Max | One Year

Max didn’t get a smash cake session like I wanted to do, but these photos more than make up for it! I shot them on 2 different days, on 2 different sides of Mt. Charleston. Beware, this is going to be a lot of photos in this post, because how could I possibly just choose a few with this amazing little face.

Wild Things Photoshoot

Wild Things Photoshoot

Wild Things Photoshoot

Wild Things Photoshoot

Wild Things Photoshoot

Wild Things Photoshoot

I did this shoot 1 month before his birthday so we could use them for his Birthday Invitations. If you were one of the lucky ones who got one, you know there was a special request on them. In lieu of presents we wanted to do a donation instead. We did the same thing with Sawyer’s first Birthday and gave to the Cranio Carebears foundation, who were a huge support during his surgery & recovery. We are so lucky Max is a completely healthy happy baby, but we still wanted to give back. So I thought about what played a big part of the year September 2014- September 2015, and I knew just who we needed to honor. Evanna is only a couple months older than Max, so her little face was always in my mind when we celebrated milestones at home and they celebrated totally different ones in a hospital. Since the day we came home from the hospital with Max, they went in and never got to leave. She has spent over a full year in the hospital now and I cant even begin to imagine how hard this is on her family. One week for us in the PICU still seems like forever, and its long gone. Evanna has 22q11 or DiGeorge Syndrome. She has had multiple open heart surgeries among others. She is a fighter and has braved through some really low days. There is no one I can think of who deserved this extra bit of love more.  You can read more about her journey at


Where The Wild Things Are Party

Wild Things Photoshoot

Wild Things Photoshoot

Wild Things Photoshoot

Wild Things Photoshoot

And lastly I have to share these 3 from our other last minute shoot. Alexie from Alexie Jane Photography who I love working with, helped me climb a mountain carrying a chair, balloon, my camera, AND a baby! She is a lifesaver in all things photography and my life. I could not have gotten these photos without her and they will live on as favorites for many years to come. Wild Things Photoshoot

Wild Things Photoshoot

Wild Things Photoshoot

Vendor list

Photography Lissables Photography

Both Knit Crowns Cloud Co. Clothing

Wild Pants Little and Brave

Shirts, Wild Things from Target, Max from Amazon.

Happy 1st Birthday Max!!!

Well this seems like as good a time as ever, to revive the blog I let die a long time ago. Whoops, turns out, when you have kids they suck your time dry! But then they also bring joy and fun birthday parties which inspire you to bring it all back. Wish me luck on that one.

It has been over a year since I blogged. I left you high and dry on a heavy noted post about my second pregnancy trials. Well that little monster came into this world and changed it forever. I’ll have to do a recap of his amazing first year, it flew by in a blink. And suddenly I was planning his first birthday party which has come and gone. Max was named in memory for my Grandpa, Marinus. A good Danish name I didnt want to burden a child with but still wanted to honor the memory. Max was his nickname when they immigrated to Canada and no one could pronounce his name properly. Which made it the perfect name to give this hilarious little boy. It’s also the name of a the character in a favorite book of mine, Max – King of all the wild things, ever fitting. So we celebrated him with a Wild Things theme. I hope you enjoy all the little details as much as I did.

Our little cake display area was my pride & joy of the party. I may have only gotten 2 hours of sleep because of this party falling on the same weekend as my annual scrapbooking weekend. We got home at 7pm and I baked all night and set up so that it was all ready to go by 11:30 the next morning. Might have been the reason this is one of my less elaborate cakes! haha

Where The Wild Things Are Party

Where The Wild Things Are Party

The wooden cake stands are from Indigo in Canada, I found them this summer, fell in love and ran with the whole theme based on them. I found moss at Michaels along with some light up tree’s that will circulate into my thanksgiving decor later this year. The pine cones are from our Mt. Charleston one year Birthday shoot with Max the week before. The steel lanterns are from target, and I get asked about them from every guest.

Where The Wild Things Are Party

I made a monthly banner and if you are counting, yes I did end on month 10, always a month behind but consistently, so that counts for something right? And that beautiful blue highchair that has had color identity issues is going to stay this mint color for the rest of its life because it caused major heartache while trying to cover the last shadows of pink. For some reason the paint kept spraying out a different color when I went to cover the last spots. Driving me INSANE. But I finally did it and its beautiful and so worth all the cursing.

