If you know me really well, you know I DO NOT win anything. Ever. Bad luck maybe? Who cares. Not a big deal. And that’s why Last Saturday at Inspiration Unlimited, I thought, there is no way I will win this. That however has never stopped me before on trying. Apparently I have a little bit of my dad’s competitiveness in me. So Saturday night at about 9 they announced a contest using the left over scraps from the album… Read more »

Seems like this Christmas is closer than the last, yet I am getting last years Christmas present this weekend! First my mom is flying in from Canada for a visit. {a present in it’s own.} Second we are going together to the scrapbooking event Inspiration Unlimited. We were supposed to do a Teresa Collins workshop in Calgary in August but it was cancelled. And by chance there was 2 open tickets to IU in Vegas. I have been on the… Read more »

This is a new craze in the little’s world. I’ve seen it a lot in the last couple years. So I couldn’t pass it up when Sawyer is about to turn ONE! So I found a old wooden highchair and refinished it. And then I made a little cake special for him. Very simple but I filled it with all kinds of colors on the inside. Though red seemed to take over on that one. As promised here is the… Read more »

As we all know I am the biggest fan of pinterest. But the best part of it is when you actually create some of your saved projects. Which is what Sawyer’s birthday is all about for me! I’m even getting it finished and on time! This is rare indeed. But there was one pin I saved way back when I first joined pinterest. I knew as soon as that chunk in my bump was born it was going on the… Read more »

We are about to celebrate our 4th anniversary for the second time this year! It may be odd to say that but it’s all our own story. And as promised, here it finally is. 4 years ago in 2008 Brandon proposed. We had only been dating for less than a year. And most of it was spent long distance. First I was in Calgary and he was in Toronto. Then I ran off to London England for 2 months, Brandon came to… Read more »

The first week of September I shot my first real maternity session. I have been toying with the idea of pursing photography for awhile. My camera is ALWAYS attached to my hand. {I picked a diaper bag based off of my camera being able to fit in it.} But it’s a big leap. So for the last year I’ve been using Sawyer for practice. What a great little model he’s been! And after spamming facebook with his pictures I’ve had… Read more »