Happy Canada Day!

I may live in another country but that is no reason to not celebrate a happy holiday. When we were little we spent every Canada day in Sylvan Lake with my grandparents. We would walk down to the lake and watch the boat parade with fireworks above it. And it was always so cold no one went in the water. Except two little girls who couldn’t resist just a little bit. I love traditions like that. Its why I embrace fourth of July just the same. This Canada day I am about 2000 km { 😉 } away from all the celebrating. So we are having our own little party, with our other Canadian friends. My Sister-in-law and her family are coming by tonight for BBQ and a movie night!

{Wedding cake & cupcakes from a wedding I did in 2010, Canada Day colors!}

When I was little I also dreamed of living in the states. We did all our summer vacations here and I thought it was amazing. Better weather, new things in the grocery store, cool new restaurants, TARGET! And while Target still fascinates us daily, the rest fell short pretty fast. Living abroad makes you realize what a perfect place home is. You might call me crazy to miss the snow and rain, but those make for a beautiful country. I am in awe every year by how green it is once we leave this desert. We may have sun but we have too much of it. And I am a girl who would give anything to read a book cozied up under layers of blankets while it blizzards outside. You don’t do much in the winter there because of the weather. We are the same but opposite, its too hot here in the summer to do much outside. We now make requests for Kraft Peanut butter, Maynard gummie bears, Old Dutch chips, and the latest, Mr. Christies arrow root cookies! I miss the Canadian only restaurants now too. The heart wants what it cannot have. It why we look forward to going home every summer so much. O and one other little thing that’s missing too.

{Both family pictures are in major need of updating but they are the closest I have of everyone!}

Family. How we miss each and every one of you daily. Almost all of our family lives back in Calgary.  One day I would love to too. For all those reason’s and more {healthcare!!! haha} I miss my home, my Canada. But for now we’ll embrace these blazing temperatures. And lower cost to living, {see it’s not all bad I guess 😉 } But my heart will always be in Canada. {unless we move to Texas, my heart could live in Texas too.}

Happy Canada Day!

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