Your Special V-day Recipes.

Tonight I am sharing some of my favorite sweet treats to make for your big Valentines celebration. I am not a fan of the going out and having dinner at a crowded restaurant, with every other couple in the world on V-day. So instead we celebrate ours at home with a special meal in. Here are so really cute idea’s you can use to make your night in better than any out.

Lets start with Breakfast. My go to celebration breakfast is my danish crepes or aebleskiver (danish pancake balls) But on Feb 14 you have to go all out! Why not surprise you sweetie with Breakfast in bed. With a simple but cute heart recipe. Martha Stewart perfected this one.  Take a thick piece of toast and cut the center out with a heart shaped cookie cutter. Melt a tablespoon and a half of butter in a small skillet. Cook the Bread on Medium until the underside is lightly browned. Add another tablespoon and a half and flip the bread to brown the other side. Then spray your metal cookie cutter with cooking spray and place inside the hole, and crack the egg inside the cookie cutter. Cover the skillet and cook about 2-3 minutes. Use tongs to remove the cookie cutter. Serve with the heart cutout to dip in the egg. Some OJ, fruit and this makes the perfect lazy Valentines Day morning.

So you’ve had your yummy breakfast and you finally drag yourself out of bed. You realize its still February! Its cold outside. So you want to make you and your sweetie a cute and warm pick me up! Martha also claims this one. Can you tell I am constantly on her site finding great recipes!) Grab your favorite hot chocolate mix, and giant marshmallows. This one is even easier! Grab a mini heart cookie cutter. (I found a set of mini to large ones at the dollar store the other day) and push it through the center of each marshmallow. MMM and Enjoy!

As you can guess we’re trying to keep these recipes as low key as possible. Because its all about spending time together, not about spending time with your kitchen. So for dinner were gonna do most of the work for you. Grab your favorite pasta sauce and swing over to your nearest cost plus/world market and pick up these awesome pre-made heart shaped pasta’s. Make as directed and add your preferred sauce, maybe some chicken or beef to spice it up. And Tada dinner for 2! (or as many as you want to feed)

And for dessert! So of course Im going to be eating a million cupcakes, but for those of you who dont live next door to me who I will be sharing with, you can make this sweet treat! This one came from my second favorite recipe site. Kraft sends me a new bunch to my inbox every week. And each new one I try I love more than the previous! Anyways the key to my hubby’s heart is with chocolate pudding! If I add peanut butter he thinks he’s died and gone to heaven! So make some instant chocolate pudding as directed. Divide into 4 microwaveable dishes and top with a spoon full of peanut butter. Microwave for 30 second or until peanut butter starts to melt and pudding is heated through. Top with cool whip and dive in!

So enjoy your night in! Cuddle up, turn on a romantic movie or pull out those board games that have been collecting dust. Valentines Day is about celebrating your love for each other, so spend it together, not with the other million people waiting for a table at your favorite restaurant.

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