We’re Still Here

Ouch 3 posts in all of November. Thats pretty bad. But the blog suffers when real life is flourishing! And is it ever. The little man is 8 weeks old! passing milestones all the time. My favorite would be that the smiles are out and in full effect now! Im so lucky to have the cutest, happiest, good baby ever. And although we had some rough weeks, a few adjustments to his daily life has brought my sweet baby back.

There is definitely a difference in our life. Yes we get no sleep, and our kitchen is litered with bottles, formula and the occasional dirty diaper. But we are also completely taken with this new little life. Even his little pouty lip is beyond adorable to us.

And now it’s December (again, where has the time gone!) And by all miracle’s somehow we are already done all the Christmas shopping and getting ready for our first trip home! We’ve already visited Santa, TWICE! Seen it snow in Las Vegas! Decorated and wrapped all the presents under the tree. And its just the beginning of the holidays! We have so much more fun coming up! So maybe I can update this a bit more this month. Otherwise you’ll know Im snuggling this little guy!