So after I saw Rachelle’s amazing tutorial about the Christmas ball wreath I thought I had better whip some out too! What a fun little craft this is! I made a trip to my favorite place in the world. Target! Hit up the dollar isle, and spent 25 bucks. Came home and an hour later we had two beautiful wreaths in our house!

I saw the bright colors right away and thought, even though these wont go at all in my house I need to make one. I love fun colors like that for Christmas, but I’m too traditional to not go all red and gold. So I made both. The bright one is outside and the red one (with the extra pattern ones I plucked off the bottom of my tree) goes in the kitchen on the pantry door. Neither have ribbons yet because I am making my weekly trip to Michael’s tomorrow, so I’ll add that later.

I couldn’t believe how easy they were to make. This bright one only took 20 minutes! I just kept shuffling them on not really making a pattern. I had thought the back stayed flat but you can choose which side looks better because both are full and can be displayed. My only issue I had was with my awesome memory. I went to grab my glue gun and realized I left it in Calgary on my last trip. But I only lost 2 balls total from popping off from the pressure when you tighten it. So even if you dont have a glue gun you can still make this awesome wreath!

This one is my favorite. I even got a wreath hook to match it. Again thank you target for being the best. I love the pattern ones mixed in. I think it gives it a bit more flair. Plus now it matches the rest of the house! Here’s another shot to show you how much it sits off the wall because of how full it is.

So if you have 25$ and 20 minutes. Throw a couple of these together. Keep one and give the other as a gift! Who wouldn’t love these! Has anyone else out there made one yet or planning on it? I would love to see some more! Seriously go make one!

3 thoughts on “Inspired.”

  1. They turned out great!! And man! $25 made you TWO?! It’s definitely a lot more expensive here 🙁 Just one costs me about $27 to make. That aside, I love the “whimsical” one on the left… Im all about the “unconventional” Christmas colour combinations.
    PS: When you go to get ribbon, I found I liked the thickest I could find (2.5-3″ width) with the wiring in it. That way I could really fluff up the bow and have it stay that way. The satin ribbon looks beautiful too, but doesnt always stay the way you want it to.

  2. Gina send me a picture I would love to feature reader creations too!
    Yes Rachelle thats the one good thing about the states. Target does everything for pennies! Im glad you liked the “whimsical” one! I couldnt find thick ribbon at Target today so I am waiting for the thinker stuff later.
    Thanks so much guys!

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