Heart Wedding Cake.

Last Friday one of my friends from Calgary flew down to vegas to ELOPE! How cute is that? You never hear of eloping anymore, so I had to do something special to honor her big day. And what else would you expect from me. I had plans for a much simpler smaller cake. But at the last minute I just couldn’t hold back.

Two tier triple chocolate cake with chocolate chips. Blue vanilla butter cream layers and white buttercream frosting. White fondant hearts to cover both tiers. One blue heart to pop!


I am a HUGE fan of pinterest. I am on it 24/7 and have 6,830 pins that I’m going to get to one day….. And though I try to pin stuff from my own blog every now and again, nothing really takes off. But just last week I saw one of my own friends pin something, and I paused and thought that’s cute and familiar. And BAM it hit me. “That’s mine! I made that!” I clicked through it to my own blog, to my post last October, about my Homemade Mummy Onesie. Where I found that she wasn’t the only one. A whole bunch of people are pinning it. As well, a blog that posts about pinterest finds posted a link to it! Thanks Over The Big Moon.

So I thought since everyone is pinning it and talking about it that I should share a photo of Sawyer actually IN the costume! Keep in mind he was only 2 weeks old, and I was definitely not back to my picture taking self.

So keep pinning away. I love you for it!