Scrapping it

I have had creative block when it comes to scrapbooking lately. First its just hard to find the time to be by myself, not tired, nothing else to do, and feel inspired. Secondly I just can’t seem to flow or feel creative enough. And third is that my scrapbooking room looks like a tornado literally destroyed it. It’s a mix of all my scrapping stuff, sewing stuff, baby storage, Brandon’s gear, Brandon’s mini studio. Basically anything and everything is in there.

But somewhere in there I found some time this week where Sawyer was sleeping, and I wasn’t. And decided my scrapbooking calendar was 3 months behind, and I should probably do something about that. So I sat on my bedroom floor and went to it. Two simple layouts. Not feeling inspired yourself? When I am having days like that I use other layouts as inspiration. Both these came from a scrapbook trends magazine. Similar layouts, completely different themes and color, but just enough of a start to my own layout.Don’t feel bad about using other work as inspiration. Your never going to have all the exact same stuff, so it will have your own spin on it anyways. And there is never completely original idea’s, everyone feels inspired from something. In fact if my stuff inspires others I would feel honored and excited about it! (If you do ever copycat me I would love to see it! email me at!) I love having some color and pictures on my calendar finally. So I will share with you March and April. And maybe I get January and May done this weekend!

And something I am still currently working on! I will share this project and some other pinterest inspired projects around my house later this week! Be sure to check back with me!

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Finding the Smiles

I have to say all the waiting can sometimes drive a person crazy. Does “you’ll hear from us in ten days” mean: 10 days, 10 business days, 30 days or never? It becomes harder when your a first time parent watching your kid going through a teething stage but second guessing yourself. All the screaming, endless. Thinking maybe its not a tooth. Maybe its a headache caused by his condition. Could there be something else were missing. The thoughts of the sleepless mommy.

Especially when at a 6 month well check the new pediatrician tells you there is nothing wrong, even though his head is measuring big. Brandon and I almost let our moths drop and just hang there. But Brandon instead corrected the doctor that indeed something was wrong. So wrong in fact we’ve been chasing pediatric neuro doctors around for 2 months. So wrong that we are waiting for the CATscan to finally be set and awaiting a date for surgery. Needless to say we’ll be happy to see our own doctor at the next visit.

So while we wait, I practice being ok with this whole surgery. If you’ve talked to me in person I will tell you its not big deal. Because with the internet you can always find a worse story.  And that’s how I choose to deal with this. You may think this is a traumatic event, but for us its going to just be another week in our lives. Albeit, one where we live in the ICU, but one that we will get through all the same. For many parents that’s not the case. Even other craniosynostosis kids will have a harder battle. And yet the babies smile. Happy for each day. So that’s how I will be one smile at a time, one day at a time. No sense wasting the days upset!

Which is why last night in anticipation of Sawyers surgery, I made two little onesies. Custom for his conditions humor. Though I have been told its not funny by my mother. I choose to think if it makes you smile when you might be crying, its worth it. So I made one kiwi green {doesn’t that just sound like a cute happy color!} That says Chicks Dig Scars. Fitting as he will have one of the biggest. And Another baby blue that says “My first haircut was by a Neurosurgeon.” They beat grandma to it 😉 So if you find it morbid, so be it. He’s gonna get a lot of attention with that scar so might as well bring a smile to it as well. 🙂

Easter Memories

Just thought I’d share some fun pictures from our Easter celebrations this year. It was a perfect day surrounded by family. Breakfast with the cousins, matching PJ’s and all! And the night with all the other families. Even an outdoor easter egg hunt and a visit from THE Easter bunny. How adorable! And duh I had my camera snapping the entire time!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!

A Pediatric Plastic Surgeon.

Today was the much awaited pediatric plastic surgeon appointment. {Ps. it was not McSteamy. Dang ABC for giving me unrealistic expectations of all doctors.} But he was very nice and his resident was making faces at Sawyer the whole time. He did not mess around at all. And I think that’s what you want in a doctor. He got right into explaining all the dirty details. By now I can listen to the whole procedure without blinking an eye. I remember thinking I was going to be that mom who can’t keep it together when my baby cried during shots. And now I can walk through an entire surgery on my 6 month baby’s head without any emotion. {if you want all those details go back and read: A Neurosurgeon.}

Today was a short visit. He is requiring Sawyer to have a CATscan done before surgery. We will hopefully be contacted by their office for that appointment in the next 10 days. No MRI, confirmed and the CATscan to rule out other abnormalities that can be unforeseen and linked to craniosynostosis. Knowing that the CATscan will be done asap, the Doctor believes surgery will be scheduled within 30 days of today. He said we have the option to push it back a couple weeks, but the faster the better for us! He was very thorough about answering all our questions. He explained why we are lucky to have caught it before a year. And if left untreated, can be known to cause delays in mental development. I’m completely rambling right now. Basically, the appointment went well, nice Doctor, things moving along, more waiting.

