33 Weeks

Doesn’t it seem just around the corner and at the same time millions of years away! I flip back and forth between being very excited to meet this little monster who wont let me sleep, and being terrified for the moments before meeting him! But my mom is here visiting this week so that always helps. She said she is going into the nesting stage for me. And Im all for the extra help! Were putting some finishing touches on this nursery! Still having too much fun shopping, and going to way too many doctor appointments!

I am being monitored 2x a week because as I mentioned this kid is a monster! At least his massive head indicates so. Because he is so big and I’m carrying extra fluid my body thinks he is full term already. So I have begun having contractions already. So more pills and more machine hooked up to this bump every week. But he’s healthy and thats all that really matters! We just might be meeting him sooner than later.

And I got another maternity picture! That I adore. And there is a package in the mail with the rest of them. Im about to go stalk my mailman now!


Be prepared for me to be unbelievably slow in posting this next week. Not only is my sister in law and her little man going to be staying with us! (Yay a little boy in the house) My mother in law is going to spend a couple nights too. And back to back with those visits my mom will be arriving on Monday! Can you say crazy week with the pregnant lady?

And speaking of family, ours is coming along great! We are now on weekly monitoring because the little guys is not so little. Which would explain the massive kicks to the ribs! So yesterday was my first monitoring app, I got to see him on ultrasound yet again, and then sit hooked up to a machine to watch his heart beat and contractions for 30 minutes. And while that sounds uneventful it wasnt! The only other women in the monitoring room went into labor right there and was sent right away to the hospital! How crazy. But she was already 39 weeks. I have just a bit more to go!

Here are my latest ultrasound pictures to share. He looks like a little boy this time! (not like the scary alien in the last one! Ps Im allowed to say that he’s my kid, and yes he totally looked like an alien the last time.) And the right is his foot jammed into me. It was easy to catch since he kicks me all day long! But funny to have it in a picture!

So everyone else enjoy their weekend! I know we will.

Nursery Updates!

Should I even call it an update? I have barely shared this pregnancy with the blog. Maybe because its going so fast! How can 30 weeks already be gone. Now Im in the phase of “O my gosh there is going to be a baby here so soon, Im so excited lets get everything done/O my gosh there is going to be a baby here so soon, which means I have to actually give birth.” My goodness its pretty split between the two.

But for right now lets say its only excitement over this nursery coming together! First we painted the room. Gold Coast White by Behr. Then we put together the crib. Ive got to say Ive heard they are a pain to assemble. But this thing is solid, so it was as simple as it could possibly be.

This week with my mom we found the most amazing find at a consignment store. Around the first corner was a dresser and matching end table in the same color as my crib. Could it be possible. The lady who walked in behind us looked interested too but I had my whole pregnant body over it until the sold sign was on it. Its really completing the look I had envisioned. I am going for simple vintage. Lots of little antique touches, handmade tokens of love. I cant wait to see it all finished, because I love it so much already.

As we keep creating this adorable little room I will try to update you all! Ps If you love Clifford the Big Red Dog as much as I do and want to share it with your kids or just remember it for yourself, Kohls Cares is running a special fundraiser right now. 100% of the profits actually go to the foundation, and each dog (they have clifford, t-bone, cleo and mac) and hard cover book that contains two stories are only 5$ So you get something great from your childhood and support a good cause!

THE Baby Blanket

There was numerous projects I had in mind when we first got pregnant. But by far I knew most of all I wanted to make a baby blanket. Something this little man could have from the very beginning. What made me think I could sew my own baby blanket. Pregnant lunacy? Let clear something up, yes I own a sewing machine, I got it for Christmas in grade 11. I have never threaded the machine once since then. I have no idea how I even remembered how to thread it or the bobbin or get it running together at all. But miracles do happen!

Even though I definitely hit a few snags. I had just broken the needle the first time I tested it awhile back, so when I replaced it I must have put it in wrong because for the first hour of attempts the thread broke after a couple inches. I even had to phone my grandma for advice. But enough trial and error and we figured it out!

And I will show you step by step how to make this beautiful baby blanket! But I will warn you, above all your supplies, you will need most of all, patience. And lots of it. Although I am a first time sewer so I know it wouldnt take everyone as long on that part but most of the steps are monotonous. But it sure did pay off in the end. So if you have three days to yourself lets get started!


4-5 different fabrics, 1 for the pattern on the front, 3-4 colors for the back faux chenille.

You will need 1 1/4 yards of each fabric.

For the front You can use Any soft cotton, flannel, corduroy, but cotton weight or heavier works best. Avoid fabrics with lots of stretch.

For the back you need fabric that will fray easily. 100% cotton, linen, flannel (my next one will be made with flannel as its more squishy looking after.) I used 100% cotton though and mine turned out perfect! Choose solid colors as any pattern will not show up due to fraying.

