Happy 50TH Birthday Mom!

Mom's Birthday

These are the day’s that are especially hard to live 1,300 miles away from my family. If I was home I would have given you 50 hugs and Sawyer would have given you 50 kisses! But life is not always perfect and I can do all that in just one week! We are so excited to be joining my Mom in BC, she rented a cabin for a month to celebrate 50 amazing years. And each week she gets a new special visitor! So I, the worst flyer in the world, agreed to take my 1 1/2 year old on a plane by myself! I must love you a lot Mom!

Mom's Birthday

For those of you who don’t know my Mom, let me tell you about an amazing woman. She was born in Denmark, on her parent’s farm. Where they happily lived for the first 4 years of her life. But my Grandparent’s decided the move their entire family to a new country, Canada. So they jumped on a plane to start a whole new adventure, in a country they didn’t know, and a language they didn’t speak. She overcame such a big life change so early in life that she knew she was destined for great things. She pursued her passion early in life and was assisting by 16. She met the man of her dreams a year later but wouldn’t let him know that for another 3 years. She traveled on her own back to Denmark, and again to Australia. {Reading her diaries she kept from those trips inspired me to travel on my own before getting married!} When she came back she realized she still loved that surprisingly shy guy. He proposed in the rain in 1982 and a year later in all 80’s fashion, they were married.

Moms birthday

Four year’s later THE GREATEST GIFT EVER WAS BLESSED TO THEM! I was born, followed shortly by a a slightly less {love you too kimmy} greatest gift, my little sister. There was year’s of struggling and and pursuing her dream even further. Soon she had worked hard enough to open her own Salon. Before long they were expanding to a bigger location. She is one of the most amazing business woman I know. Her staff is extremely lucky to have such an amazing boss. She worked so hard and all to give us the perfect life. We didn’t have everything but because of their hard work we had a beautiful house and took amazing trips as a family. She was diagnosed with melanoma early in life. An extremely scary life threatening skin cancer. {this is why I lecture everyone I know about staying safe with sun and skin care.} I was too young to realize at the time how fearful the future was for her. But like everything else in life, she took it on whole heartedly and went into remission. I often still think about how differently things could have gone, and how much I know she mean’s to me. She inspired my love of both scrapbooking and photography. She makes me smile every time we are together. One of the biggest things she has given me, is continuing to visit me a country away, whenever I need it. She has just started the new adventure of being a Grandma, and like everything else in her life, she excel’s in it. I love to watch both her and Sawyer light up when they are around each other.


Mom's birthday

 My mother has truly lead an exceptional life. And today we are all celebrating those 50 special years. It’s amazing to see how many other people also love my Mother. But of course I love her the most! Happy Birthday Mom, you are the most amazing woman I know. I treasure every minute we are together. Can’t wait to see you in less than a week! I love you. 

Mom's Birthday

I had to add one good old picture! Happy 50th Birthday Mom.

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