Where The Wild Things Are Party

My mantle is one of my favorite places in this new house. We had the tv outlets removed and moved, and a mantle custom made so I could decorate it every month. I have loved watching it change this last year. So September was all about this Baby’s 1st Birthday. Some throwback photos from my pregnancy, and his first days. And his brand new photos from his one year shoot. The big canvas is from his nursery and one of my favorite quotes. The letters are Heidi Swapp Marquee letters from Michaels. I obviously didnt add the marquee lights for the party but I will for his room! I ordered a book just to destroy for this party. Sorry book gods! Top it off with a banner & it makes it hard to pull it down for Halloween decor next!

Where The Wild Things Are Party

Where The Wild Things Are Party

If you know me, my decor is usually centered around photos. They are my love and life. We took these a week before his birthday and they sing to my soul. They are everything my heart dreamed of with his shoot. I will share the actual images in another post! I added a custom banner, I got the letters from target in a banner kit. Way too cute and easy!

Where The Wild Things Are Party

Wild Things Birthday Party

My cake took a backseat this time. And that still is bothering me. But when its 3am and you know your baby is going to be awake in 3 hours, you just slap some frosting on that thing, add some sprinkles and call it a day! And besides, it tasted good and that’s all that really matters! I made 50 mini cupcakes too! Because you can never have too many cupcakes. And they made their way home with a lot of guests too!

Where The Wild Things Are Party

Here’s where procrastination will never teach me a lesson. I had these elaborate favors in my head. I let it go until the last minute, and instead whipped these babies up. Thank goodness for my hubby and putting up with my endless, “Can you make me this in photoshop?”

Where The Wild Things Are Party

The food was awesome and incredibly easy!! And you know what, it was the most recipe requests I’ve ever gotten! So here they are in all their easy peasy glory, but with no pics because I just wasn’t that on top of it!

Spinach Artichoke Pasta Salad

  • 12 oz pasta (I used rotini)
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • ¾ cup mayonnaise
  • 1 package (1.4 oz) vegetable soup mix
  • 3 green onions, sliced
  • 1 can water packed artichokes
  • 4 cups chopped & lightly packed fresh spinach
  1. Cook pasta el dente according to package directions.
  2. In a large bowl combine sour cream, mayonnaise and dry soup mix.
  3. Drain artichokes well and cut into quarters.
  4. Toss pasta with sauce. Gently fold in spinach, green onions and artichokes.
  5. Refrigerate 1 hour before serving.



  • 3 packages kielbasa, cut into 1 inch cubes
  • 2 cups BBQ sauce
  • 1 (10.5 ounce) jar red pepper jelly
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 2 tablespoons dark brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon red pepper flakes (or more if you want it extra spicy)
  1. Combine all ingredients in slow cooker. Stir to combine.
  2. Cook on low 6 hours, increasing to high for the last 30 minutes of cooking (or on high 3.5 to 4 hours total)
  3. Stir every 30 minutes to make sure the bottom kielbasa isn’t burning.
  4. Enjoy!

I mean seriously two of the easiest things I’ve ever made and SO delicious that we thoroughly enjoyed the left overs! I made the pasta salad the night before so it had lots of time to set. We also had brushetta, chips, carrots & dip too. And gourmet PB & honey sandwiches for the littles.

Where The Wild Things Are Party

And then we sang Happy Birthday and let a little dude go to town on a BIG piece of cake! He was ready for a nap but decided he could spend some extra time destroying this thing. For never having cake before, he sure knew he liked LOVED it!

Where The Wild Things Are PartyWhere The Wild Things Are PartyWhere The Wild Things Are PartyWhere The Wild Things Are PartyWhere The Wild Things Are PartyWhere The Wild Things Are PartyWhere The Wild Things Are Party

And then he went off and slept a solid 3 hours! His best nap yet. So do I just bake him a cake everyday for that perk? #sugarcoma


Where The Wild Things Are PartyWhere The Wild Things Are Party

Max loves his new chair from his GB&PopPop. He was stealing Sawyer’s a lot recently, and with 2 kids you know you need 2 chairs! We were so lucky to celebrate this birthday with both Grandma’s in person. When you live in another country from family, this isn’t a given, its a privilege and these boys are constantly spoiled with visits, their biggest gifts on birthdays! So we had some traditional Birthday video chats with our other long distance families, Auntie Kimmy and Braxton entertained Max right up until bedtime. Making it a chalk full of perfect happiness for this little boy!

