I know I lost a lot of reader’s this spring when my blog began to run slow and then stopped working all together. I got all excited when my new design rolled out, refreshed and inspiring. I only got 2 blog posts in before I realized it wasn’t my previous blog that had the problem. It was something else. Something I never saw coming. I was hacked.

I’m sorry for all of my fans who have been so loyal and stuck with me through the troubles. We know the problem and although it’s happened again a couple times since discovering it, we can fix it now. So thank you awesome lissables fan’s, I’m back on track now and all for you.

I’ve got lots to share with you this week. Lots of photography. LOTS. And everything from Inspiration Unlimited. Sawyer got a new bed and we converted the nursery into a toddler room. It’s been a busy month. {Didn’t I say that in August too?} And October is not slowing down in the slightest either. So stick around, we’re finally back.

A Memory Waiting to be Made | Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

As you are all aware, I am majorly back logged with edits. I am also sick. And the mother of a two year old. So things around here are busy.┬áTo say the least. So when I am feeling overwhelmed I skip ahead to something I have been dying to work on. And even though I have just shown you some other previews from Mallory & Kyle’s Wedding, I have yet another. And seriously people, I am in love with it.

There is something so delicately romantic about ring shots. Including the date just add’s another touch of sentiment. A memory waiting to be made.


Mallory+Kyle | Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

Mallory+Kyle | Las Vegas Wedding Photographer


Thursday, September 5th 2013. A beautiful Las Vegas day. A day Mallory & Kyle will always remember. As well as myself. This marks my first official wedding! They could not have made it easier on me, with the beautiful settings, touching little details, and absolutely perfectly paired couple.

I am so thrilled with the results and cannot wait to finish this amazing wedding. Here is a few teaser’s for the lovely couple.

Mallory+Kyle | Las Vegas Wedding Photographer Mallory+Kyle | Las Vegas Wedding Photographer Mallory+Kyle | Las Vegas Wedding Photographer Mallory+Kyle | Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

A New Look!

This is LONG overdue. But we finally have a new look! I am beyond thrilled with it. Its exactly what I was looking for! It’s been a great experience, I found the template on etsy and got to talk to the designer directly and she has been helping me slowly customize it over the last day or two. Obviously I am still working on it, but I hope to have it fully up and running soon!

Please feel free to leave feedback about it. What you like, what you miss. I love hearing from you guys for any reason. I do know the blog is still running slow. {That will take me some time to go back into 6 months of postings and re-edit them.} But for now I am just so elated to have a working site again and get back into blogging. I have definitely been neglecting it since my site went wonky.

If you are interested in the information of the site designer, please write me at lissables@gmail.com I would love to direct you to her etsy shop. She really was everything I was looking for. Excellent customer service!



Thank you for your patience.