Birthday Week Day 5

This by far was one of the funniest day’s. Because it just does not make any sense. Even what he wrote in the card made me laugh. Apparently he was singing the original song in his head to get the wording right. The quote went like this:

On the fifth day of Christmas…. Wait……Birthday Week! Your true love gave to you:

5 Random Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings!

4 cinnabons, 3 venus razors, 2 bags of chips, and a comic of you pinteresting!

Haha did it make you laugh? He actually wrote out that many i’s to sound like the song. And Random things really means as random as he could get? A spray bottle, deck of cards, scotch tape, fruit roll-ups, and sour belts. He did admit that the original idea was to do 5 baby things, and then he realized that baby items are a little more expensive. (might be a little late for that realization, me being almost 7 months pregnant and all.) But its the thought that counts on things like this! And it did make me laugh, which is what he really does best.

Ah yes and again with the dog themed birthday cards. I was never aware they made this many different dog themed birthday cards. Stay tuned for day 6 & 7 I was told they were the best. I was also told he hadn’t yet planned 6 so Im not sure how its one of the best without knowing what it is, but I believe him!

Birthday Week Day 4

Its Sunday, and I woke up all ready to have my favorite Sunday Breakfast. A Big Flat Danish Pancake. To others this is known as Crepes, but that’s what we all grew up calling them. So for the longest time I didn’t know pancakes were actually fluffy and thick, I thought everyone else was weird. But instead Day 4 surprised me yet again!

On the Fourth day of Birthday Week your true love gave to you: 4 Cinnabons, 3 venus razors, 2 bags of chips, and a comic of you pinteresting!

Yup I may have mentioned how amazing a cinnabon was way back in the calgary trip. He kept that treasure locked away in his mind. There is not one at all close to us so he drove 35 minutes each way to get these babies. Its a pregnant ladies dream! Haha And Lets be clear. I am not receiving all of them again each day. Its one thing per day, so no mom you don’t have to worry that now I will receive two bags of chips and 4 cinnabons every morning to eat!

Its getting super fun to wake up each day. He did slip up a little. He started one day early. Poor guy, I told him that yesterday and he was a little disappointed so now I get my big present one day early. (He doesn’t want to stop it and miss a day.) What could it be? You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out, like me!

Happy Birthday Week Sunday everyone!

Birthday Week Day 3

And the tradition continued. Today I woke up to yet another card on his pillow. I think there is a theme with the cards. As this one was a little kitty hanging from a tree, and on the inside it said “Some days, its tougher to hang in there than other days.” Haha Its not even a birthday card. But it did make me laugh so that’s a very Brandon thing to do. Might I add the card yesterday was a dog in a lab coat. With the caption “Birthday Greetings from the lab. I cant wait to see tomorrow’s card! This is really starting each day like its your birthday! Love that saying.

And following in the 12 days of Christmas song style todays gift as stated in the card was:

On the third day of Birthday Week, Your true love gave to you: Three Venus razors, 2 bags of chips and a comic of you pinteresting!

Stay tuned for more cuteness through Birthday Week.

Birthday Week

In our house we have a little tradition. Birthdays are too special to just celebrate on one day. Thus last year I invented Birthday Week! And how could my hubby forget, I do casually mention it the other 51 weeks of the year. He even got into it this year, but still didnt use it to its fullest like myself. Last year I used it as an excuse to make cake or cupcakes every single day of the week. (I think I need to avoid that part this year!) This year Brandon kicked it up a notch. I didn’t even see it coming.

Yesterday was the first official day of Birthday Week. I woke up to a card on his pillow. Inside it said “On the first day of Birthday Week your true love gave to you: A comic of you Pinteresting!” How adorable is that. He had custom drawn a comic of myself, and my recent addiction of Pinterest. We had recently joked around about starring in comic books and he stated that mine would just be a repeating frame of me on Pinterest. Enjoy!

Today I woke up again to a card on his pillow! Yay repeating theme! And this time it was propped up on 2 bags of kettle chips. Inside it said “On the second day of Birthday Week, you true love gave to you: 2 bags of chips and a comic of you Pinteresting!” See where he is going with this! I did mention if he continued there was going to have to be seven items at some point. Its going to make it hard to go to sleep every day this week. Its like Christmas morning every time I wake up!

How fun is Birthday Week! And how awesome is my hubby!

Happy Birthday Big Bear!

Today is a very special mans birthday. He turned 51 and yet I still see him through the eyes of a child. Its how I will always see him. And how my little one soon will too. Because he himself is a big kid too. I have so many amazing memories with him. He was a very hands on dad. From bike rides to a new playground every weekend when we were little, to every cheerleading trip I ever took, (he was a hit with all the other moms, as the only dad along!) And lately to the daily phone calls home. Everyone knows I am very close to my mom but they may not know I am just as close with my dad.

