New Born Photography

This weekend I was lucky enough to try out my first Newborn session with a precious little girl. We were not within the recommended 10 first days timeline. But that didn’t discourage me. I also never understood that time frame, but now I do! She definitely wasn’t as sleepy as a new newborn. But I think it worked anyways!

I loved it! There is a lot for me to learn still in the posing, and editing sides. But for my first time I think it was pretty good. Im going to have to stalk all my pregnant friends and family in the coming months for more practice! I love the added quote to the next picture. Its one of my pins (<3 Pinterest) And it was perfect with the colors and of course the actual quote.

My favorite was involving all the kids. She is now the youngest of 4, so I wanted to showcase that. I love how they turned out. I combined 2 photos. The top has the older kids in focus and the new baby slightly out of focus. And a reverse for the bottom shot. The black and white of the same pose was my fastest edit and one of my favorites. Funny how that happens.

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