Easy Halloween Cupcakes

So if you are wanting to send some cute easy cupcakes to work or school parties, here are some great idea’s! Make it even easier by using box cake mix. Yes you can go all out and make from scratch too but sometimes its just nice to go the fast way. Which PS I love to just make to eat raw. YUM! I haven’t done that in so long, for baby’s sake!

The Zombie Cupcake

Here your going to want to start with a chocolate cake. Dont use liners for this one, so you have a full effect of dirt. You can even add chocolate chips and/or nuts for a chunkier look. If you still feel the need for frosting of some kind stick to a glaze or ganache so its thin and doesn’t take away from your look. Then head to your favorite craft store and grab a bag of baby doll arms. This goes without saying, dont bake the arms in the cake. Add once your cakes are cooked and cooled. For an added touch add some cookie gravestones!

The Cupcake Liner Witch Hat Topper

This great site does some fun cake stuff. And this little tutorial is cute and simple.


  1. Grab a regular sized cupcake liner.  Fold liner in half.  Fold in half again, creating a pie-like wedge.  Tape the two flaps together using double sided tape, so that you have one solid triangle.
  2. Fold in half again.  Tape again.  Now you should have a tall skinny wedge that is 1/8 the size of your original circle.  If your liner is now a flat triangle due to folding, fluff it up with your finger so that it makes a cone.
  3. Insert a toothpick into your cupcake and place your cone on top of the toothpick.  This is the body of your hat.  The toothpick will help your hat stay in place.
  4. Grab a mini cupcake liner.  Cut a hole in the middle of the liner.  I found it easiest to do this by folding it in half and then cutting out a ‘C’ shape on the folded edge.  Open up liner and slightly flatten with your hand.  This will be the brim.
  5. Slide the brim down over your cone to complete the hat.  Smush and crinkle to add character.  Bend the tip of the hat, if desired

The Candy Corn Cupcake

Start with a vanilla cupcake and a plain liner. Then grab your favorite stiff frosting. I like a good buttercream for this one. They hold up better than store bought ones. Split your frosting into thirds making one slightly smaller (your white) and one slightly bigger (your yellow) Then use food coloring to tint your frosting yellow and orange, leaving the small one white. Then grab a frosting bag and a tip of your choice to pipe first a circle of yellow, then orange on top, then white to top and finish!

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