Where The Wild Things Are Party

Where The Wild Things Are Party

Thanks to everyone who came and wished this favorite one year old of mine a Happy Birthday! It was a delightfully perfect day spent with friends and family. I’m sure I’ll blink and be posting his 2nd Birthday. Where The Wild Things Are Party

And stick around, I’ve already got a couple blog posts scheduled for this week! Im back, and I hope you are just as excited as I am about that!


THE Baby Blanket Round 2.

We all remember THE baby blanket, right? Well if you don’t, you also don’t know that I SWORE I would NEVER make another. It took me almost a week of working on it all the time. This time it only took me 3 days! {O boy, you know it’s bad when you are celebrating a baby blanket only taking 3 days to make.} But it is again my favorite baby item. So for my sisters new baby, I knew I would end up caving on my never ever ever ever ever.

My full tutorial is linked above. Here’s a couple more process pictures with this new blanket. There was also a big difference between the boys blankets. Sawyers is cotton. And Braxton’s is flannel. I can’t say which one I like more, The flannel one is amazingly soft right from the beginning. But it was just slightly more difficult to sew with. The cotton took about 25 washes to get to the same softness. But might last longer.

Another big difference, and the ONLY reason I even attempted a second blanket, the chenille cutter. So instead of breaking my hand by cutting 130 lines with scissors, you just glide this nifty little tool along your blanket. It took me just over an hour to do the whole blanket. And only that long because of my little helper! 1hour>4 days. If your going to make this blanket, buy a chenille cutter.

Speaking of my little helper! I cant believe I managed to get this finished with all his extra help! As you can see in the far left one, he only let me sew during naps. I thought I had outsmarted him with the jumper but nope. He demands a little more attention! And also, look at the lack of hair. That was only 2 months ago!

Then admire your masterpiece one last time before throwing it in the wash. And almost like magic it turns from this into…

I just LOVE these blankets. I almost didn’t want to give this one away. The colors turned out so perfectly together. And the sparkle on the green even stuck around. Perfect baby blanket. {As a random question, would there be any interest in buying these handmade keepsakes? They would have to be priced at about 60-80$ depending on fabric. And that is barely making anything for all the labor, but occasionally I do like having projects like this. And I would love to work on some girly ones too! }

I’m so glad this little guy will always have this special blanket. And now both cousins have the same{-ish} ones! And even better was giving it in person. There is nothing like the excitement of watching someone love something you’ve put so much work into.

Also I didn’t even plan that the outfit I bought him when I first found out about him, matched his blanket perfectly!

Stay tuned this week, because I just finished a wedding cake at 1am tonight {why am I still up blogging this at 2:50 am?} and I have another Very Hungry Caterpillar theme birthday cake tomorrow. Totally different design though.  And more cupcakes next weekend. Always busy in this little household!

Im an Auntie!

Braxton David Gibson Klassen. Born August 20th at 3:54am via C-section. 9 Pounds 2 Onces. 22 1/2 inches long. {Big Boy}

I just typed that holding this little guy!

Auntie wissa here. {So far most kids can never figure out to pronounce the AL-issa. So I am always different versions of wissa or lissa. And I love it. The best part of kids learning to talk is the fun ways they pronounce some stuff.} This is not the first, or second, or third, fourth and fifth time I have become an Auntie. But this is the first on my side. So it’s special in it’s own little way.

There is only two people allowed in the delivery room, or hospital for visits after birth. But because of some circumstances it ended up being my mom and myself. She started her induction Saturday night and her contractions started the next morning at 4:30 am. We were all at the hospital for a good 21 hours before they decided things were not progressing and that she would need a Csection. {I told her welcome to the club, as both my mom and I delivered by Csection.} I was not allowed into the OR, but got to meet my new nephew at 5am in the recovery room. Its been a whirlwind of hospital visits and of course picture taking.