Matching thread, make sure it matches your pattern on the front as thats where it will show the most.

2 packages of  quilt Binding + pins to hold in place

Spray adhesive


and of course a sewing machine! (dont worry that one in the picture is not the machine I used! Thats my grandma’s first sewing machine, I used my newer one for this project! Highly recommended!)

And remember lots and lots of patience. Doesn’t hurt to have a tv or radio near by too!

So lets start. These are the fabrics I picked. I wanted it to match the nursery but not scream IM A BOY! But lets put it out there, there is not as many manly fabrics haha. So the blue circle pattern was perfect! Then I found 3 coordinating solids for the back. You can add a fourth but three turned out just fine.

The first step is to temporarily attach your fabrics to each other. It makes it easier when your sewing as it wont slip around as much. But make sure you read all your instructions on it. I did not. Instead of waiting for the 5 minutes for temporary bonds, I attached them immediately, which on the later steps is very frustrating! So learn form my mistakes! Lay down your front fabric, pattern side down. And attach the back layer of the chenille fabrics. For best contract put your darkest color in the back. It also helps to lay it flat and then do one half and then spray the other half. And repeat until you have all your fabrics bonded. I also used some safety pins just in case.

Next step sewing! Get settled in this is going to be a long one. In fact I have to break mine down in two days, since it took almost 8 hours for me. However from veterans of sewing it should only be able half that time. You want to start at the middle and work your way out. So measure with a ruler or string and mark with a fabric marker your straight line. My pattern had lines in it so I ignored this and went ahead and followed those instead. Still working from the middle out. And it turned out fine but without that pattern you want to follow a guide for sure!

You want to sew on your patterned side as you wont see the stitches on the chenille side anyways, so put your best on the side that shows. Once you have your initial line you can now use the foot of your machine to act as a guide. Your lines should be able 1/2 inch apart. I was able to move my needle position to the far left side and from there it measures 1/2 inch from the edge of the foot.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Until you have covered your entire blanket in these uniform 1/2 inch lines diagonally. You will want to back stitch each side to hold your stitching in place. As this thing is going to meet the washing machine many times.

I dont know how I managed it, but mine came out with no bubbles. Must be that intense adhesive I did. But if you took my advice and yours comes out with a few bubbles here and there, no worries as the next step should take care of that. You wont even see them in the end.

This is where I am going to recommend buying a tool. Something I did not do. The Olfa Chenille Cutter. You can, as I did use scissors if you dont care to buy this, but with the amount of cutting it takes it sure would be easier. I’ll definitely have it in the mail days ahead of my next blanket project. Because this is where my well done adhesive job really took a toll on me. You want to cut in between each stitch line. Glide your scissors under your 3-4 chenille fabrics, DO NOT CUT THE FRONT PATTERN FABRIC.

This is the step that I thought “Never again will I make this stupid blanket.” And probably when I do I will think, “I already warned myself why am I doing this again!” But I swear the end result is more than thrilling. This is just going to take some time so put on a tv show and get settled in. Your going to be there for awhile. My blanket had 131 lines to cut. It took me 2 days to finish this one step but thats will my many 8 month pregnant trips to the kitchen and bathroom.

Now you have rows and rows of your beautiful fabrics poking out. Its starting to look like the finished product. Your going to want to trim off your edges at this point. Again I dont have the tools, Im a beginner so I improvised. I eyeballed it. Gutsy. I think part of it may have been the “I just want to finish it!” part of me. Its fine. It may not be perfect but Im ok with it. This is also where you decide if you want round or square corners. I opted for round so I used a plate to be my guide.

Next your going to attach your binding with pins. I would show you this step but I was fighting karma to get off the blanket. But you can sort of see the pins there. This was my first binding as with how smoothly everything else went  was terrified of it. But its easy! Sandwich your blanket in between your binding and secure with your pins. Smooth our your corners as much as possible. Its not going to be perfect but your not going to notice it.

On your binding there is one side slightly shorter than the other, your going to sew on the shorter side. I put mine on the chenille side. Then just remove the pins as your sew as close to the edge as possible. I used my foot as a guide on this one too. I had my needle in the far left position and I used the left side of the foot to line up with the binding edge. worked perfectly!

At this point I was running around Brandon’s office with the biggest smile in the world! I had done it. I was finished! I made this! You can see the binding worked like a charm on both sides. And thats the last time your going to see the cutting side look that clean. Next you throw that baby in the washing machine and its where the magic happens! All that work, those three days, of pulling your hair out, all pay off! I thought I was giddy before but when I pulled it out of the dryer I actually ran up the starts to show Brandon. I haven’t run up stairs in a long time since carrying this monster baby. And here it is! All beautiful and finished. The best part is that with each wash it will only fray more and continue to be more and more soft and cosy.

