I celebrated my 25th birthday last Saturday. 25 years. Saying that might give me a 1/4 life crisis. Crap.

I always dreamed of being 25. Of course when I was younger dreaming of these days, I was somehow taller, skinnier and beautiful without any makeup. It was a dream, why not. How ever, 4 years of marriage and 1 baby later, those dreams are gone. Instead filled with even more amazing dreams. Each smile brighter with the smiles of my little boy. Each laugh louder at my husbands jokes. A life perfect for me at 25. I am truly happy with each of those 25 years. All so different. And each a little more special.

This year we celebrated for the second year in a row with our friends and family. A quick review of the highlights:
> My own birthday cake failing. Sigh. And then on top of failing, I didnt tell my sister NOT to put the cake in the fridge. {So not entirely her fault haha} but she put my butter cream cake in the fridge and that sucker was rock hard when we went to eat it. -See the picture of me attempting to murder it with the knife and having no luck.
> My hubby waking up with Sawyer when he decided my birthday morning should start at 4:30am.
> Followed by them napping together and when I went to wake him up, how he thought it was only 9am, and he still wanted to take me to my favorite breakfast place. But I broke it to him that by 11:30 that ship had already sailed!
> My 2 yr old nephew wishing me a “Happ Birtday Lissa” {if that didn’t melt your heart, you don’t have one.}
> My mom ruining the surprise of where we were going. To be fair she lasted longer than everyone thought she would.
> The super cute birthday Balloon my sister made. It had a whole bunch of pictures from my past birthdays, all the way back to my first.
> Sawyer swimming and loving it, so much that he stayed up till 9:30!
> The never ending “Happy Birthday” soundtrack at the King’s house. {thank you, they are still stuck in my head.}

Here’s the highlights in pictures, my favorites!

{ps from the Left top to bottom; my 24th, 6th? 1st, 20th, and 18th Birthday’s & Right top to bottom, 19th, day I was born,5th, 16th, 21st, and 20th Birthdays.}

No I wont be that beautiful model of my dreams this year. A beautiful closet of expensive clothes happily replaced by sweat pants. A flawless face, unflawed with earned laugh lines. A skinny body gone, to give birth to the most beautiful precious little boy Ive ever seen. My life is different than I dreamed about at 9 for my 25th year. But I wouldn’t change a thing.

Thank you everyone for the amazing birthday wishes! And celebrating this year.