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I am so excited to share this post with you guys! Recently Brandon was out of town again. Like I’ve previously said, I basically don’t sleep. I am too afraid of the dark, and everything that might go boo. So when I saw a friend pin something to her new baby board, I thought “I can do that.” So I wrote her and like a new mom, she was also up late! After chatting a little bit about what she was looking for I set to work.

The final version for little Reese’s Nursery!

We’ve all seen the Baby Statistic nursery prints. So I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to replicate. {Thankfully instead of blood, I have glitter in my veins.} Much to my excitement, I successfully make one! And then another, and another. It was a little addicting. The mom was so thrilled with them too, that I just fed off her energy. After a couple quick changes, we made it tailored to her liking. I can’t wait to see it hanging in her nursery soon!

This was my favorite version!

An all pink version for a little girl!

A bright and colorful one for fun!

If you are also a new mom and looking for one, I’d be more than pleased to help you make one too! I enjoy making stuff and being creative, so you’ll only have to be patient with me on time. Just email me at for your own custom Statistic Nursery Print!

Thank You Marisa for letting me share your little girls prints!

5 thoughts on “Nursery Prints”

  1. Super cute!!! I wanted something for baby’s room this time that isn’t just his/her name hanging on the wall, but was still personalized. This totally fits the bill! Love the scratchy print btw!

    1. O Grace, I would make one for you any day, but with the idea of a homemade stuffed animal even more! Just email me all Lis’s info and I will have one to you as soon as possible. Give me a color scheme you like too!

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