Merry Christmas 2012

You may notice we have a different look today!

My wonderful and thoughtful husband spent two hours working on my website last night. Updating the look and software for it. Unfortunately its still in the process of being finished, so bear with me while we get it all up and running. I am super excited about this, we’ll be back to normal asap!

As for today. MERRY CHRISTMAS! To all my friends, family, and loyal reader’s. This has been an amazing year thank you for sharing it with us!

Christmas cousins!

DIY Headband Holder.

Hey guys. Are you looking for some last minute gifts, maybe some add on’s that you want to make yourself. I have the perfect thing for any little girls in your life. I promise this is an any level of craftiness project!

Here are your supplies!

1 {empty} Oats container

1 candle stick. Can be any style. I happen to already have this one, I spray painted it 2 coats with Antique white.

Paper {or fabric} to wrap around container. I used paper so I needed 2 sheets of 12×12

Hot Glue Gun for attaching Candle stick to container

I used Glossy Accents to attach my paper to the container.

It’s pretty self explanatory. I saw them all over etsy but I knew they were easy enough to make myself. Empty and clean the Oats container. Cover with paper or fabric of your choice. Attach candle stick to bottom of container with hot glue. And that’s about it. When I attached the candle stick and paper I hold it for about 1 minute to make sure its solid. I left the top off so it can be used for hair clips, socks, extra headbands or anything else that doesn’t have a spot in a little girl’s room. Double the storage!

In case you are wondering I DID NOT make the headbands. I found them on etsy in Poncho Dean’s Shop. I also got myself a headband and hair clip too! And she was running an awesome sale with free baby sandals when I ordered. Watch her on FB for similar sales.

Hope everyone is enjoying the bustle before Christmas, and remembering to love everyone a little extra this holiday season.

Christmas Party 2012

I briefly mentioned that we went to a Christmas Party for a company Brandon freelances for. Last thursday we went to our first DAV Christmas Bash. There hasnt been one due to the economy since Brandon worked for them full time in 2008. So needless to say I think lots of people were excited to see it back on! They even had snow falling at the entrance, {thanks to snow machines of course.} It was fun hanging out with friends and childless. We love that chubby cheeked red head but its nice to have some Mommy/Daddy alone time too! I didnt even take my camera with me, and if you know me you know my camera is my lifeline. So I have been waiting till today to see and share the few photo’s from the night. And here they are!

This is going to be a short post because Sawyer is playing throw the baseball at Mommy’s computer the entire time I’ve been writing this. {He has a surprisingly good arm for a 1 year old!}


Intense Overwhelming Grief. Its the only way to describe this morning’s events. I was, like so many others today, watching as a small story grew into one of the worst in American’s history. The second largest school shooting. 27 dead, 20 children, 6 adults and the shooter’s mother. All the statistic’s being blasted in our faces. Repeated, and repeated, gradually with new information. But we all continue to watch and wonder what could possibly cause someone to do such a senseless thing.

That’s why tonight when I was playing with Sawyer, his laughter sounded like the most beautiful sound in the world. Such a simple thing that I think a lot of people realized today that we take for granted. I cannot imagine what it would feel like to know your child was in that, or any school or location that had had a shooting. It was like having my heart ripped out dealing with Sawyer’s surgery, sitting in a waiting room patiently for news. Literally gutwrenching. And I had 4 months to prep for it, knew what I was going into, and knew we had an almost 100% recovery rate. I don’t know how they drove to the school knowing what happened. How they stayed there all day. How they will go home to an empty house just 10 days from Christmas. With gifts under the tree for a child that won’t ever come home. I don’t know how they will be able to handle any small task ever again. My heart truly goes out to everyone remotely touched by this situation.

I feel that I saw too many comments about how this was a world worth leaving behind. That there is no humanity left. By saying this, you are giving this situation all the power.  Though so many are grieving, you are forgetting the parents who were tearfully reunited with their children. I know those parent’s are so thankful today. We cannot control the world, so unfortunately these sad events will continue to mar our lives. I felt the same way when the Aurora shooting was being covered. And I know my parent’s had many a conversation with me when I would cry at night not wanting to go to school after columbine, over 10 years ago. Instead of being so consumed by sadness I will try to enjoy every little moment that would normally be taken advantage of. Sawyer’s laughs, playing with him, watching him discover new things, even having a complete meltdown screaming and hanging onto my legs. I get to kiss him goodnight tonight, and for that and everyday forth I am so grateful for what I have.

I have rambled in this post because I don’t know what to say. Nothing anyone says will change the outcome of what has occurred. But I wanted to put my feelings in words on my blog. Because one day I will think I am having a bad day, and I will reread this post and understand that none of my day’s will be as terrible as losing a child.


I know its been awhile since I’ve blogged when I start hearing about it in person. Who knew I had such dedicated reader’s! I last left you with the Giving Thanks Project. I have to say it was wildly successful. If you are feeling low in life, instead of trying to brighten your own life, try telling people around you what they mean to you. Not everyone will respond, some of mine never had a chance to. But I did get a few letter’s in return. I could have burst with sunshine with all the happiness shared. Truly, I feel that because I was spreading cheer, my life seemed more joyful in the everyday moments.

As for what’s been going on in this crazy house. Lots of madness. I feel that it’s finally settled down, just long enough to blog. So here’s the story….in pictures of course!

1. I never told you about the amazing Thanksgiving we had up in the Mountains in Utah. A mini road trip to see Brandon’s family. Lots of delicious food, jumping on the trampoline, ATVing, even archery! {Yes everyone, you should all know my nickname is Katniss and I split an arrow. Brandon offered to go first so I wasn’t embarrassed, I forgot to mention it wasn’t my first time holding a bow and arrow!}

2. We kicked off the Christmas season with a little Christmas Luncheon at my sister in Law’s house. I made a Christmas sprinkle cake. I love them because I feel like they are easy for a big effect. Though I definitely liked the multicolored sprinkles of Sawyer’s Birthday cake over just the red, green and white.

3. I did my first Gender Reveal Cake. For those not aware of this pinterest inspired party sweeping the Mom to Be’s, its a cake with frosting tinted pink or blue based on a secret ultrasound that no one but the doctor and baker is aware of! How cute is that? Surprise it was PINK! Everyone was very excited and surprised that there will be a little girl soon!

4. I hosted the first annual “Ginger Bread House decorating at Auntie Lissa’s” Though the decorating wasn’t a huge hit, {I think they all are still too young!} There was still many many laughs. Sawyer was in heaven just running in circles with his cousin’s.

5. We went to a Christmas Party for the company that Brandon used to work for. Got all dressed up, {In my new Modcloth dress!} Had lots of fun. I cant wait to see pictures from the party because its the first time Ive ever left the house in 4 years of marriage without my baby…I was camera-less. {O THE HORROR!} But have no fear for my phone was always nearby!

6. And speaking of new Modcloth! Brandon surprised me with a gift card to Modcloth a few weeks back, and although there is a beautiful but tent sized sweater on it’s way back to them, I fell in love with my new shirt and dress. I have the sister designs to the same shirt in my cart to swap for my return. Its not the first time Ive ordered from Modcloth but it’s the first time Ive been head over heels over my order. O ya and it feels great to be buying new clothes because I am only 5 pounds away from pre pregnancy weight! So big thank you to Brandon for being the most amazing hubby. I cant say enough how great you are to me. I love you.

And that’s all you’ve missed during those lonely nights without lissables to entertain you. I’ve got loads of posts waiting to be written. Lots of pinterest inspired projects going on. Visits to Santa planned this week. Christmas traditions to share. New ones to start! I promise not to leave you all hanging for another month!

Thanks for being so loyal, I love each and every one of you!