A Pediatric Plastic Surgeon.

Today was the much awaited pediatric plastic surgeon appointment. {Ps. it was not McSteamy. Dang ABC for giving me unrealistic expectations of all doctors.} But he was very nice and his resident was making faces at Sawyer the whole time. He did not mess around at all. And I think that’s what you want in a doctor. He got right into explaining all the dirty details. By now I can listen to the whole procedure without blinking an eye. I┬áremember┬áthinking I was going to be that mom who can’t keep it together when my baby cried during shots. And now I can walk through an entire surgery on my 6 month baby’s head without any emotion. {if you want all those details go back and read: A Neurosurgeon.}

Today was a short visit. He is requiring Sawyer to have a CATscan done before surgery. We will hopefully be contacted by their office for that appointment in the next 10 days. No MRI, confirmed and the CATscan to rule out other abnormalities that can be unforeseen and linked to craniosynostosis. Knowing that the CATscan will be done asap, the Doctor believes surgery will be scheduled within 30 days of today. He said we have the option to push it back a couple weeks, but the faster the better for us! He was very thorough about answering all our questions. He explained why we are lucky to have caught it before a year. And if left untreated, can be known to cause delays in mental development. I’m completely rambling right now. Basically, the appointment went well, nice Doctor, things moving along, more waiting.

The biggest development was finding out only one parent is allowed to stay the night with him during recovery. It will be 5 days in the ICU. I won’t want to leave him, there is no way I could breathe let alone sleep away from the hospital. And yet I’m the biggest chicken about being alone. As if those first days weren’t already going to be tough. But still staying positive!

Completely touched that so many people continue to give such strong support. Ive already had people offering and asking what they can do to help during the recovery. We are so blessed to be surrounded by love on so many levels. Im amazed each any every time it happens, how many people care. Its so nice to see in today’s world when our values are sometimes skewed.

And if you know someone going through the same diagnosis or in the future have to deal with it, please refer them back to this and previous posts. I think sharing is the best way to find genuine experiences. I would be happy to help, since I had two moms step forward and tell me their entire story. It got me through the first days of an unheard of condition. As well as the CRANIO CIRCLE and Cranio Care Bears. And you can always reach me at lissables@gmail.com

As always I’ll update when the time comes. Thanks to everyone following our story.

4 thoughts on “A Pediatric Plastic Surgeon.”

  1. Thanks for the update!!!! This is a great way to let SOOOO many people – know all the details – at the same time!

    I have always believed in facts and data – and I know you will feel safer and more secure when you know everything you possibly can about what Sawyer is going through – even if some of those details are hard to hear! Stay strong…..and thanks for sharing…..

    Love you! Auntie K

  2. Stay strong – remember we all are thinking of you and sending positive thoughts for all of you. Appreciate the updates.

    Sending big hugs, your other “sister wife”.


  3. You are amazingly strong for such a young girl – must be from good stock (that’s a Calgary innuendo for your comfort).

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