper and pop it in the freezer. I really wanted my balls to stay as perfect as possible so I left my tray in the freezer and popped each one in as I rolled. But Im sure you could roll them all and then put them in the freezer too. Freeze them for at least one hour but more if possible. I did mine in two batches (white chocolate and milk) and the second batch was after freezing them overnight and it was a much nicer final result.

Dip the cake balls in melted chocolate. Make sure you melt it slowly as I have been known to impatiently set chocolate on fire in the microwave. 30 second intervals work best. I used a fork to roll the ball through the chocolate and then place them back on the parchment paper. As I said the first batch was only frozen 1 hour, so I didn’t notice small pieces had fallen off into the melted chocolate. I added some more as I was running out and when I microwaved them it baked the bits of cake even more, ending in this mess. (I added food color to show the texture better) Don’t make the same mistake and ruin a whole batch of chocolate.

After I let them sit in the fridge this time for 30 minutes I drizzled them with opposite chocolates. You can also pipe designs or add sprinkles at the same step after dipping them, so they stick. Then comes the packaging. This was such a great idea, i saw on pinterest! Have I told you all enough how great that place is. Take an empty egg carton, place mini cupcake wrappers in each slot. And add your cake balls. Perfect! I am shipping these and I needed a light way to display, but ship them safe. Fingers crossed they travel well.

I also have a few left overs. So I am taking some with me for the family I work for. I grabbed a Christmas jewelry box. We all get a bunch of them every season so it was easy to find a couple around the house. Same thing I added the cupcake liners and popped in the balls and another cute little gift.

I really enjoyed making these and cant wait to experiment more with them. In flavors, decorations and display. So make sure you check back often! And if you feel inspired to make them as well, I love to see and share reader creations so send me pictures and your story!

BBQ Crock Pot Chicken

Found this recipe on pinterest. I love finding recipes on there. But I never actually do it. But tonight I did! One of my friends inspired me. She’s now started a board of all the recipes she’s pinned and actually made, with mini reviews. Awesome. I love how it inspires people to do stuff. So I found this ridiculously easy recipe. And dinner was set.


4 chicken breasts

1 bottle BBQ Sauce, your choice, we used Kraft original.

1tsp Red chili pepper flakes

1tsp garlic power

1/4 cup vinegar

1/4 cup brown sugar

Combine all and submerge your chicken breast in the mixture. Cook on low for 4-6 hours.

Could it be any easier? It sure makes your house smell good too. And since there was only two of us I left the others in the crock pot another couple hours. They were already so tender that when I pulled mine out it broke into pieces. So I am shredding the left overs for buns tomorrow. Yum!

On the side tonight I made my favorite vegetable. Sweet potatoes. Tonight’s version was sliced, spiced and baked. Peel it, wash it off, cut into thin slices, line a pan with tinfoil and lay pieces in a single layer. Drizzle with small amount of olive oil, and sprinkle with seasoning salt. Bake for 20 minutes on each side at 400. Watch them though because they can burn easily. Tonight I let mine burn a bit but then they are just crispier, so not harm there.

There you have it, easy peasy dinner. I like to think its a little healthier than my normal mac and cheese with ketchup 😉 It was a little dry, not sure what I could do to fix that, but we’ll see if the shredded version tomorrow makes up for that.

And finish it up with a contraction stopping pill and some water for dessert. Cant wait to get off these, 2 more weeks!

34 Weeks

I had another app today. Lots of ultrasounds, I feel like I know this baby inside and out because we have so many. Today we were making sure everything looks healthy and good. Still measuring high above in fluid. His head is now 38 weeks large. My little Frankenstein. But he is still looking like a big healthy boy! And that’s music to our ears.

But we did discuss all my contractions again. I have been having them for the last 2 weeks and I am on medication to stop/slow them. But I was told today that in 2 more weeks I will be going off the medication. And then it is all up to this little man to see when he wants to come. Which means in 2 weeks we could possibly go into labor! Good gosh! Exciting and terrifying. I guess we wont know till it happens but that’s sure a big palm to my face reminder of all the stuff I still need to get done. Which means special thank you to my fairy godmother for the last item we needed for our nursery! Once that glider is in the nursery I don’t know how I wont spend every minute in there!

