He Proposed.

4 years ago. On July 4th, but I was just scanning pinterest. (my daily late night treat.) Thinking I had nothing to blog about lately. {Ps. I am on vacation so its bound to be a bit slower.} But I came across this lovely little “before I die/bucket list” type pin.

“Be Proposed to in an unique way” And I thought, Ive never shared my story with the blog. And I happen to be biased and think its about the best one out there. Especially when Brandon just left me to go back home and work a bit. I find myself missing him already! Funny how the heart does that. But on with the story.

This was back when we thought doing long distance love was a brilliant idea. Brandon was already living in Las vegas, and I was back in Calgary after doing the Toronto to London, UK. for a month and a bit. It was July 4th and a long weekend, and I was so mad that Brandon wasn’t taking advantage of the extra days to come back for a visit. He was being distant and was going to watch a football game, a convenient 3-4 hour break from texting. I’ll give my mother credit for trying to get me to look presentable that day. Though I should have known something was up, since the only other time she was that persistent was my sweet 16 surprise party. The only other big surprise event of my life. There was definitely signs, I was just completely oblivious to them.

My parents went out to dinner and refused to let me join them, even though I was bored out of my mind. So then I flat out refused to get ready. I mean no make up, hair a disaster, and an awkward outfit to tie it all together. The real kicker came when they got home and decided to watch a movie with me in my room. On my as tiny as possible 7 inch screen. Looking back it makes me wonder if I wasn’t just sleep walking through the day.

About 10 minutes into “Narnia,” my dad points out a noise on the window. I immediately told him it was probably just birds. It came again and I chalked it up to rain. Finally after a couple more they asked me to just check the window. And here comes the most romantic part of the story. There under my childhood window, was my future husband throwing rocks at my window. Something I had told him I had always wished for, but would never experience growing up on an acreage. I had said it when we first started dating, and hadn’t thought of it again. But he remembered. And I went into shock.

The next minute I was down the stairs and out the door, and there he was on one knee, pulling out the perfect ring. And asking the perfect question. Will you Marry me.  And the rest is History!

That was the start of our story. It was special and unique and perfect for us. And there has been many more moments just as dear to my heart, but this was the beginning of it all. Sometimes we focus too much on the negative and forget all the little moments that have made our lives so treasured. Take a moment to look back on a favored memory too. On that note, I’m off to finish watching home video’s with my “about to pop her baby out any minute” sister. Goodnight!

Feel free to leave your own engagement story too, I love hearing them all!

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  1. I always go a bit misty eyed seeing those pictures :’) Sadly I’m not yet married or even close, booo! Haha. How lovely is B for doing that 🙂

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