I know I lost a lot of reader’s this spring when my blog began to run slow and then stopped working all together. I got all excited when my new design rolled out, refreshed and inspiring. I only got 2 blog posts in before I realized it wasn’t my previous blog that had the problem. It was something else. Something I never saw coming. I was hacked.

I’m sorry for all of my fans who have been so loyal and stuck with me through the troubles. We know the problem and although it’s happened again a couple times since discovering it, we can fix it now. So thank you awesome lissables fan’s, I’m back on track now and all for you.

I’ve got lots to share with you this week. Lots of photography. LOTS. And everything from Inspiration Unlimited. Sawyer got a new bed and we converted the nursery into a toddler room. It’s been a busy month. {Didn’t I say that in August too?} And October is not slowing down in the slightest either. So stick around, we’re finally back.

3 thoughts on “Hacked.”

  1. If you ever do fly out here, I would love to do them! Thanks for being excited with me, and always leaving comments! I am excited for your playroom. PLEASE post pictures! {especially of you on a slide into a ballpit 😉 And the narnia thing. I’m already jealous!}

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