More scrapbooking!

What good timing to post all about scrapbooking. Later that night as we were leaving to go grocery shopping the UPS guy dropped off a big box neither of us was expecting. I was sure excited to see it was my album back from being published! And with it came a whole bunch of new stuff. The whole paper pack of BoBunny’s new line “ad lib” And a couple other fun things too!

So yesterday I decided I was going to sit down and make a page. I really like it too. Pretty simple and I used only the new stuff! Which made it really fun. It went together within an hour, that might be a new record! The only funny part, and yes I am pointing out my own mistake. I added an embellishment and did not notice that it had a year on it, that did not match the year of the photo haha. So it says 4th of July 2011 but its from 2010. O well! Still cute and thats all that matters!

And I wanted to add another tip I had forgotten the other day, and its a good one! If you are just starting out or having an inspiration funk or just for fun, take a class! They are offered everywhere! And they have been some of the best times with others. First you get to meet other people with the same hobby and usually they are offered in stores so you get to shop! And you leave with a brand new layout or project! I’ve even gone of whole trips planned around scrapbooking retreats. I was lucky enough to go to CKU 2 years ago with my mom where over a couple days we completed a mini album and a 12×12 album! Bottom line they are just fun! I can even point you to one of my favorite stores that offer classes all the time. (for my Calgary readers only, sorry!) The Scrap Yard is located on Canyon Meadows Drive, its a super cute store with great staff and great classes. My mom goes to their album track and its amazing! I’ve done a couple with them too and they are always great and very innovative! Here’s a couple shots of stuff around their store from one of my last visits, projects and classes, make sure you check them out!

So another scrappy post. I’ve also been working on a teresa collins kit my mom got me for Christmas. And I just ordered another one (I do heart her kits more than any others) That should be arriving in the next couple days. So I had better finish this one soon! I will keep you posted. And stay tuned for a weekend of sweet baking!

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