Homemade Mummy Onesie

If you are also finding yourself with a bump turning into a baby this month, you may have noticed there is few and far between for newborn Halloween costumes. So you’ve got to get creative! I have a couple different idea’s in mind for Sawyers first Halloween. I’m actually writing this back before he has made his appearance. I was smart enough to plan ahead! Plus at this point I still have some time to do creative things!

I found this idea on pinterest. Surprise surprise. The original poster used gauze instead. But I made this last minute one afternoon and simply used an extra onesie I cut up. However you may find gauze to be a bit stiffer and therefore easier to work with. Mine was slipping and stretching all over the place!

Since I was using strips I had to pin them down a lot and stretch them in anticipation. The original used one long strip, and laced it back and forth and cut it after sewing. With gauze she was able to distress the fabric as well. But its your personal preference what you would like to use, I am just sharing options! But with both your going to want to pin first and then use a sewing machine to sew it. Not a fun task! Its hard to get the onesie into the sewing machine and through it. But its do-able, and that’s all that matters. Be patient. Then cut your ends off. You don’t need to be precise, as the uneven look plays to your mummy idea!

And your final step, add a pair of large googly eyes! Try and layer them underneath your strips a little bit for effect. I made this in about 30 minutes. So if you know a little one in need of a simple homemade costume, now you have a perfect idea! I know I am loving my little mummy today!

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  1. Please share pictures if you make them for twins. That would be way too adorable! I had a set of white pants I put on my son last October.

    Thanks for leaving a comment!

  2. No that was the hardest part. Separating the front and the back. I choose not to sew strips on the back because he was so little he would never be on his tummy So I scrunched up the back so my sewing didnt touch the back of the onesie.
    Haha that doesnt sound like it made sense. Did it answer your question?

  3. Too make sewing the strips to the front easier on yourself, unsew one side of the onesie so you can sew the strips on a pretty flat surface. Then re stitch the seam when done! Use a ball point needle and a stretch stitch, or just use a little pulling while you sew. OR you could slice it up the back and then restitch the back when done. Both give you a flat surface and both are easy to resew.

    1. Yes Alisha! I used a hot glue gun. Make sure you put a piece of cardboard int he middle of the onesie so you dont accidentally have glue go through to the back side and get it all stuck together.

  4. Thanks for sharing!! My sons Halloween costume is too hot to wear inside to a Halloween themed party we are going to so this is perfect….and cheap! Lol
    I used a hot glue gun instead of sewing, worked perfectly! Don’t forget to put a piece of cardboard under as mentioned before!
    Ps my tshirt for the party will say “I love Mummies!” or I love my mummie??? Open to suggestions!
    I’ll post a puck soon!!

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