Flaming Strawberry Cupcakes!

I have constant requests of cupcakes all the time. Usually on facebook by random friends with pictures of great cupcakes. I always want to try them out but sometimes time just get away from me. Same thing happened when a friend posted a great picture right before new years eve this year. I thought I am definitely doing it tonight! Well we all know how long ago December was! But I finally got around to doing it. And wow are they just so beautiful. A regular cupcake with a hallowed out upside down little strawberry. Then the fun part! Fill it with alcohol, and light it on fire! (I used my Pear Vodka first and it didn’t light so test yours first.)

I just love the way they look. What a very sophisticated way of  having “candles” on your cupcake. They even blow out nicely. I just think this is too much fun! I cant wait to do it again. I think this will be a traditional celebration cupcake in our house!

And even though this has already been a fantastic cupcake kind of weekend, guess what? I have even more coming tomorrow! A big family BBQ birthday afternoon. With lots of yummy cupcakes! Hope everyone is having as “sweet” a weekend as we are!

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