Happy Birthday Granma!

Today is a special day for someone I know. Celebrating many years of happiness and memories. Isn’t it amazing how no matter how many years go by you still feel like a little kid when your at your granma’s house. I still feel that even though she has now moved and Im now having my own kid. When she makes me a home cooked danish meal Im transported to five years old again. Her teaching me to knit, making “big flat pancakes,” letting me drive the golf cart.

And yet things have changed. Im not the little girl who refused to wear pants and instead dresses every single day. I’ve grown up and so has she. Life has changed dramatically for both of us. She has come to visit me in the house I own in another country. She is graciously making bedding for her great grandson. And I now get to hear stories of when she grew up and raised a family on a farm in Denmark. I love hearing all these amazing tales from her past. Its like finding an unread book you can’t put down.

Our relationship is ever evolving. I can’t wait to see where it goes next. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANMA!

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