I am so happy with this blanket. It could not have turned out better! If anyone decides they also need to make this I would love to answer any questions and would love to see your version even more! Send them to lissables@gmail.com

Karma seems to think this is her new blanket. Every time I lay it on the floor she re appears and immediately lays down on it. I cant wait to put little Sawyer on it. Baby’s are going to love this blanket because its so textured and soft. I  just love it.

Good Luck!

300 times a day.

Children laugh 300 times a day and we only laugh 15-100. How can that be. Is that why I always want to see the whole through a child’s eyes? I think who ever can up with this stat needs to spend a week in my house.

Just this morning my hubby was telling me of his brother’s loving gesture to his wife on their anniversary. (Congrats guys on five years!) Of course just hearing the idea was enough to get anyone’s eyes misty. But he proceeded to tell me that’s not his style and that he would rather see my smile instead of tears. Cue Awww.

And he’s so right. That’s his style. laughter runs through our house more than anything in the else. In fact our whole relationship has been like that. The night he proposed there was non stop jokes (at my expense!) His wedding speech to me included a detailed description of how hairy my legs were on our first date. And every day since he can always make me laugh. Even when we are in the middle of a fight and its the last thing I want to do. (which is usually why I try to hide from him when I’m really pissed. Then he cant cheat.) I’m sure when I’m in labor he’ll be trying the same thing. And who knows maybe it will work haha. Though trust me I’m not counting on it!

Its something I truly treasure about our relationship. I hope you have someone in your life that makes you laugh as much as possible. Life too short not to laugh 300 times a day.

Pinterest Inspired

Remember my introduction to pinterest? You can go back and read it here. And its been 3 months. I have 1825 pins so far, on 25 boards. You can check them all out on my profile page.

my favorites are when I find something and actually get off my butt to use it in my life. Like remember my birthday cake a couple posts back. That was pinterest inspired!

And on the same week, while I had my hair stylist mom around to help, I requested her help with a style I saw on pinterest. The waterfall braid. Its everywhere on pinterest right now. But there was no way even with the attached video tutorial where the girl shows how on herself, I was ever going to attempt it myself. But my mom hod it whipped together in seconds. Such a cute different look, and great when you have no hair like me, to have it actually look thick!

And my next project is of course pinterest inspired too. Well I found it awhile back and put it into the pinterest library, but it still counts. Its a baby blanket that looks simple enough for me to attempt. I went and bought all the material and supplies that I need. Hopefully it turns out as well as these other two pinterest inspired projects. But here is the blanket Im going to hopefully have hanging in the nursery in a couple days. If it happens I will be sure to share the whole project with you here!

So if your not already, get on pinterest and get inspired!

30 weeks

Well I am 30 weeks. Things have been going great. I was lucky to escape all morning sickness, I havent had any real cravings, although I do very much enjoy chicken wings and chinese food, two things I despised before pregnancy. I havent been on bedrest or had any complications. I just passed my glucose test, everything is going well!

Except the fact that this baby is measuring like a linebacker! Ive been scheduled for an additional ultrasound. At the high risk clinic. So of course I am super anxious for it, wanting to know if this is a bad thing or not. But Im a worrier so thats normal. Fingers crossed he is just fine, and going to be a star football player one day haha.

But here is the most updated bump pictures so you can see for yourself there is a big boy in there!

Ps as big as he is and all the “O my goodness you must be due ANY DAY!” comments I do love the bump. I think women are beautiful with them and I love that I finally have one. Plus the stretch marks are already there, no going back now!

The Help

Its one of my favorite books. I read it last September. I started it on the first day of our vacation home. I was finished it 3 days later. I couldn’t put it down. The story take place in 1960’s in small town Jackson, Mississippi. Its about the controversy of the black maids working in the white households. There are many stress points in these ladies lives, including taking care of and loving the white ladies children and dealing with shared indoor plumbing.

The story really takes off when a young white girl who dreams of being a published writer starts a project interviewing these maids about their experiences. It witty, emotional, and an amazing story beginning to end. I cant even tell you how excited I have been waiting for the movie. But then we won advanced screening tickets! So tonight I got to see it a week before everyone else!

I was first in line, 30 weeks pregnant and waiting 2 hours early. (everyone has to be there 2 hours early but still) I was too excited. It doesn’t disappoint. Its the best book to movie adaptation Ive seen. I now know why its so long (2 hrs 17 min) because they dont leave anything out! Wow. I was impressed they covered it all. The cast is fantastic! Viola Davis brings Aibileen’s character to life in every way. Octavia Spencer brought Minnie’s character even further. I want to know her personally all over again! Minnie and Celia have a realistic humorous relationship that you cant help but love. And Emma Stone actually pulled off Skeeter better than I originally thought.

