Easter Dirt & Carrot Trifle

Ok guys I AM BACK. (I’ve actually gone back and blogged all of March too!) Here’s where I lie about a promise to be here weekly, and be the me I used to be. But you know what, a lot has changed in the years since drifting away from lissables.com And I do mean to try and be better but lets face it, its usually life that gets in the way and thats a good thing! But for now, hang out with me here and there. Dont worry I’ll remind you on instagram and facebook when I’ve made a new post! (*insert kiss emoji here, I dont know how to communicate without emoji’s now, insert shocked face emoji here!*)

Easter Dirt & Carrot Trifle - lissables.com


Onto the recipe! I cant take credit for this. I did find both idea’s on pinterest, my love. I just executed it differently. I LOVED the idea of not baking, after just making a giant zelda cake I was more into the whole non bake dessert. Why have I never tried this!!!! Ok ready for the easiest recipe that makes it look like you put so much thought and care into your holiday portion of the meal?

Easter Dirt & Carrot Trifle

1 package (15 oz.) cookies, I used oreo’s!

2 3.9 oz. instant chocolate fudge pudding

2-4 cups milk (depending on how many packages pudding you use)

8 oz. cream cheese, room temp.

1/2 cup sugar

8 oz. cool whip

1 tub cream cheese frosting

orange food coloring

1 package sour punch straws in green

Directions: Crush the cookies. I used a food processor and got it extremely fine. But my hubby says he wishes a layer had been thicker chunks. But the top layer should be fine to resemble dirt! Make pudding according to package. While the pudding sets in fridge, combine sugar and cream cheese. Fold in cool whip. Once combined, fold in pudding. Layer mixtures, cookie crust first, then pudding and repeat until you run out, BUT make sure you have enough for a dirt layer to finish!

Then mix orange food coloring with cream cheese frosting. Using a sandwich baggie, cut the corner off one bottom side. Pipe small circles making your way up and to the center. Take sour punch straws and cut to make your stems. Leave a small chunk at the bottom to hold them together. Place onto each “carrot” Refrigerate until ready to serve, and left overs.

Easter Dirt & Carrot Trifle - lissables.com

Easter Dirt & Carrot Trifle - lissables.com

Voila, I give you the easiest and yummiest dirt dessert! You can also swap the carrots for worms for little boy birthdays! Or top it with construction toys for a worksite theme party. So many creative options for this recipe. I can tell we are going to have to do both of those in this house! I always envisioned ballerina cakes in my house but I am SO glad I get to make this dirt dessert instead 😉

It is especially yummy for breakfast the next morning, and then lunch, and then dinner. Hey its got vegetables in it right? Also this is now what Sawyer considers carrots when he asks for them. Whoops.

Easter Dirt & Carrot Trifle - lissables.com

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