Surviving The first Month

Its been one month, 4 weeks, 28 days. Where did that time go. I must really be behind on sleep because it feels like a blur. How could it go by that fast already. And yes there is not a lot of sleep going on these days. I keep getting asked if Sawyer has his nights and days mixed up. I fear he has no concept of either. Because on the days he’s up all day I think, good he’ll sleep tonight, but nope! And then even odder on the days he sleeps all day, he sleeps the best through the night! So needless to say I have finally learned to have naps in the middle of the day. And I have also learned my husband can sleep through ear piercing screaming. It really is a talent.

But its not all bad. There is the snuggles, smiles and lots of picture opportunities! I find myself attached to my camera (who didnt see that coming!) hoping not to miss a moment. Im sure my facebook friends are tired of seeing my Sawyer album constantly on top and being updated daily. But this girl doesnt care. He’s too cute in my eyes not to share!

So as Im sure I’ll say about the next month, the next year, the next life time, this has gone way too fast. And yes its been a change, but a change for the better. Im looking forward to all that the coming weeks of milestones and changes. Especially the sleeping through the night stage! But the giggle stage just as much! And Im sure to have my camera through it all.

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