Sometimes its good to live in Vegas

When I had to move away from home it was really hard. Im sure when I told my family for the first time they were thinking “the girl who is afraid of everything and every place is moving away from her little lovable perfect hometown?” My one Aunt even told me she would have placed money on me being the only kid NOT to move away. So I cant imagine when I had just surprised them with going on a solo trip to London, England and being back two months before I sprung the “Im moving to another country” thing, how they felt. I too never EVER thought I would move away from home. (It may help to know there as about a million red zones in my mind that I cant ever live in between Canada and the US alone. I wont live anywhere with tornado’s, hurricane’s, earthquakes all those things, thats pretty limiting.) But Vegas had one big awesome part. My heart lived there with my soon to be hubby. So I took the jump and followed him. And as much as it¬†severely¬†sucks for me some times, not having my family just down the road, let alone in the same state, let alone same country. (Hey at least they are on the same continent!) The good thing about living in Las Vegas is that there is always people in town on vacation or visiting.

So I dont know if my awesome readers have noticed, Ive been a bit slower on the posts recently. Well we have pretty much a revolving door or people in town from April 17-May 23! And I love it. I have seen friends, my Aunt, My In-laws (including my mother and father in-law, my brother and sister in-law and my nephew, and my other brother and sister in-law and my other nephew! Wow lots!) My best friend (who is the reason I am slow this weekend! Having way too much fun!) My mom soon! And more friends at the end of the visiting spree. And I literally mean they are back to back to back visits. Not everyone is staying with us haha which is nice because we get the visits without the stress. But its amazing being able to see so many of my friends and family from back home all the time. And its not just this month, since Ive moved I continue to have friends in town usually once a month, because people are always coming to Las Vegas. So glad we did not have to move to a tiny town in the middle of nowhere without a million direct west jet flights!

I just wanted to share how lucky I am to see the people I love as much as I do with living away from home. Just my random thoughts of the day. I promise the rest of the week will not be as boring of posts because I have a build up of pictures to share and recipes to make! Lots of fun stuff as I prepare for more people. But for now its short and boring because I have to get back to giggling like a little girl with my best friend who I never get to see! Real life is more important than the internet! Haha

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