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I finally am getting to all these baby projects I remember bragging about at the beginning of the pregnancy. I think having the nursery so close to being finished is inspiring me! I have been meaning to destroy a book for this project but hadn’t been able to find the right one. Till my mom found this old Babar book in my nursery closet. Perfect little pictures and unique font. I love the way it turned out!

I knew I wanted a unique way of displaying his name. And when I saw something similar on pinterest I knew it was perfect. Plus one of my way easier projects. All you will need is one book your not attached to, and some ink, ribbon, and paper. I just guessed at my size, made a template for the triangles. Cut my favorite pages, inked them and tied them together with coordinating ribbon. Then I added the letters, but if you don’t need to display a name you can leave it as is. It looks cute either way!

And because I like texture I added pop dots to my letters. And tada done! It only took about 2 hours start to finish. I havent decided if it will stay on the front of the crib but it sure looks cute there.

Stay tuned for a couple more projects Ive been working on later this week!

Nursery Updates!

Its coming along! I can see the finishing stage soon! We are still lots of nails and hammering away but we are so close, that  wanted to share some details with you.

My mom was just here and like always we did a bit of shopping! O the baby stuff. So we finally got around to putting some of it together. Welcome to Sawyers room!

Last week I had no idea what to do with our one wall. Now its quite possibly my favorite piece. (Though that’s not possible because every piece in this room is my favorite!) It started with the scrolling brackets. I found only two of them, in exactly my teal and cream. How perfect was that! We bought and painted a plain plank of wood, and made our own shelf. The “wish” is from Marshalls, a piece acquired over the years. A small frame with a picture of my late “crazy grandpa” in his younger days. A sentimental piece for the only family we’ve lost. A second larger frame with a maternity picture. To be replaced as soon as little man makes his appearance. A vintage camera I gave Brandon our first Christmas. And a vintage scale I just recently bought on our trip through Pasoga Springs, CO. (cant wait to put that to use in some new born shots!) Below the shelf are his initials in hooks. They were also an anthropology find. But they came in the same color as my walls. Blah. So I painted, inked, sanded, and re-inked them! Perfect! And that is indeed my diaper bag hanging from them. I went really non traditional and found a messenger bag I loved from Fossil. Lucky I picked blue and green!

There is my dresser/change table and end table again. A gallery wall still waiting to be finished and filled. The large frame on the wall is from Ikea and originally comes in black. Surprise, I painted it! That can of spray paint went a long way this week. The glass would have been painted with chalk board paint, had it not broken in half 🙁 I’ll be replacing it asap.

Another non traditional piece. I looked everywhere for a tiered fruit basket. Apparently the only one available is from pottery barn for 90$ that’s just a wee bit out of my price range. So when I found this at the local consignment store and they went 50% off I jumped on it! Diapers on top. Lotions, powder, wipes, and distractions on bottom! love it, and again how we keep managing to find so many items in antique teal and cream is starting to amaze me.

And our final touch today. I really went non traditional with this one! Our room is small and without much space or storage, you’ve got to get creative! I also wanted the books to be at a height where the little man could eventually pick his own books out. So this my friends is the simplest book shelf. An outdoor flower planter, secured with drywall anchors. That baby can hold over 100 pounds, so books are easy. I also added a trimmed piece of cardboard so no books would slip through the iron basket. And tada done! All that was left was to fill it! Good thing I hit up Calgary’s famous “Herald book sale” An annual event in June, books are donated, collected and gathered in genre at the farmers market. We’ve even had to line up the last couple of years. This year I avoided all the novels for board books, Dr. Seuss, and nursery rhymes. You get a deal and the profits go to Servants Anonymous Society of Calgary and Postmedia Raise-a-Reader program. If your in Calgary next summer make sure you make a pit stop there!

I hope you enjoy’d todays tour through the nursery! Not much left to add but I’ll be sure to share any new details. Now Im off to watch Brothers and Sisters, my mom got me hooked during her trip! Happy Thursday everyone!