Pagosa Springs!

This week we got in that dang car again, and started driving. And driving we did. First we decided it would be a smarter idea to take the short cut instead of the interstate. It was not a short cut! We went through Zion National park. Which although beautiful beyond words, much much much much much slower! Our Gps just kept adding the minutes slowly to our destination. We ended up getting finally to Pagosa Springs, Colorado an hour later than we were supposed to. Good short cut! Its a good thing my hubby can make me laugh non stop for 11 hours!

But we got here and thats all that matters. We got to stay in a beautiful little cabin in the woods with our friends. What a fun thing to do. For some reason neither me and Brandon have never done a summer vacation with friends. Im hooked. A tiny little town, four best friends. It could not have gotten better. But yet it did. They have been together for 7 years and on Tuesday he got down on one knee and asked that question every girl waits her whole life to hear. Surrounded by friends and family, it was perfect in every way! I am so touched that we got to be a part of that. Especially since I was int he dark until that very moment too! Lots of love going around this week.

Last night we even got to experience the small town carnival. Which I absolutely loved. Even though I was turned down at every single ride for being pregnant. At least the Ferris wheel operator felt bad for me and let me just sit for a picture or two! Really Its more about the atmosphere and picture taking for me. And the going back the next day for hand dipped corn dogs!

All in all this has been a fantastic week and of course as always gone much too fast! Maybe we’ll be back for round two next year. With a new baby for me and a new husband for her!

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