The biggest development was finding out only one parent is allowed to stay the night with him during recovery. It will be 5 days in the ICU. I won’t want to leave him, there is no way I could breathe let alone sleep away from the hospital. And yet I’m the biggest chicken about being alone. As if those first days weren’t already going to be tough. But still staying positive!

Completely touched that so many people continue to give such strong support. Ive already had people offering and asking what they can do to help during the recovery. We are so blessed to be surrounded by love on so many levels. Im amazed each any every time it happens, how many people care. Its so nice to see in today’s world when our values are sometimes skewed.

And if you know someone going through the same diagnosis or in the future have to deal with it, please refer them back to this and previous posts. I think sharing is the best way to find genuine experiences. I would be happy to help, since I had two moms step forward and tell me their entire story. It got me through the first days of an unheard of condition. As well as the CRANIO CIRCLE and Cranio Care Bears. And you can always reach me at

As always I’ll update when the time comes. Thanks to everyone following our story.

Happy Easter 2012

A very happy Easter to each and every one of my readers. I will be out today spending time with family and friends. Easter breakfast bright and early with my Sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and my nephews. And Dinner with them and their whole extended family. Its going to be a fun filled happy day. I hope yours is the same.

I thought I’d share my easter bunny cupcakes today as well. I am going non-traditional tomorrow and making those DELICIOUS RED VELVET BROWNIES! But I got to make all out Easter bunny cupcakes for a kids get together over the weekend. And they were o so cute! I was gifted some cupcake liners and the little decorations (wilton brand from Michaels.) And I was so excited to have a perfect opportunity to use them!

From my bunny to yours, Happy Easter Everyone!

An Appointment

After a long 2 weeks of battling some more health care approvals and road blocks, we finally have an appointment with the pediatric plastic surgeon! Next Monday the 9th will hopefully be the last appointment and we can book the surgery. There is a small chance he will require a CATscan first, but hopefully we can skip that as they are deeming surgery necessary anyways. How weird that I just want to have this surgery as fast as possible. I just don’t want to keep waiting anymore. Plus I was hoping to have it sooner than later because I don’t want it falling on my sister-in-laws due date! How sad would that be to miss something happy and new for something so sad. Either way it will be nice to have some final news on this big date!

Since I have been waiting on this appointment for 2 weeks Ive also reached out on the internet and found some amazing support groups. I tried first on but theirs is small and very slow. A mom from there recommended a facebook group called OUR CRANIO CIRCLE. The moms from there have all gone through this exact process and surgery. They have been amazing and kind, and have answered all of my {sometimes silly} questions. I feel so much better since interacting with them. And through that group I found another foundation. Cranio Care Bears, They started as two moms in the same situation and wanting to make it easier on other moms. They offer free care packages for cranio kids going in for surgery. As soon as we get our surgery date I can request one for Sawyer. Very sweet.

And of course Ive been finding humor in every situation. I know my family and friends think its dark humor, But you have to have something help you smile when a 6 month old has seen a neurologist, pediatric neurosurgeon and pediatric plastic surgeon back to back! So I found between those 2 support groups 2 onesies that I think I’ll have to recreate. one said “My  first hair cut was by a Neurosurgeon.” And the other said “Chicks dig scars!” I think they are cute. And definitely something not many other kids can have! I’ll find any way to stay positive about all of this.

I’ll update again as usual as soon as we know more! So hopefully one more week!

Thanks so much for the continued support everyone!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake

One special First Birthday Custom cake order!

I have been so lucky to have two birthday cake requests in the past 2 weeks. Remember the animal crackers cupcakes from 2 weekends ago! Well this was a much larger order but just as fun. And I had been dying to try this design. I love it because its simple cupcakes for all the kids and guests but a special cake for the first birthday boy to make a mess of!

If you’ve read The very hungry caterpillar {see: anyone who’s read any book to a kid,} you know the design. I tried to incorporate the water color effect in the swirled green frosting. Plus some added paper embellishments to finish it off.  50 cupcakes and a personal cake. I followed my trend and baked it all last night after babysitting till 10:30. Stayed up till 2 and had it done this morning by 10. Easy stress free order. Gotta love when that happens.

So Happy First Birthday Noah! Hope you smothered yourself in cake and maybe ate a little too.

And if your looking for custom cupcakes you know where to find me!