Out Of The Office For 10 Days.

Sawyer and I braved the airport alone Thursday morning. It was ALMOST an easy feat. He was so good running around the airport, and fell asleep for half the flight. Woke up and got to play with the untouchable ipad, special treat! But getting off the plane he had THE biggest meltdown on the planet. Bonus though, because of it I had flight attendants tripping over themselves to help me off the plane. As well as getting to skip the super long customs line up! And we took this challenge to fly to Victoria, BC to see my parent’s in a cabin they rented on the ocean to celebrate my mom’s 50th birthday! It wasn’t an easy feat, but when I see Sawyer just lighting up playing here, it sure seem’s worth it! Or maybe it’s my parents lighting up just as much playing with him.

Qaulicum Beach 2013

And listening to the rain come down in buckets every day may be a nightmare on most vacations, but I am that crazy person that is overjoyed with it! Plus it makes for some pretty amazing pictures! This was Sawyer on the first day out. We quickly were scouring for new rubber boots, after the first pair mommy bought in Vegas were too big, and the pair I got here were too tight on those CHUNKY legs. We finally got lucky at a little second hand kids store! New red rubber boots! TOO CUTE! And he absolutely loves them. Can you tell?

Qualicum Beach 2013Qualicum Beach 2013Qualicum Beach 2013Qualicum Beach 2013Qualicum Beach 2013

We miss Daddy so much! But we will be out enjoying this life for awhile. Check back for some more adventures soon!

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