The Anniversary Story.

We are about to celebrate our 4th anniversary for the second time this year! It may be odd to say that but it’s all our own story. And as promised, here it finally is.

4 years ago in 2008 Brandon proposed. We had only been dating for less than a year. And most of it was spent long distance. First I was in Calgary and he was in Toronto. Then I ran off to London England for 2 months, Brandon came to bring me home after I decided my 2 year visa wasn’t for me. A quick trip to Paris together and off to Toronto we went. We drove across the USA in 3 days, Toronto to Las Vegas, where Brandon had decided to move. Then back to Calgary I went. Back and forth, back and forth. Even though our time together was brief, we both knew. And we knew we were done with long distance too. So when he proposed we set a date for 2 months later. {It is completely possible to plan a perfect wedding in 2 months!}

What we didn’t plan for was immigration. We started looking at lots of our options. And were even advised by a lawyer on what to do. So on our big day, in the white dress and with all our friends and family watching, we signed a fake certificate. We did not get married on the day of our wedding. The 12th of September. Instead we were told to come back to Las Vegas and get married there, where we would do our immigration process together. The border guards in the Calgary airport had different plans.

2 Days after our wedding when trying to return together, I was stopped at customs. For intent to marry an American for citizenship. Citizenship that 4 years later I am still not pursuing. Try telling that to customs though. I was finger print, got a great looking mug shot and banned from entering the united states. For intended to marry an American. Who happens to also be Canadian and grew up 20 minutes from me, for his entire life. There is no reasoning at the border.

Brandon got on the flight after delaying it 20 minutes waiting for me. Not knowing what had happened to me, since no one would tell him. And believing that I was actually going to make the flight too, but never did. within 24 hours he was back in Calgary. After meeting with another lawyer we knew we were in for the long run. So we called up our minister and told him the whole story. He knew about the immigration beforehand and had provided the fake certificate. But wanting to make it official, we met again on the 18th of September. With just myself, Brandon and my parents as witnesses, we got married in our minister’s living room. No wedding dress, no flowers, no big dance, no 100 guests. Just us. {and peter’s drive in for dinner to celebrate!}

It took us 4 months. Expedited. It would have normally taken a minimum of 8 months. But those were the longest 4 months of our marriage. It tested us. And we did not always pass that test. But we kept working towards it. It required a medical exam in Vancouver. Flight paid out of pocket, hotel, cabs. And within 24 hours an interview in Montreal. Literally the other side of the country. Why there is only 2 offices to have these requirements done in, and they are as far apart as possible still blows my mind. Bonus points for Brandon required to be at the interview too. Only the night of his flight a freak snow storm cancelled his flight. I got on my plane not knowing if he would actually meet me on the other side and thus making it all for nothing. But sometimes miracles do happen and he took a whole bunch of layovers to get there 1 hr prior to our interview.

And interview that lasted 5 minutes. 5 minutes for a normal human to see that, we grew up in the same city, met and worked together for 2 years, dated, and were just two fools in love. 5 minutes. And then like it was nothing he pressed a button and un ‘blacklisted me.’ we flew back alone for the last time. A week later I was packed up and on my way to Las Vegas.

And that’s why we celebrate both our anniversaries. Always a week apart. That’s why when it gets completely ruined on the first attempt to celebrate it, we get a second chance. So tomorrow we will remember our unique marriage story again!

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  1. LOVE! I pinned the same picture(the first one with the yellow chair). I LOVE LOVE It.
    I tried to take pictures of Mason with a smash cake.. He wasnt into it.
    and I never did get the vintage high chair. seems I have no time with out two extra sets of busy little hands.

    You did a great job. I cant wait to see more pictures!

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