An Easter Casserole Recipe

Because nothing is better than eating the left overs the next day for lunch. Mmm a ham sandwich and Potato casserole. Since I enjoy it so much more the second day I thought I’d share the recipe with you. Ps there is apparently two versions of this, so I will share both! I was asked to bring funeral potato’s to dinner last night and they sounded familiar, so I looked up the recipe and there was only slight differences between my forever favorite family recipe and the new one. So here it is.

Yummy Potato Casserole (this is the technical name in our family recipe book)

1 2pound bag of frozen hash browns

2 cans cream of mushroom soup (here’s one of the edits, last nights recipe called for 2 cans of cream of chicken instead)

16 oz tub of sour cream

400 grams chopped/shredded ham (last nights recipe also omitted this step)

1-2 cups shredded marble cheese depending on how much you love cheese! (last night we used sharp cheddar instead)

Then the topping is normally Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top, last night I did a cup of crushed corn flakes and 2 tbsp melted butter sprinkled on top. (both before baking)

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl, put in a shallow greased glass casserole dish. Bake at 350 for 1.5 hours.

It couldn’t get any easier. Its only 2 steps! Its one of my favorites because its a whole meal rolled into one dish. And like I said for some reason the left overs always taste even better! And I had to add that last picture because my lovely sister bought me a super cute apron and I had to show her its going to good use!

So enjoy this yummy recipe, I already want to make it again!

Happy Easter!

I hope the Easter Bunny was kind to all of my readers! He surprised my hubby with a couple treats, same with my dad, yet he seemed to boycott the women… haha. Which is fine because I didnt need anything else after the brunch we had today! Mmm it was good. Im using the baby as an excuse of why I had two full plates! It was so very yummy. Then we got to watch a very exciting egg hunt with kids scattering everywhere. I love magical days for kids. The Easter Bunny even showed up to give everyone hugs. Cant replace those smiles.

Now Im baking one of my favorite casseroles (its my favorite when I bake my favorite meals and the whole house smells of it) to take over to my sister in laws house for dinner. Because I need to eat more! But I cant wait, this baby sure has made me love food more and more. But for now Happy Easter. I’ll have lots of stories and pictures to share tomorrow!

PS miss you lots today Mom, Dad and Kimmy!

Apple Seed Creations

I am not a big fan of online orders. But for some companies that rule doesn’t apply! Apple Seed Creations is one of those companies! I happen to have a long distance friendship with the owner. So I have watched the company grow from a hobby to a client catering company. That’s right she even customizes lots of her items directly to you! She creates everything by hand and with so much love. I have to say watching all the new items come in over the last year just made me want to have a baby even more! I couldn’t wait to order one of everything! And you may be thinking baby is not here yet. Which is why my big order has not been placed. I need to know pink or blue first! So soon there will be a giant Apple Seed box at my door. And I cant wait till then!

But then they introduced some adult only items! Yay! I mean it was instant love. You may notice from my pictures I have an obsession with floral headbands. I love them all big, little, flat, puffy. So when I saw this headband (in mustard yellow my absolute favorite color!) I just had to have it. And even though I live as far away as possible! There was no problem and my package arrived actually earlier than I was expecting! I cant tell you how fast I ripped that thing open. This headband is in every way perfect. Handmade (I just love supporting handmade items) very cute in color and style, and the best part its comfy! I wore it all night and all day the next day. Most of my headbands only last half a day before they get the headache kick. This I could wear forever!  And beyond all those good points, the price! So affordable, for all budgets. I cant rave about it enough but you’ll know if you get one yourself!

So you will have to go check them out and make sure you like the Apple Seed Creations facebook page. Then you too can drool all over the cute new items appearing all the time. They make great baby gifts if you don’t already have a baby, and if you do well then you can start stocking up on all that cute stuff! Here is just a couple of my favorites that are just waiting to be bought!

Front top left in clockwise order: A custom initial/name onesie, Travel wipes case, Sock Monkeys, (the original items) An adult headband in pink, Another in purple (the same style that I got) A super cute baby gift of cloths as lollipops, and lastly another super cute onesie with handmade fabric flowers! So make sure you check them out!

First Trimester Down!

2 to go. But I hears from lots of other preggers that the first was the slowest? I thought it was not bad. But I was one of those lucky few to not have any unhappy symptoms! My Doctor told me not to tell anyone that either but why not I say! Anyways thats three months down, and I am doing one fun little photo project through the pregnancy. I saw it a year ago somewhere on the internet? A woman took a picture at the beginning of each month and held up the number of months in fingers in each picture. At the end you watch the belly grow through 9 months and ends with a baby! Cute and fun and much easier than the once a week attempt I was going to do. I dont think I made it past one week of doing that haha.

You may have noticed I plan to stretch that same shirt through each month too! I wanted to have a similar theme and I thought those ruffles would look super cute across a big belly! Which is growing haha. But no “bump” yet. No right now its just the thicker waist stage. I took this picture at 11 weeks with hopes, but as I shared it with my mom she so nicely asked me is that a baby bump? or a chip bump? haha. She knows me better than anyone! I would say it was the later of those two choices. But I’ll share it anyways just for fun!

Thats changing slightly as I hit 14 weeks this week. Got to hear the heartbeat for a few seconds before the doctor shut off the machine as fast as ever. I got the hear 4 different versions of my own but the second we found the tiny one we got a pat on the back and off you go. But hey at least we heard it! Little Baby C is doing well so far and hopefully soon we find out pink or blue!


Most people collect a certain item. Collectible spoons for my one grandma, Danish collectible plates for the other. Vintage cookbooks for my friend. Collection debt for the other half of the country. (just kidding teehee) But for me Ive never collected anything, aside from barbie dolls and broken hearts. Kidding again! But lately I have had a special little addiction. Last May I bought my first cake plate. I should have known it would be down hill from there. The good part is that a lot of them have been gifts. The bad part what was I thinking trying to store 12 (so far) cake plates in a house with no basement!

Speaking of cake plates lets bring up something that has nothing to do with cake plates! Remember a couple weeks ago I shared a link to Oreo Chocolate Peanut Butter spread. Well I finally got around to making it myself. Easiest thing in the world. Took minutes and went back into the original jar. With some to spare as a gift! Well you must make it. Then spread it on bread, apples, a spoon!

So go check out that recipe and share with me what you liked to pair it with!

How to Eat a Cupcake

You may have noticed there is a lot of cupcakes that go through this house. And with that taste testing. So of course I have the best way of eating a cupcake! It was one day when I was watching a cake boss marathon, now I feel the need to always share this idea on deliveries. Here it is, pay close attention!

1 unwrap the cupcake

2 pull the bottom off the cake

3 place the bottom on top of the frosting

4 eat your sandwich cupcake with perfect ratio of frosting/cake!

Now go enjoy all those cupcake! And if there are none in your house remember lissables is always taking orders!!


You may have noticed we were down this week. I was having some site troubles. On top of not posting it was deleting my posts every time I wrote! Not all my hair has been pulled out, so I will be going back to share some of those same thoughts. Thanks for sticking around!

Easter Peep Wreath!

After posting all those spring crafts yesterday I was so inspired. And what better thing to inspire you even further than peeps! They just scream spring and Easter. Plus there was extra’s left over for eating! Always a good ending to a craft session. This was so easy to make and even better and cheep cheep (I just had to do that,) project.

Total cost was 10$ and that is including the hot glue gun, because I cant find mine. 3 for the glue gun which came with sticks, 3 for the wire wreath frame, and 4 (1$each) for the bunny peeps. Now you know you cant turn this down. So I turned on my grey’s anatomy which needed catching up on, and half an hour later this is hanging on my pantry door. Its really that simple, pull apart the bunny’s, lay them all out so you like your pattern, and then hot glue gun four dots in a square and press each one down. Repeat repeat repeat until your done! Add a bright little bow and you have the perfect Easter wreath! And just in time too because grey’s just got interesting again.

Brandon told me it was the cheesiest/dorkiest thing he’s seen. But thats ok because I am a cheesy dorky person and I like that. And I like my bright cheery wreath. I hope you do too!

Spring is in the Air!

Maybe its the baby in my tummy making me all cheerful and doe eye’d but this year I am just in love with everything spring! The colors, the weather, the crafts! Ive never liked spring as much as this year. Im in love with all the dresses and capri’s and tank tops, (most from my closet of which dont fit me anymore!) Its just such a happy time of year. So I have plans for a couple crafts and recipes in the coming months, plans because since getting pregnant I put off a lot of those crafts to nap.

But here are a couple things that are pulling at my heartstrings just asking to be made. I mean I think I need that mason jar light set in my nursery. (so Dad if your reading this Im going to collect the jars and paint them but the actually lighting and setting up is going to be on you…) The Banner of colored eggs are just pant samples cut into the shape of eggs and then strung up. How simple and cute. And the peeps wreath in the pot. Just all my favorite things rolled into one!

I just love how the colors just are all so beautiful and happy. If you are making any spring/easter crafts or recipes I would love to see them! Please share them me!

Some Extra Special Baking

You may have noticed I’ve been doing a lot of extra baking lately. But you may not know that I have been baking something extra special. In fact its been in the oven for the last 3 months! Have you caught on yet? Yep we have a cute little bun in the oven. We are due October 18th, its a little mind blowing to imagine we’ll have a baby of our own this Christmas! Its very exciting in ours and both of our families. We cant wait to meet this little one!

So thus begins me being able to talk and take on baby projects on the blog! I would love to hear any cute idea’s you have seen or done. I have been eyeing some knit baby blankets online. I think I may be attempting one soon, so I will let you know how that goes haha. Keep in mind I’ve only completed dish clothes in the past and the few other projects are laying pulled apart in my basket. But I am excited about it! So I will go in thinking positive!

I wanted to share one more picture. When we got to share the news my mom and dad were flying in for the weekend. So I quickly threw together a cute little airport sign. Ive always wanted to do one when picking them up, and this was the perfect time! It was a big hit! And I love that we can always look back and look at them!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!