Pagosa Springs!

This week we got in that dang car again, and started driving. And driving we did. First we decided it would be a smarter idea to take the short cut instead of the interstate. It was not a short cut! We went through Zion National park. Which although beautiful beyond words, much much much much much slower! Our Gps just kept adding the minutes slowly to our destination. We ended up getting finally to Pagosa Springs, Colorado an hour later than we were supposed to. Good short cut! Its a good thing my hubby can make me laugh non stop for 11 hours!

But we got here and thats all that matters. We got to stay in a beautiful little cabin in the woods with our friends. What a fun thing to do. For some reason neither me and Brandon have never done a summer vacation with friends. Im hooked. A tiny little town, four best friends. It could not have gotten better. But yet it did. They have been together for 7 years and on Tuesday he got down on one knee and asked that question every girl waits her whole life to hear. Surrounded by friends and family, it was perfect in every way! I am so touched that we got to be a part of that. Especially since I was int he dark until that very moment too! Lots of love going around this week.

Last night we even got to experience the small town carnival. Which I absolutely loved. Even though I was turned down at every single ride for being pregnant. At least the Ferris wheel operator felt bad for me and let me just sit for a picture or two! Really Its more about the atmosphere and picture taking for me. And the going back the next day for hand dipped corn dogs!

All in all this has been a fantastic week and of course as always gone much too fast! Maybe we’ll be back for round two next year. With a new baby for me and a new husband for her!

Envelope Guest Book

I have a friends wedding coming up in July. Ive made some projects in the past for the family as gifts. So when she got engaged almost two years ago she immediately asked me to do the cake and cupcakes for the wedding. I was so flattered and of course said yes. That date seemed ages ago! Now its only a short 2 weeks away. And stuff is falling into place. They also asked me to make a completely handmade custom wedding guest book for the reception. And do I ever love the way it turned out! Everything is going to be white and Tiffany blue. Great colors for cake and paper! I started with an 8×8 canvas 3 ring album. The texture on it is so simple and beautiful. I found perfectly matched card stock and cut it down to size. Double backed each page for durability and punched some holes in each page. For the title page I decided to use the invite for the wedding (it has a matching oversize envelope waiting in Calgary) It sets the elegance for the rest of the book.

For all the other pages of the book I used mini envelopes with matching slips to write well wishes for the happy couple. I love how simple the idea is, but how it looks finished has its own elegance. I cant wait to see it filled with everyones kind words. The last page is a special happily ever after for the Mr&Mrs to write a little something to each other!

I think I am so in love with it that I will be making a second one for the little mans’s baby shower in the fall!

Pinterest Crazy

If your not a part of it already you probably will be. I feel like this was how people felt when facebook first started. You know a good thing when you see it. In the simplest way its an online site to bookmark your favorite photo’s, links and idea’s. You can share them with all your profile friends. Its also a great way to find amazing idea’s. You can see what everyone is pinning all over the world. I have even read some amazing stories through there. Here is one of my favorites:

I spend a lot of my free time, (and maybe some of the time I should be doing more important things! as my laundry waits patiently.) On pinterest. Its idea’s to inspire creative projects, idea’s for photography, even simple tips for around the house and such. I love everything about it! And its more than a little addicting! Its easily organized in boards that you choose to name. And you can even tag your friends in the ones you want to share. And its beyond easy to use. Great for me and all my long distance friends and family!

So be prepared with me sharing many more posts about pinterest stuff and posts inspired by something on pinterest. And if your now feeling the urge to join just email me at right now the site is still a little more private and you need to be invited to join. But anyone who wants in on this awesome site can just let me know! I promise you cant be disappointed!

Happy Pinning!

Glass Wall Decals

I bought this lovely little wall art design back in October. I loved it so much but I knew we were thinking about moving within the next year and a half. I didnt want to leave it behind. So I had this wonderfully easy idea! I bought an oversize frame, (on sale!) removed the back and laid out the wall decal. It sticks to the glass as easy as it would a wall but now its transferable! I can take it anywhere I want.

Or I would have been able to had it worked as well as I planned. The last step was to hot glue gun the glass to the frame so I didn’t need to metal prongs on the back anymore. Well it was going great, until! I didn’t see one prong was still down slightly. As I pushed the final corner into the frame it hit the prong and that distinct sound of glass cracking rang loud through my living room. I’m not gonna lie it was my first pregnancy moment where normally this would have been a darn, try again tomorrow. But this time full out tears and yelling at the frame and curling up on the couch with a blanket over my head. But it was a small mistake I can fix next time! I went out and bought another quote, and I’ll be looking for another frame on sale in the coming weeks.

You can do this with any store bought wall decals or make your own with a cricut cutter and vinyl. Its a great idea and can really focus your style in a big impact with small effort. And now you even know what not to do!

