A very Late Merry Christmas

For those of you who do not know me personally I was very sick over Christmas. Turns out when you have bronchitis and do not know and have a whole bottle of cough syrup you can give yourself a pneumonia. It didn’t get quite that far but it might as well have. I was basically dead over the holidays which was sad but I have such wonderful family that took good care of me. I wanted to share some of the home made gifts of our Christmas with you.

The first was a gift for my sister in law. She had asked me to make her a simple recipe box. But I rarely go the simple route. So I found one online that couldn’t be ordered and I had my dad design a whole new one for me. I was so amazed by it when he showed me the finished project I put on a good pout and a couple hours later I had one too! The lower right hand picture is the only thing I gave my dad to go off of, and he created the beautiful box on the left and top. I used rub on letters to create the cute knobs I couldn’t find anywhere. Mine is still in progress as I want to paint it red and beat it up a bit more. So I will share pictures when its finished and full! Thanks again Dad for such an amazing gift.

Another beautiful gift my dad made this year was a set of metal signs. I had found them in an antique shop in texas while I was visiting a friend. I had neither room or excess money to bring them home with me but I managed to take a picture. I had no idea when I tagged him in the picture on facebook that a month later a package would arrive from my dad, with my own handmade set from him. But then he had gotten himself in trouble because my mom saw and loved them too. So for Christmas she got her own set. What Im getting at is that my dad needs to open his own shop of amazing handmade gifts! In clockwise from the top left is the original letters I found, my moms new ones for Christmas and mine hung up.

And todays last homemade gift was a beautiful apron made for me from my sister in law. (the one who got the recipe box) I was not expecting anything since she was also kind enough to get me a subscription to my favorite magazine, scrapbook trends and simply homemade. So I pulled this out and was deeply touched she took the time to make me something. Especially since its covered in cupcakes! Thanks again Deanna!

There will be more homemade gifts to share with you tomorrow but for now we’ve got to get ready for yet another family dinner. We¬†definitely¬†dont diet around the holidays! So I will leave you with some highlights from the holidays. A mish mash of memories if you please.

O and we caught someone spying on lissables on all the new Ipads given out by santa! Were famous!

I hope you all had amazing days with friends and family. And wishing you a happy news years as well!

3 thoughts on “A very Late Merry Christmas”

  1. WoW!!! So sorry you were sick over Christmas Alissa but it looks as though you soldiered on and made it enjoyable anyway. These home grown gifts are gorgeous, Barry is one talented guy! Happy New Year to you and Brandon..

  2. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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