The 2013 Resolutions.

Here I am laying it all on the line. I am the worst resolution keeper. And I basically always try to establish the same ones every January. So here we go again.

Get my house cleaned top to bottom, and reorganized

I’ve already been going through certain rooms and reorganizing them. We are {finger crossed} hopefully moving sometime this year and I want to declutter our living space. So far I’ve done our master bath, both our closets and I’m working on our bedroom. There is a lot of other rooms ahead! I will be sharing the little projects I’ve found on pinterest to help with the cleanse.

Focus on ME

This one may sound weird but its a very important one. If not the most important. And I do not mean it in a self absorbed way. Since I got pregnant way back in the beginning of 2011 I have almost exclusively lived in sweatpants, my hair in a messy bun and no makeup. This is miles away from the girly girl I used to be. First it was that I felt huge and pregnant. I showed fast and then continued to grow at an alarming rate even for my doctor. Do we all remember one of the last photo’s I posted of my pregnancy? The one everyone was sure I was carrying multiples and was 60 weeks along? It’s hard to feel like dressing up during that phase of my life. So I want to get up each morning, even if we do nothing but play with Sawyer’s gumball machine and watch the Disney channel. I just want to feel more like the girly girl I once loved being.

Dive headfirst into crafting again

I love the creativity in life. And even though some of my reader’s believe I am still creative, I have felt that crafting, especially scrapbooking was on the back burner for the last 2 years. First it was that I felt like I had a creative block, and then I had a literal block in my life when Sawyer started taking up all my time. Its not a great excuse, which is why I am not letting it hold me back anymore. I mean come on, I take enough pictures to scrapbook for the rest of my life already. I also feel like all my resolutions tie into each other because I need to cleanse the scrapbooking room and reorganize it especially. I always feel like I just make a mess instead of actually crafting.

creativity is messy

Blog more often and more creatively

I felt like I had a surge in follower’s through Sawyer’s cranio journey. It gave me a purpose with the blog. Since then I have felt like nothing was interesting enough to blog about. I always put it off or just plain leave it too long and never get to it. I want to write more often. I want to do blog challenges like “what I wore Wednesday” from The Pleated Poppy, the “Let’s do 52 Project” from Paint the Moon, and “Scrappy Sunday” from Just me, my solider, and our 4 chicks. I want to share some of my favorite quotes once a week in prewritten post’s. This is another big one. This year I seem to be wanting to do major overhauls on my life.

O ya and fix and finish the blog! Thanks you for being patient!


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