Baby Shower Cupcakes

A couple weeks ago I went to a baby shower for a friend. Since I am the cupcake lady I was in charge of bringing cupcakes. So I upped that and went for double. Everyone was so impressed with the real cupcakes that by the time they opened the gifts they were giddy with surprise over the cuteness. I cant decide which ones I liked better!

The cupcakes were Chocolate with alternating white and pink buttercream frosting. The pink version had white chocolate shavings and the white had tiny edible pink pearls. So delicate and beautiful. Can you tell it was a little girls shower! Very fun to do this while I am completely in blue and green mode.

And here was the other cupcakes! The baby wash cloths wrapped in themselves to make cupcakes! They were definitely a hit when she pulled them out. You gotta love when your gift gets a big “aww” from the crowd! And its such a simple idea too!

Just loved being at the shower. We played games and everything was about babies. I might add I was talented enough to win the “mold a baby out of play dough in 5 minutes” contest. It was a cute game Ive never seen before. Everyone was given a lump of play dough and you had 5 minutes to mold a little bay out of it. Then the Mom to be got to choose her favorite. I may have the extra experience from playing with fondant making things! But it was still a very cool game to see what everyone did! It made me excited about the baby shower we will be having this fall! Yay babies!

Long Time No Blog

It seems no matter what I do when I leave on a trip I do not blog. This time I even lined up a bunch of things to blog about. And still just couldn’t get around to it. That’s life. If you didn’t know I was jetting around the world last week. We made the long drive from Las Vegas to Calgary and from there the very long plane ride from Calgary to London! Yes I was in London at the beginning of this very week! How crazy. So before I share all the fun things I was supposed to blog about last week, let me show you the highlights from London!

We did Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, and Westminister Abbey. We did all the fun tourist things. Things I got to do last time I was in London but it was fun to share it with Brandon and discuss different stories about it.

We went to the Cotswold’s, small surrounding towns to London. It was just beyond beautiful! We saw Warwick Castle and Hampton Court. We walked through Hyde Park and St James park. We even made time to shop at Harrods so I could get some British chocolate for my mom! There was many photo ops to be had!

We went to the portabella Market which was made famous by the movie “Notting Hill.” Brandon got to play with some old camera’s and featured the Super 8. I got to sample some british cupcakes at the hummingbird bakery. Not as good as lissables cupcakes if I do say so myself : )

And Lastly some sharing of the weather we had. It rained and did it ever. Brandon and I were trapped for 10 minutes behind a tree while a storm hit during our walk through Hyde park. So intense we even got hail! Somehow being trapped in a storm in a park with an umbrella is just not as romantic as the movies make it out to be! So I got used to wearing my big rain coat with everything, and thank goodness for all the scarves I brought! And since I was a little bigger than normal I didnt do much shopping for myself. However the little man got some fun stuff. And those would be my favorite. Which is funny since I got all the way home on that 8 hr plane ride before I discovered that the one with the bus on it saying “Nothing Hill” rather than “Notting Hill.” O well! Guess its going to just make me smile when he wears it now!

London sure was fun and a have so many more memories and photo’s I could share with you but that would just bore you. So I’ll leave you instead with Brandon’s photo project while we were away. He is always making me laugh and being on vacation only intensified that. So goodnight and you have a laugh too!

Happy Anniversary Cake

You may notice my favorite cake in my banner on the blog. It was the first wedding I did. How exciting and some how its already been a year! How crazy is that! And as if I wasnt too excited about the first cake, the bride asked me to secretly make an anniversary cake for her husband. I love it! Such an amazing experience for me!

So lets honor the past with my favorite cake and the new one too! She only wanted the top tier this time which made it different but still theirs.

Cake and Love they just go hand in hand 🙂

Where does the time go…

I had just written my last post and then lined up some coming posts and then I didnt write them! Its like time is going faster these days, and theres nothing we can do about it. I was told that the 8 months I had to wait till October were going to be the longest of my life. And yet I keep thinking where did 4 months go! (ps 20 weeks now.)

So lets back track a bit.

Last week after sharing the template for those o so cute cupcake stands, I forgot to share it was an order I was doing for a returning client. Love when that happens. Shows the cupcakes speak for themselves. And I just love them. Simple Chocolate with buttercream and shaved white chocolate. And lemon with vanilla buttercream. Simple but sweet.

Then we had a whole band stay the weekend with us while Brandon shot a music video for them. (which is looking so good so far!) It was definitely a busy weekend! But I love having company at the house. And speaking of two of Brandon’s friends are here till this weekend now. Im getting training for feeding boys haha! But it has been fun.

And lastly for today Im sharing my favorite picture of the week. While on location for one of the video’s I found this sign and was a little too excited to take a maternity shot with it! I thought could it get better, its got the crazy mop top, the belly, the ever growing behind, and short legs. This is definitely my sign!

Stay tuned lots of fun stuff I still need to share!