Where does the time go…

I had just written my last post and then lined up some coming posts and then I didnt write them! Its like time is going faster these days, and theres nothing we can do about it. I was told that the 8 months I had to wait till October were going to be the longest of my life. And yet I keep thinking where did 4 months go! (ps 20 weeks now.)

So lets back track a bit.

Last week after sharing the template for those o so cute cupcake stands, I forgot to share it was an order I was doing for a returning client. Love when that happens. Shows the cupcakes speak for themselves. And I just love them. Simple Chocolate with buttercream and shaved white chocolate. And lemon with vanilla buttercream. Simple but sweet.

Then we had a whole band stay the weekend with us while Brandon shot a music video for them. (which is looking so good so far!) It was definitely a busy weekend! But I love having company at the house. And speaking of two of Brandon’s friends are here till this weekend now. Im getting training for feeding boys haha! But it has been fun.

And lastly for today Im sharing my favorite picture of the week. While on location for one of the video’s I found this sign and was a little too excited to take a maternity shot with it! I thought could it get better, its got the crazy mop top, the belly, the ever growing behind, and short legs. This is definitely my sign!

Stay tuned lots of fun stuff I still need to share!

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