Easter Peep Wreath!

After posting all those spring crafts yesterday I was so inspired. And what better thing to inspire you even further than peeps! They just scream spring and Easter. Plus there was extra’s left over for eating! Always a good ending to a craft session. This was so easy to make and even better and cheep cheep (I just had to do that,) project.

Total cost was 10$ and that is including the hot glue gun, because I cant find mine. 3 for the glue gun which came with sticks, 3 for the wire wreath frame, and 4 (1$each) for the bunny peeps. Now you know you cant turn this down. So I turned on my grey’s anatomy which needed catching up on, and half an hour later this is hanging on my pantry door. Its really that simple, pull apart the bunny’s, lay them all out so you like your pattern, and then hot glue gun four dots in a square and press each one down. Repeat repeat repeat until your done! Add a bright little bow and you have the perfect Easter wreath! And just in time too because grey’s just got interesting again.

Brandon told me it was the cheesiest/dorkiest thing he’s seen. But thats ok because I am a cheesy dorky person and I like that. And I like my bright cheery wreath. I hope you do too!

7 thoughts on “Easter Peep Wreath!”

  1. Very cute! For some reason it reminds me of the movie I saw with my niece and nephew called “Hop”..

  2. Thanks Everyone. It was so much fun to make. Might become a yearly tradition as its made out of food and will have to be thrown out eventually 🙁 O well its cheap, fast and easy!

  3. Hmmmmm I may agree with Brandon, a little cheezie. Would have been better if you used edible glue and you got to eat it like the good old candy necklace.

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