Happy Birthday Love

As some of you know this Sunday was a little special for us. Brandon is ringing in his 26th year! (what when did this happen?) When we met he was just 22 and we started dating a year later. And now he’s 26! Isn’t it weird how life can do that so fast.

Well its been an amazing year, and it was definitely a fun day together. We kicked it off with a baseball game. (In the freezing cold!) Even though they didn’t win it was still fun to watch him play again. We had a little traditional Birthday lunch at Chipotle. They even gave him a mini bag of chips to celebrate. And then Brandon did the unthinkable! He pulled the veto card on a no cake birthday! I had his cake all planned out (cant tell you because I still plan on making it) But it was his birthday so no cake. Even though he married the cake lady. But understandable as we were going out for a big dinner! We have a favorite little place, a small hole in the wall gem. Its a little Italian place and its “our” place. So we celebrated there with his sister and her husband. Great meal, great conversation, great night!

And he even let me sneak a couple pictures in! That was like a gift to me! Brandon hates pictures, so I loved that I got this cute one of us! It was a nice birthday for just the two of us. The last one of its kind! (wink wink)

So Happy Birthday to my favorite person. You make me laugh every day and that’s the greatest feeling in the world. I couldn’t imagine life without you. I hope we celebrate many more of these amazing days together. Love you so much!

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