I am a HUGE fan of pinterest. I am on it 24/7 and have 6,830 pins that I’m going to get to one day….. And though I try to pin stuff from my own blog every now and again, nothing really takes off. But just last week I saw one of my own friends pin something, and I paused and thought that’s cute and familiar. And BAM it hit me. “That’s mine! I made that!” I clicked through it to my own blog, to my post last October, about my Homemade Mummy Onesie. Where I found that she wasn’t the only one. A whole bunch of people are pinning it. As well, a blog that posts about pinterest finds posted a link to it! Thanks Over The Big Moon.

So I thought since everyone is pinning it and talking about it that I should share a photo of Sawyer actually IN the costume! Keep in mind he was only 2 weeks old, and I was definitely not back to my picture taking self.

So keep pinning away. I love you for it!

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