Both mom and Baby are doing great and are already home! Wow amazing for having major surgery Monday morning and discharged Tuesday at 5pm. Our visit is already winding down, 4 more days. So I’ll just enjoy some last down time before we head home. O and again lots of picture taking!

*I have to say a special thank you to my hubby who’s been in solo charge of Sawyer for the last couple days. Its amazing not having to worry at all about your own kid on top of everything. *

Nursery Prints

I am so excited to share this post with you guys! Recently Brandon was out of town again. Like I’ve previously said, I basically don’t sleep. I am too afraid of the dark, and everything that might go boo. So when I saw a friend pin something to her new baby board, I thought “I can do that.” So I wrote her and like a new mom, she was also up late! After chatting a little bit about what she was looking for I set to work.

The final version for little Reese’s Nursery!

We’ve all seen the Baby Statistic nursery prints. So I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to replicate. {Thankfully instead of blood, I have glitter in my veins.} Much to my excitement, I successfully make one! And then another, and another. It was a little addicting. The mom was so thrilled with them too, that I just fed off her energy. After a couple quick changes, we made it tailored to her liking. I can’t wait to see it hanging in her nursery soon!

This was my favorite version!

An all pink version for a little girl!

A bright and colorful one for fun!

If you are also a new mom and looking for one, I’d be more than pleased to help you make one too! I enjoy making stuff and being creative, so you’ll only have to be patient with me on time. Just email me at for your own custom Statistic Nursery Print!

Thank You Marisa for letting me share your little girls prints!

Sawyer James

Our little boy made his arrival one week ago on thursday October 13 2011! I thought the 9 months went by fast, this week was a blink! Be warned this is going to be a long post and very picture heavy!

We were told a week prior that we would be having a scheduled Csection due to his size and amount of fluid. Its very odd to know the exact date and time. There were pro’s and con’s, we were able to leave the house looking perfect for bringing a baby home to, and yet the anxiety of a countdown made it awfully hard to sleep.

So last Thursday at 3:30 Brandon and I packed out bags in the car and took a very casual drive over to the hospital. We did comment on how different it would have been to be in a crazy rush going into labor randomly. We got to wait our check in 2 hours in a regular delivery room. If I wasn’t already nervous the 4 different doctors telling me the extreme risks over and over again sure didn’t help! My poor mom made an appearance early, she was a ball of excitement and nerves. We all counted down the last minutes, making jokes with our awesome nurse. Brandon changed into some scrubs, and all too soon they came to get us!

They wheeled us down the hall. They made Brandon wait behind while they prepped me. I later found out he used this valuable time to make a blair witch style video on our baby video. Its so him. I had an awesome team, and my nurse held my hand as I got my spinal block. I was  so terrified of it. Needles have never been my friend. I got the numbing needle first and even that wasn’t too bad and it made it so I barely felt the spinal block. It just felt warm and a little weird. Then they strapped me down on a skinny little table, arms out wide. The spinal block started in my toes and pretty fast an intense pins and needles feeling swept up all the way to my fingers. They draped me and got all the machines going. I had some leg massagers put on to help circulation, and they did one test to make sure I couldn’t feel anything. I sure passed. The nurse brought Brandon in and he was able to sit at my head and hold my hand. I got really tired, so that I thought I was going to miss the birth because I was fighting to stay awake. Brandon did a great job of distracting me from what was going on with silly little questions. Before I knew they had even cut into me, the doctor was telling Brandon to get the camera ready since they had the baby and were pulling him out! I know some women feel pressure and pulling but the spinal block was different from an epidural and I didn’t feel a single thing! All of a sudden I heard the cry for life. It was beautiful and strong. Brandon followed Sawyer to the station to clean up and weigh and tag him. He came in weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces, and was 19.5 inches long. Because of the high amount of fluid (the doctor said it was like Niagara falls when they opened me up!) Sawyer swallowed a good amount in his first breath. They decided to take him straight to a transitional nursery to be monitored for the next 4 hours. Brandon was able to go with him, I saw him and gave him a quick kiss and off the two of them went. Another 10 minutes and I was closed up. It was only 35 minutes total for the surgery. They had two emergency Csections pop up the minute I was closed so they got me out pretty fast. Back to the delivery room, where my mom and sister were waiting. Brandon came in right away too, but Sawyer spent 4 hours in the transitional nursery and because of my surgery I wasnt able to see him there. But Brandon took my mom and sister to meet her first grandson and nephew. It killed me to wait that long. I felt like I hadn’t given birth yet. It was a very odd sensation. The nurses were great at making sure I was doing ok after the surgery. The spinal block stayed in my system and I was completely numb from the chest down for the next couple hours. A nurse asked if I could move my feet and though I thought I was, there was no movement at all. Then she lifted my leg to a 90 degree angle and I couldn’t feel it and though I knew it was my leg, it made my mind feel like it was a false leg she was waving around. It was so hard to digest that feeling. I was still tired but didn’t sleep.