If you are looking for your summer feel good movie, you’ve found it. Ive never seen an audience react so well to a movie like this. There is laughter and tears to go around the entire movie. And the tears are not even all sad, most of them are happy tears as you feel so touched by a characters experience. Its a must see. So go get together for a girls night, or do as I did and drag your husband along. Although it wouldn’t have been his first choice, he did admit it was very well done.

The casting, the characters, the script not veering from the book, the sets and costumes. Everything was right on. I felt like I was in the south in the 1960’s. Doesn’t hurt that Im an addict of everything 60’s! I really would have thrived. I know in the book club questions it asks you to pick a character you would be. Most women say Skeeter, because we all wish we could be her, but lets face it not many of us in those times would be so daring. And Im not saying we’re all Miss Hilly’s either. I imagine myself as Miss Celia Foote. Just looking for a good friend. If you have read or see the movie I would love to hear who everyone else finds a special connection with.

And through all of this the only important thing to take from this post is go read the book first, if you havent already, and then see the movie. You will love both!

My 24th Birthday!

This year I turn 24. I celebrate my 3rd anniversary. I am going to give birth to my first child. I was a red head. I travelled to LA, London, Colorado, and Calgary. I will be published twice. And my cupcake business is taking off. But most importantly I am surrounded by love. Family and friends.

My birthday was no exception. With my mom here as a surprise it was already better. We kicked off the day early, I made my own cake of course! And I got to try a new decorating technique. Ruffle frosting. Loved it, easy and beautiful. It was a lemon cake, my favorite since getting pregnant. With pink frosting, because I think its going to be the last pink around the house for awhile! So here is my Pink Lemonade Ruffle Cake!

I loved it! So for the rest of the day my mom gave me another amazing present. She helped (By help I mean she did it all) Me clean my house. Not like she did the dishes, no she organized and deep cleaned almost every room in my house. This belly gets in the way for sure so this was truly an amazing gift! Even if it meant we spent my birthday cleaning. We met up with our family friends for dinner at BJ’s, My favorite broc and cheese soup and pizookies for dessert. Yes I had dessert and birthday cake. Do you often get the excuse that your pregnant and its your birthday!

After dinner we all went back to my house for cake! A beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday, and then it was all over. Until next year when Birthday week makes its way into our home again! But this year is going to be hard to top! Thanks all the wonderful birthday wishes from everyone!

Birthday Week Finale!


Well just like he did say, day six and seven were by far the best and extremely exciting. I saw neither of them coming. And he’s right I cant choose which one was a bigger surprise. Lets start with Day 6!

I got up to a card that said:

“On the sixth day of birthday week your true love gave to you Six birthday cards! Six invisible things!”

It was truly magical. Remember he told me earlier that this might be a tie for the best day? Thats what I was thinking too. So I got up and got ready. I was picking up a family friend from the airport to meet with the gift my parents had sent and then go out for lunch together. Brandon agreed to go with me. And while we waited for them my mind spun. Finally I saw them on the escalator. And no one else. I whispered in Brandon’s ear that I really thought he had surprised me with my mom visiting for the weekend. And in all Brandon fashion he looked at me and told me that we honestly could not afford that. And then the thought was gone. We walked with them to baggage claim and they made me open the present my mom had sent and made them take as carry on. Just as I was adoring the album my mom had made me someone behind me whispered in my ear “isn’t that cute!” a voice I have known my entire life. My Mom! They did surprise me with a visit! And it was definitely a surprise! A wonderful one!

You can tell in the pictures I have no idea as she sneak up behind me! What a special birthday present. And later on I read the card again as I was showing my mom and it had been changed. “On the sixth day of birthday week your true love gave to you:Six Birthday CardsSix Invisible things Six days with your Mom!”


How could he possible manage to top a surprise visit from my mom on my birthday? Day seven’s card read:

“On the seventh Day of birthday week your true love gave to you:

Nope Im tired of singing, just open your bangin present already”

And it was my birthday and it was a big box, so I was excited! He did tell me right before opening it that he was nervous about it. So I wondered what it could be. I hadn’t mentioned anything lately. I pulled the paper off the top and underneath was a label for a breast pump. Im not a good liar so it took everything in me to put the smile on my face. and the only words that came out were “ooooooooo, its a breast pump?” He didnt say anything. How could I be mad? He was being a proactive dad early on. But it wasnt what I imagined as being tied with a surprise visit from my mom. He prompted me to open it and put it together. And when I opened the box it was a moment of shock. Inside was not a breast but but instead a new macbook! Last thing on my mind. But lets face it mine has been unable to hold pictures on it for the last 3 months. And in my world thats a big problem! He was probably tired of me constantly stealing his and filling it with pictures. And I was worried about a new baby and the millions of pictures I would be holding on to. But I never expected it so he was right, tied with my other surprise for sure!

I really was spoiled for my birthday this year! Thanks for reading and being a part of Birthday Week 2011 with us. It sure was a fun one!