One last thing to share. Here is a picture of my monitoring appointment today. This is how I spend 45 minutes, 2 times a week. One band to watch his heart beat, which the little guy seems to think is a hide and seek game. They have to constantly move it, as he is constantly moving. And the other watches my contractions. Its a catch 22, I like to watch it go up and down, but whoa there is a lot of them, and this is on medication! But its sure a peace of mind to have such great care. And the nurses are always super sweet and nice. I have to admit, I almost even enjoy the appointments.

Gallery Wall

Today I had my hubby hang my gallery wall in the nursery. I thought since it was just going to be a big collage it would be easy peasy. So when he gave up with 6 frames left, I thought I would finish it. I learned then that I am not ever meant to hang another item in my house. And also that this bump is seriously getting in the way!

And yes they are all empty or filled with the wrong pictures right now. They will remain that way until I get some baby pictures!!! How exciting to think of those! But I am also using some of them for cute baby quotes and such. Here are some of the options Im thinking about.

And a couple more items to hang above the crib, some paper lanterns, and a rocking chair and we will be all done! I cant believe we are this close! I remember when this room was still Brandon’s office at the beginning of the pregnancy, then it was an extra bedroom, then storage. Its changed almost as much as my body! haha And I just love how much its evolved. I love my nursery. And I already find myself coming up with a million excuses to spend time in there. Good thing since the next couple months will bring an even better reason to be in there!

Manly Man Soothers

Your baby cant grow his own mustache? No problem!

Sounds like a little late night infomercial to me. But a cute one. And I seem to watch a lot of them lately. Sleep is getting harder and harder. Between pee breaks and flipping left to right, it seems to only come in 15 minute increments. It give me lots of time to browse pinterest for baby idea’s and more.

So on one of those late nights I found this idea and thought it was too funny. After playing in the nursery all week I grabbed some felt and just free handed some mini mustaches. Cant wait to see how funny they look on the little guy. Brandon likes the Hitler style one the best. Surprise surprise.

The Easy Peasy Baby Blanket

Remember the last baby blanket? THE Baby blanket. The one that took forever to make. It might have made me never touch my sewing machine again. But then I found this pattern and how could I not try it!

You will need:

1 1/4 yard cotton fabric

1 1/4 yard Minky fabric

coordinating thread


sewing machine

I swear its easy you just have to keep some reminders in mind. Minky is not the easiest fabric to sew, so I looked up some tips. And I will be sharing those with you but maybe look up all of them for yourselves just to be safe! O and hey remember that silly little puppy that likes to be a part of all my sewing projects. The exact minute that fabric hit the ground she made it her new home. But she is cute, so I let it slide.

First your going to lay your fabrics out. the bumpy side of the minky up and the pattern side of the cotton down. So that your final fabrics are facing each other. Then pin away! With minky you want to pin as much as possible. Its recommended every 1-1.5 inches apart.

Make sure you leave a couple inches open. I marked mine with two vertical pins. This is where you will be turning your blanket once you’ve finished the first round of sewing.

Starting at the bottom vertical pin start your 1/2 inch seam, go the entire way around until you hit your top vertical pin. Make sure to leave that space open! Now you can trim and cut your corners. Then turn your whole blanket inside out and pop those corners all the way out. Then lightly press the blanket, cotton side only, minky does not like to be ironed! Press your edges so you have a clean edge to sew.

Now you can pin that opening closed. I had a slight pull in my minky fabric, remember that I said its a hard fabric to sew. So I’m happy mine was only slight so I also pinned that to try and fix it. Good enough for a first time! Now sew another 1/2 inch seam around your edges. Make sure to back stitch your beginning and end to finish it.

And there you have it! A simple but cozy baby blanket. Who doesn’t love to be curled into a minky blanket. And this one was so simple and easy it only took me one episode of Brothers and Sisters to finish it. That last one took almost 3 seasons worth of episodes! So try it. Show me your results!

And again more fun stuff to come so make sure you’re always checking back with us!