Happy Anniversary Part 1.

That story I teased about telling, about why we have 2 anniversaries. I’ll post it next week. Promise. Until then, here is the boring post about how last night we attempted to celebrate our 4th anniversary. And failed miserably. And then made it work in the end. (sort of like marriage right?)

I had the whole cute night planned out. Even lined up a babysitter without Brandon knowing. We would go bowling at a place by our old condo, that Brandon took me to on my 23rd birthday. We had such a great night that I wanted to try it again. I looked up the times, found out they are open 24 hours. Drove all the way over there, walked through the hotel in my ‘o so cute but trying to kill you heels,’ to find out they were closed for a private event. All night. Something no one thought to add to the website. Sigh.

So off we went to dinner instead. Which turned out to be just fine. Topped off the night at our favorite frozen yogurt place, guess who’s was who’s? Picked up the kid to be home by 8:30. A big celebration. This is why it’s always good to have two anniversaries, so you can try again a week later. And even though it was a flop, it was so us.

ps. love you b. Thanks for 4 awesome years. And all the amazing changes between our last anniversary. And for surprising me with my rings again.

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