Happy Easter!

I hope the Easter Bunny was kind to all of my readers! He surprised my hubby with a couple treats, same with my dad, yet he seemed to boycott the women… haha. Which is fine because I didnt need anything else after the brunch we had today! Mmm it was good. Im using the baby as an excuse of why I had two full plates! It was so very yummy. Then we got to watch a very exciting egg hunt with kids scattering everywhere. I love magical days for kids. The Easter Bunny even showed up to give everyone hugs. Cant replace those smiles.

Now Im baking one of my favorite casseroles (its my favorite when I bake my favorite meals and the whole house smells of it) to take over to my sister in laws house for dinner. Because I need to eat more! But I cant wait, this baby sure has made me love food more and more. But for now Happy Easter. I’ll have lots of stories and pictures to share tomorrow!

PS miss you lots today Mom, Dad and Kimmy!

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