A Surgery Date!

It has finally happened! Remember how just a couple days ago I was told end of June. Seems like no one communicates at all betweens the doctors and patients. We literally just got a letter in the mail with a Surgery date.

JUNE 6.  Sagittal craniosynostosis, total cranial reconstruction.  5:30 am arrival and surgery begins at 7:30 am. 3-5 days in hospital recovery.

We are now supposed to make an appointment for a 3 week week prior pre-op appointment. Which would be right now. So hopefully we can get in and everything goes smoothly from here on!

Thanks for the support guys!

4 thoughts on “A Surgery Date!”

  1. Oh Alissa!!! I am so happy for you guys that you finally get to get Sawyers surgery!! Playing the waiting game must have been awful!!! I just feel sick that Sawyer has to go through this, and as a mom myself, I couldnt even imagine what your going through Alissa. I will be thinking about all if you on June 6th……. and your in my prayers!!!
    Miss ya

  2. I have never been so excited about a surgery!!!!! So happy this is finally happening for you, Brandon and Sawyer. The waiting game is almost over……thanks again for sharing all the details here. Miss you!

    Love Auntie K

  3. I’m so happy you finally have a date for Sawyer’s surgery. I will be thinking lots of positive thoughts as you embark on this medical journey.

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