Star Wars Cupcakes

First of all I know too many boys who LOVE Star Wars. Second, I’m not counting just the littlest ones. I must also admit they have a big spot in my heart as well. Any time my mom and sister were out of together when I was little, my dad would rent Star Wars. It was our special thing. I’m not even sure how he got me into it being a little girliest of girls. (perhaps because I loved those little ewoks like teddy bears 😉 ) But its one my my favorite childhood memories. Thanks Dad.

Lets move on to the present. The boys I babysit are die hard fans. And they are only 3&5. Since they started watching them last year, seen every movie at least 3 times. Which was a welcome thing as before that I had seen Toy Story 3 at least a billion times. So this year for their birthday I got to make Star Wars cupcakes! Their mom grabbed some great stuff for them at Williams and Sonoma. 2 packs of cupcake liners + toppers. And some super cool stencils. I didn’t get to use the stencils but I had to share them because I think they are awesome! What a simple way for someone to decorate cupcakes in a big way!

I love that with these products anyone could make special cupcakes for the Star Wars fan’s in their life. I love making cupcakes for little kids especially though. They seem to always be twice as impressed. Even if they are just simple liners and toppers.

Now I just need to have some adult experimenting cupcakes. Mmm Those are my favorite. Its how I discovered my cookies and cream ones and those have been an all star favorite since the beginning of lissables! Anyone have some requests? Im also dying to try some frosting techniques on some cakes! Plus its some one’s birthday month! I have a special cake in store for the best husband around! stay tuned to lissables for all the fun coming up!

Super Hero Party

I’m behind on my dates. But I recently jumped back into the cupcake show. I will be sharing 3 different little boy birthday orders in the next couple days. The first up is my adorable nephews joint super hero party. Could any little boy ask for a better party. The answer is no!

My cupcakes were far from being the star of the show. This party had everything! A bounce house, face painting, balloon making, real super hero’s crashing the party and entertaining the kids. Seriously there was so much going on it was hard to keep track of it all. But I did a pretty good job with my camera!

I did 50 mini cupcakes and 12 regular. In vanilla and chocolate with tinted buttercream frosting. I love the bright colors and the fun liners. I topped off the birthday boys special jumbo cupcakes with superhero comic signs. Then at the party their mom added super hero rings to all the cupcakes for the kids. So cute. It was so much fun getting back into cupcakes. Cant wait to keep doing it!

This was Sawyers first Birthday party to attend. I think he was more confused than anything. There was definitely a lot of screaming and noise going on. But he managed to get his face painted. (for about 5 minutes before he started slobbering all over it and we had to wipe it off.) He even wore his super hero shirt and Daddy had a matching one! Adorable.

All in all, good cupcakes, birthday & fun!