Then finally after waiting 4 hours Brandon went to the nursery to request Sawyer in our room. They wheeled him into the room in a clear bassinet and I could see him right there but was still so numb I couldn’t get him. But when Brandon placed him in my arms I thought he was the most perfect baby I had ever seen. This beautiful round face with tiny little features that were somehow a perfect mix of Brandon and I. We had made this little baby. He was ours and our life was forever going to be changed. There was lots of love and pictures and begging to hold him after being passed through the 4 of us.

My mom and sister left around 10, though there was no limited visiting hours in the delivery room wing. Around 1 am they moved us to our postpartum room. I met my night nurse and immediately loved her. Our first night was easy. We fell into a gentle routine. Sawyer was very calm, Brandon helped out, and I cuddled until 4 am when I sent him to the nursery for just an hour to catch some sleep.

The next morning we had both, my parents and sister, and Brandon’s parents visit/meet Sawyer for the first time. He was such a sweet and good baby. I was still feeling fantastic with morphine in my system. We tried to breastfeed right away but because of the Scheduled Csection my body was in sort of a shock and my milk had no come in. So we supplemented with formula for a couple days. Which was nice because Brandon and other family were able to feed the little guy, a special bonding moment for everyone.

The good stuff eventually wore off and I was switched to percocet. Which besides making me overly drowsy, didn’t have any bad side effects. Just made it able to have visitors! And then the hubby gave me the best present. I fell asleep and because he was up working, let me sleep the entire night through! Talk about amazing new daddy! Even after going to sleep himself he still got up every time Sawyer cried. He is a pro swaddler and is trying to be a very hands on daddy. We even left Sawyer alone at home with him to run some errands tonight and came home to one sweet happy sleeping baby.

We were discharged within 48 hours of arriving. It seemed so short! I know most people cant wait to get out of the hospital but I had such amazing nurses and was feeling great that I would have stayed the whole week without complaining. But it was nice to get home. We got to watch his birth video. It was crazy to imagine him inside one minute and outside the next.

Its been a great first week. Lots of visitors, 2 or more extra people in the house. My sister, my dad, and my best friend from Texas rotating through, and now just my mom. Who leaves Wednesday and that just feels too soon! It will be hard to not have Grandma down the street. But it will be nice to have some alone family time too. Sawyer is such a good sweet baby. Only crying when he needs something. And I just think he’s too cute! I don’t think my camera battery has ever died faster, or the SD card filled so quickly. I’m going to need to figure out a digital storage system fast!

Thanks to everyone who made this pregnancy, delivery and recovery easier for me. My friends and family, my nurses at CMFM monitoring, my nurses at Summerlin hospital, and especially my husband. Without whom I would never have had such a beautiful perfect baby. Its so amazing to have such a strong support system, and know how loved this little boy is already!

Maternity Photo’s

This is just going to be a heavy photo post. I got a little package in the mail today. I was having a bad morning, no sleep, lots of contractions and just plain done with being pregnant. Well just like one of my favorite songs, “Brown paper packages, tied up with string. These are  a few of my favorite things!” This mail brought me great joy! I mean the little package alone was too cute!

She also sent along some cute little knit slippers for Sawyer. Im always overjoyed with the love this little boy is already bringing out in people. This is the second pair of little knit slippers he has been sent. One of my moms clients sent these little bunny ones for him last week. They are both just too cute and make me excited to get them on little baby feet!

but enough with the talk lets see pictures! Back in July I was home visiting family and we squeezed in a maternity session. Im so happy we did. I just love the pictures! If you do too, you can contact Amy at her facebook page or her Blog site. I shared a few teasers with you a couple weeks ago. To see those ones click here. But here are all the new ones! I cant wait to print them and use them around the house and in projects!

