A New Look!

This is LONG overdue. But we finally have a new look! I am beyond thrilled with it. Its exactly what I was looking for! It’s been a great experience, I found the template on etsy and got to talk to the designer directly and she has been helping me slowly customize it over the last day or two. Obviously I am still working on it, but I hope to have it fully up and running soon!

Please feel free to leave feedback about it. What you like, what you miss. I love hearing from you guys for any reason. I do know the blog is still running slow. {That will take me some time to go back into 6 months of postings and re-edit them.} But for now I am just so elated to have a working site again and get back into blogging. I have definitely been neglecting it since my site went wonky.

If you are interested in the information of the site designer, please write me at lissables@gmail.com I would love to direct you to her etsy shop. She really was everything I was looking for. Excellent customer service!



Thank you for your patience.

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