It’s Been Awhile.

I hope you read that title in your best song voice. I can almost hear my husband doing his best Josh Groban imitation with it. It’s been awhile. over 2 months to be precise. And lets be honest. Before that I was not very consistent either. So for the every year in a row, my resolution was to blog more. I miss it. It used to be my best therapy and biggest pride. I think it’s one of the biggest reason’s I was strong through Sawyer’s surgery. Which is why my resolution has two parts. Not only do I want to blog more, I want to blog straight from the heart again. Its easy with crafts and photography to be swept up in the happiest happy words, but they are not always the ones on my mind. 

This year there will be lots of changes in our lives and they are all exciting, and I hope we can add even more to the planned fun. I’m cleaning out our house in order to list it as soon as possible and we will finally get to move, possibly into a little dream house of mine. I have to be patient before I get to share any details but I’m sure I’ll be talking about it in the coming months. 

I need to back track and share some of my favorite photography moments from 2013. It was the most amazing first year. I couldn’t have done it without all of you. I have a wonderful support group from my friends, family and clients. I cant believe how many referrals and rebookings I had just in the first 12 months. They are already rolling in for this year as well. And I can’t wait to get to them! 

Lastly. We are still working around the blog being hacked. Its been a huge disappointment, I’m sure to you as well. I am not technical but Mr. Lissables is on his way to fixing it. If you do see the blog is temporarily down, send me a quick message. It’s easy to reset it but it does still go down often. 


If you are still reading this, Thank you. I value all my readers to the end of the world. I am often surprised that anyone outside of my hubby and dad read this old thing. Thank you for sticking with me.



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