So if you are looking for any maternity, family, or newborn sessions make sure to check her out!

36 Weeks

Back at week 4 I had no idea:

-I wouldn’t be able to wash dishes by hand because I happen to be the right(wrong) height with a massive bump to not be able to reach the sink enough to be near the faucet.

-This same issue applies to the washing machine and the little baby onesies I’m trying to wash in prep, that seem to want to stick to the far bottom side of my top loader.

-I would have so much fluid that it would become a problem. Although it sure makes it easier for him to swim laps in the stretched to capacity pool in there.

-I’d be hitting 3 doctor appointments per week, two monitoring, one regular. That they would involve having two ultrasounds per week since week 32. Ive had more ultrasounds in one month that some women have in an entire pregnancy.

-I would be making my hubby shiver under the covers as I crank the AC

-That the only way I would be able to sleep is with every pillow in the house piled around me.

-That this little boy might be making his appearance in the month of September instead of October.

-That although I have hated chocolate my whole life, when I was told at week 35 I couldn’t have it anymore, it would be all I wanted.

-That I would be so done with being pregnant and want him popping out any day, while still being too terrified to actually want him out and home from the hospital.

-That even when I had nothing to talk about, I would still need to call my mom daily to know that everything I was feeling was normal.

-That so many people would be above generous to this little boy and our family.

-I would be so inspired by this baby that I would discover all the creative projects I could accomplish, including learning to sew and make my own heirloom baby blanket.

-That’s when people told me it was going to be the longest 9 months of my life, they were liars! This has flown by! Where did 36 weeks go.

-That 2 little people could make a big baby!

-That no matter how hard I try I would never be ready for a new baby.

But what I did know, was that me and Brandon would be extending our family, and showering this little baby in love. And That time grows ever closer each day. On Wednesday I was given the go ahead to stop the medication that has been holding back the contractions. Between now and 4 weeks from now little Sawyer will be making his appearance!

34 Weeks

I had another app today. Lots of ultrasounds, I feel like I know this baby inside and out because we have so many. Today we were making sure everything looks healthy and good. Still measuring high above in fluid. His head is now 38 weeks large. My little Frankenstein. But he is still looking like a big healthy boy! And that’s music to our ears.

But we did discuss all my contractions again. I have been having them for the last 2 weeks and I am on medication to stop/slow them. But I was told today that in 2 more weeks I will be going off the medication. And then it is all up to this little man to see when he wants to come. Which means in 2 weeks we could possibly go into labor! Good gosh! Exciting and terrifying. I guess we wont know till it happens but that’s sure a big palm to my face reminder of all the stuff I still need to get done. Which means special thank you to my fairy godmother for the last item we needed for our nursery! Once that glider is in the nursery I don’t know how I wont spend every minute in there!

One last thing to share. Here is a picture of my monitoring appointment today. This is how I spend 45 minutes, 2 times a week. One band to watch his heart beat, which the little guy seems to think is a hide and seek game. They have to constantly move it, as he is constantly moving. And the other watches my contractions. Its a catch 22, I like to watch it go up and down, but whoa there is a lot of them, and this is on medication! But its sure a peace of mind to have such great care. And the nurses are always super sweet and nice. I have to admit, I almost even enjoy the appointments.

Gallery Wall

Today I had my hubby hang my gallery wall in the nursery. I thought since it was just going to be a big collage it would be easy peasy. So when he gave up with 6 frames left, I thought I would finish it. I learned then that I am not ever meant to hang another item in my house. And also that this bump is seriously getting in the way!

And yes they are all empty or filled with the wrong pictures right now. They will remain that way until I get some baby pictures!!! How exciting to think of those! But I am also using some of them for cute baby quotes and such. Here are some of the options Im thinking about.

And a couple more items to hang above the crib, some paper lanterns, and a rocking chair and we will be all done! I cant believe we are this close! I remember when this room was still Brandon’s office at the beginning of the pregnancy, then it was an extra bedroom, then storage. Its changed almost as much as my body! haha And I just love how much its evolved. I love my nursery. And I already find myself coming up with a million excuses to spend time in there. Good thing since the next couple months will bring an even better reason to be in there!