My mom worked full time when we were little so my dad always had every Saturday with us. Its very fond memories from those days. We always did something special. One of my favorites were all the bike rides. There was a gigantic hill in a park. I’m not taking normal gigantic, I mean it took a good 45 minutes to wind up it. And I always thought I was going to die but at the top of the hill there was slurpee’s with ice cream in them! It was a kids paradise!  Plus it was a whole day with my dad. Its whats making me excited to have a little one in a cart behind my bike soon. Did I mention my dad custom build his so that it had Hot Rod flames down the side. And two very pink jackets sticking out of it 🙂

Like I mentioned before, even in high school we some how remained tolerable to each other haha. I’m not saying there wasn’t many many fights and groundings, but that’s because he loved me and cared enough to do both. But we also had good times in between. And Because my mom was very busy with running her own salon she didn’t have the time to go on all the cheerleading trips which were always away form home. But he made it to all of them. Even flew to Vancouver when I joined an all star team after High School. And continued to support me and show up when I wasn’t even on the team but coached for an additional 2 yrs. That’s true commitment to your kid.

He was the perfect dad. And I was definitely Daddy’s little girl. I completely expected him to bawl his eyes out when we got married 3 years ago. I wont even lie I WANTED him to bawl his eyes out haha. But he didn’t, and I asked him why after the fact. He told me he was too happy instead to cry. How touching is that. And he did make the day extra special. We went to our fair share of car shows growing up with him, so naturally I have a dream car in them. A ’57 red rag top BelAir. I begged him to find me one for the wedding. He regretted that he couldn’t. I should have known he was lying! After having my hair done at my mom’s salon that morning we came back to the house and sitting in the driveway was The red rag top BelAir! Its definitely one of my favorite parts of the big day. I truly treasure that moment.

And almost one year ago, as our birthdays are one week apart. I got a little brown package from my dad. Something I didnt expect because I hadn’t asked for anything. Or so I thought. He even got on video chat to be live while I opened it. (I love technology while living long distance.) I’m sure my face was priceless when I opened it. One month prior I had been visiting my best friend in Texas and had found a set of signs in an antique store. Not having an extra 75$ in my back pocket I left with only a picture of them. I put it on facebook and tagged my dad in it requesting he make me a set instead. I do this a lot. In fact there is probably an endless amount if pictures in similar fashion. But when I opened the box The set of them was sitting inside. And I might even add he did a better job of them than the originals! And The set reads “I, Heart, U” Its an unmatchable gift. I get compliments on them all the time. And he even had to make my mom a set last Christmas because she envied mine so much!

And lastly. One last story. Last week while we were home he helped me recreate a photo. A project Ive always wanted to do and what a perfect photo. The one on the left is my mom pregnant with me and our family dog. She is in front of my dad’s first Hot Rod. It was the last picture with it. As having a kid can cost a hefty dollar I am told. So because of me he was selling it. (You can see my mom feels terrible about it 🙂 ) So right before I left he reminded me of the picture and we recreated it with his new Hot Rod. Or as I called it growing up “The tomorrow car” It took him many years to get it up and running. And he finally has one again. Always in yellow. Just in time for a new generation to join him at all the Hot Rod shows. Of course they wont include chasing him in a Darth Vader costume with light sabers with all the other kids, and yelling “don’t hurt him, he’s my dad!” But there will be many, many, many, more memories for him to make with his first Grandson. I know they will be like the best of friends! Sawyer and GranBerry.

So Happy 51 years of Birthday’s Dad. Ive treasured all the ones you’ve shared with me, and I expect 51 more! 🙂

Let talk Pregnancy!

We are finally done with travelling. Wahoo. Lets never ever ever ever ever ever ever do that again. We clocked 90 hours of driving across two countries in 4 weeks! And an additional 16 hours on a plane. Lets just say we didn’t plan this knowing we would be six months pregnant! But we did it and every one of those trips was special for their own reason so I wouldn’t change it! I just wouldn’t do it again!

So I am officially in the third trimester. Awesome. They are seriously flying by. Im in the land of many doctors appointments. Which means lots of needles. Yuck. Apparently I am never going to get over that fear! I almost pass out at every blood work appointment. In case you didn’t put that together I think I might be more afraid of the epidural needle than giving birth. Maybe its a toss between the two! But other than all that fun stuff I am doing good. This little guy is going to have a lot of energy apparently. He is always wiggling up a storm. Especially when mommy wants to sleep! And did I mention he’s big! They moved my due date up to October 12. I like the date, not liking that they already think he’s big. Because in case you didn’t notice, I am on the smaller side haha.

