Another CNN iReport

I recently wrote my first iReport for CNN. It was a lot of fun to see my views start climbing in numbers every day.(Its currently at 1124views! That’s crazy!) And it was on pinterest my absolutely favorite past time! So what a great experience. It recently got featured on as well! And after my confirmation email it prompted me to write another! On what beauty means to you. I took it in my recent post pregnancy view. I love what came out of the 9 month wait. But was that ever a roller coaster love/hate relationship with my body. And I’m still involved in that. If you want to read more you can click the link!

Or maybe you want to get involved too! You can sign up and write iReports yourself!

New Born Photography

This weekend I was lucky enough to try out my first Newborn session with a precious little girl. We were not within the recommended 10 first days timeline. But that didn’t discourage me. I also never understood that time frame, but now I do! She definitely wasn’t as sleepy as a new newborn. But I think it worked anyways!

I loved it! There is a lot for me to learn still in the posing, and editing sides. But for my first time I think it was pretty good. Im going to have to stalk all my pregnant friends and family in the coming months for more practice! I love the added quote to the next picture. Its one of my pins (<3 Pinterest) And it was perfect with the colors and of course the actual quote.

My favorite was involving all the kids. She is now the youngest of 4, so I wanted to showcase that. I love how they turned out. I combined 2 photos. The top has the older kids in focus and the new baby slightly out of focus. And a reverse for the bottom shot. The black and white of the same pose was my fastest edit and one of my favorites. Funny how that happens.

Date Night

So I lied. Last night we did do a date night! My mother-in-law was in town and we decided to take advantage (I mean let him have quality time with his GB) and do a little date night. We even had a coupon to our favorite hole-in-the-wall Italian place. We had dropped the kid off and gotten to the restaurant before realizing that coupon was still on the counter! But we went anyways. We even dressed up, I wore my 6 inch heels and everything. And even though its V-day and we’re holding hands the hostess still asked if we were a couple. Our baby faces never fail us!

After dinner we went on a romantic stroll through Blockbuster. Instead of renting we bought 5 for 20 movies. We watched Crazy, Stupid, Love last night. Turned out to be the perfect date night movie in. And to top the whole night off Sawyer fell asleep at 1030 and slept till 7am! First time ever sleeping through the night! Amaaaaazing. He did fall asleep in his swing and I decided not to move him so we also camped out in the living room and slept on the couch, head to head on the L sectional. And as I write this Sawyer looks like he has the same thing planned for tonight. But there is no way he’s sleeping through the night two nights in a row!

What Im saying is we had a lame V-day

and I wouldnt change it for anything in the world.

( Whatcha doing babe? )

( Nothing just Gosling   😉 )

Happy Valentines Day

Regardless of being single, dating, married, loved and lost or anything in between. I hope every day, not just on the 14th day of the second month, you have someone to love. Its not hard to make, or expensive to buy, but it can be all someone needs. So make sure those in your life know they are, and hopefully someone makes you feel the same way.

We don’t celebrate Valentines Day, instead we celebrate our first big date’s anniversary which is February 21. There is no scramble to buy cheesy heart items, or fight big crowds at restaurants and movies. Its just us. We usually spend the night in, making a big dinner and playing board games. Its perfect. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. So today is just another day. But I love him just as much. And we both love these little feet even more.

Happy V-day.

How Pinteresting

We all know my love for pinterest by now. I spend as much time as possible on there. (Its a bigger time waster than facebook!) I currently have 4233 pins, 29 boards and 154 followers. (I feel so awesome about that last one, I feel like I am winning some pinterest popularity contest haha) Last night I saw that CNN ireport was looking for people to submit what they have actually done from pinterest. Basically, is pinterest actually inspiring projects or is it just a waste of time. I started pulling my projects off and comparing them with my own that I had completed. I now need to go back through every pin and do this. Ive found 27 so far that Ive accomplished. A couple more that I am actually in the middle of! I think its awesome seeing them side by side. Makes me feel more inspired to get more done. That was my new years resolution wasn’t it? So check out my report here.

And remember to message me if you want an invite as pinterest is currently invite only (

Here’s a couple more I couldn’t add to the report since they will only allow you 10 photos per report.

Keep on pinning and if you want to follow me Im RIGHT HERE

Project Life

This year I jumped on the project life bandwagon. Its a scrapbooking project in the simplest way. Basically you pick a core kit in the colors and theme you like. (There is 4) I picked clementine. I wanted the turquoise kit but they sold out within the day I tried to order it! Then you purchase a binder and page protectors. The core kit has cards that fit right into the pockets in the page protector. Then each week you document your activities. You slip in pictures, journal on the precut and designed cards, you can add little memento’s like movie tickets etc. and in the end you have your whole year documented!

How awesome is that! So I started mine. Its been a little hard with a 3 month (almost 4!) baby. I try to do it during nap times. But you can only get so much done. I got an instant picture printer for Christmas so thats helped a lot. Im still behind (probably because I take a billion pictures and cant narrow it down to just a few a week.) Also I need to desperately clean my scrapbook room, I cant even see my desk right now. So thats a little discouraging. But Ive gotten a couple done and I am working on it a bit tonight so hopefully I can share more again soon!

Week One

Week Two

Week three

Im still missing the first half of week 1, half of week 2 (the wedding! waiting on pictures of that) and my title page. Which is finished just needs to have the title added. Which means I have to clean that room to dig out the cricut!

If you want any more information on project life visit Becky Higgins (the creator) also carries all the products, which is nice and easy.

o ya and this year I bought a scrapbook calendar. I have to go back and do January but here is February and I just love it!

Keep being creative 🙂


All new years resolutions are supposed to fail correct? Because I did say I was going to write more. And then look at this its been a month to the day since the last post. And my project life is still not caught up and its only month 1. I dont even remember the other ones! So lets revisit January!

My best friend got married! So excited. We flew out to Houston for the week. For prewedding fun. And the big day came way too fast! We had so much fun out there. It was Sawyers first time on a plane, Grandma came along to help. Daddy flew out for the weekend to film it. (amazing memento) So happy for them!

O ya and I made the cupcakes too! Carrot cake and cream cheese and yellow cake with purple buttercream. YUM! Cake, a beautiful outdoor wedding and my best friends. It was so perfect! Although I will never be a bridesmaid, have my 3 month old with me and bake the wedding cakes again!All three shouldnt go together!

Sawyer grew another month so that means I now have 3000 instead of 2000 pictures. Here’s my favorite from month 3!

We decided to revamp our living room. So much fun and we did it all ourselves! Ive decided since I painted the orange wall so well I can now go ahead and paint every room in my house. Brandon says no though. (But I see the kitchen changing color soon too! And the bedroom? haha) Brandon has been wanting to get a projector forever, but I was hesitant. But when he found the perfect ottoman and chair I said lets do it! I also got my floating shelves finally! (if you love the look of floating shelves and hate putting them up, head to Lowes because these were awesome! So easy!) This is the first of my home revamp idea’s. Hopefully I am inspired to keep going and keep blogging about it too!




Now I have to go feed the cutest chubby mini man! Be back soon!

(I promise, because Im pre writing them now! Stay tuned for project life stuff and other crafty crafts!)