So I have a couple pregnancy projects going on. Besides the nursery which I only just began to think about yesterday. And a couple paper projects lined up to show you when they are complete. The Main ones are photo projects! Because if you know me at all, you know my camera is literally attached to my hands. Their are two I’m working on through this pregnancy, one in the same shirt and per month showing growth. The other is also a growth chart. Every week I get an email with a growth comparison of the little man and a fruit or veggie. We are up to cauliflower for 28 weeks. So enjoy these work in progresses!

Thats Week 13 for the lime, 14 for the lemon, 19 for the tomato, 20 for the Banana, 26 for the cucumber and 27 for the cauliflower. Of course there are many more in between but these are my favorite. Some weeks I have to skip it because rutabagas are not exactly piled high in my grocery store. But its fun to have a weekly picture done.

I cant wait to share more stuff with you. Once I start them! There is many many lined up, so we’ll see how many actually get done! Wish me luck, lets get this nursery started!

Tiffany Blue Wedding

Last summer seemed forever away when we got hired to both do cake and video respectively. But time sure flies when your six months pregnant! And although we were travelling like crazy we still made it all the way back to Canada to do our friends wedding. Her whole theme was Tiffany blue. So it seemed fitting to have a Tiffany Box cake! And that surrounded by 100 cupcakes!

And although I will never again do a wedding 6 months preggers it was still very fun! We had some up and downs, The face of the bride seeing the whole display the first time, and Brandon pouring (accidentally) coffee all over my moms new laptop in the middle of cake decorating time. But everything worked out in the end. We were able to enjoy the wedding while still working hard on it the days leading up and for Brandon all night. I’ll be sure to share his video when its finished as it will be very touching.

All in all a great night for us and their whole family. I just love weddings. What a happy moment to bring friends and family together!

Cant wait for the next L’Heureux wedding!!

Maternity Teasers!

How exciting that I have two wonderfully talented friends. Who both did an amazing job of some maternity shots for me this past 2 weeks! I got to do the first set with our friends in Colorado. And the second set with my mom and a friend from High school Cheerleading. It was so much fun because it was also a little reunion! And the pictures they have shared with me so far as teasers are just beyond amazing!

Our first set I guilted Brandon enough to be in. We set up in Colorado with our friends for the week. So besides having great pictures, we also got to have a great visit with them! Gary is based out of Houston, Texas area. He is also the photographer who did our wedding! He specializes in engagement, bridals, and weddings but also does events and portraits too. So if you are travelling or live in that area hit up his website! You wont be disappointed!

The second set (seriously I am so lucky! who gets one let alone two awesome maternity sessions!) For the second session I met a friend I havent seen in years! She has her own photography company as well. And also a new adorable little girl! She is based out of Calgary, Alberta, so I got to take my mom along with me which was fun. This one was a solo trip as my hubby thought one session was overdoing it! But we had so much fun catching up and working together. She does everything from maternity and newborn, to bridal and family sessions. If you are looking for an awesome photographer in her area you can “like” her facebook page, and send her an email!

We also did a name reveal photo! So officially its out there! Sawyer James! Cant wait to meet you little man, but for 14 more weeks you stay inside there. And no more stretch marks please! haha

A special thank you to both of you for making this a fun memory to look back on!

Happy Fourth Of July!

For all my American friends and readers, Happy 4th of July! I hope your all having BBQ’s, eating junk and sitting under fireworks tonight! Last year was my first 4th of July that I was living in the states. Lets say Las Vegas goes ALL OUT! We had an amazing day around a pool with friends and family. And then watched the entire night sky light up with fireworks. I vowed this year to do the same. And yet I am not there. So someone eat some hot dogs for me!

Last Year I also made my first 4th of July dessert! And what a first time that was. I remember my mom thinking this was just another cake. And then watching her face light up when that first slice came out! It was an original idea on my behalf but I have seen it since then many times. But if I do say so myself, mine is always my favorite version! One flag cake coming up! I still love it beyond words. I hope I can make another one next year!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!

Happy Birthday Granma!

Today is a special day for someone I know. Celebrating many years of happiness and memories. Isn’t it amazing how no matter how many years go by you still feel like a little kid when your at your granma’s house. I still feel that even though she has now moved and Im now having my own kid. When she makes me a home cooked danish meal Im transported to five years old again. Her teaching me to knit, making “big flat pancakes,” letting me drive the golf cart.

And yet things have changed. Im not the little girl who refused to wear pants and instead dresses every single day. I’ve grown up and so has she. Life has changed dramatically for both of us. She has come to visit me in the house I own in another country. She is graciously making bedding for her great grandson. And I now get to hear stories of when she grew up and raised a family on a farm in Denmark. I love hearing all these amazing tales from her past. Its like finding an unread book you can’t put down.

Our relationship is ever evolving. I can’t wait to see where it goes next. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANMA!