St Patty’s Day 2016

St Patricks Day

This one is going to be very picture heavy! I am a huge fan of the holidays. Basically I have been waiting for my boys to get to this age of fun. Of making special days all about them! I swear it looks like I am putting in this crazy amount of energy into this stuff but I am not. I am just spicing little things up.

St Patricks DaySt Patricks Day

I mean I HAD to make crepes. I am the crazy crepe lady. I make crepes for every single special occasion. I actually have a ton of breakfast recipes I make but crepes just feel right. I have been making crepes since I was 11. And I promise to share the recipe soon! I added a few drops of food coloring and sawyer yelled “I’ve never seen anything like this before!!!” I will do anything for that reaction every time.

St Patricks Day

Sawyer had preschool on St. Patricks Day this year and was sent off pinch proof in his green shirt. He made this 4 leaf clover earlier in the week and I found out they all picked different things to be lucky for. He picked us, the feels were real guys. As a parent you always think you aren’t doing good enough. This was the reminder that he thinks we are the best.

St Patricks Day

I snuck a green tea frap into my morning. Because it was green. I HAD to! But this is the last one after adding up the bill of my monthly Starbucks runs. YIKES. Don’t do that, its like checking the calorie count on your favorite bottle of wine. Scary.

St Patricks Day

For lunch we had rainbows with gold coins at the end. I found these little gold plates at target earlier in the week and they really sparked all these idea’s. Dang target! I cut up their favorite fruits to make the rainbows. Guess who’s is who’s? To be fair, Sawyer’s would have been a single color up until recently, so this is HUGE progress!

St Patricks Day

We hit up the library for St. Patricks Day books. Apparently very limited, but they had this lovely little book! Its even worse inside haha. Someone was definitely pushing some limits!

Here’s a couple pics of the boys in case you forgot how cute they are!

St Patricks Day St Patricks Day

And lastly, my nails were festive as always! Your nails can be too. Just shop my link, they are always buy 3 get 1 free. You can hit me up for a free sample too if you want. Head over to my Instagram and drop me a DM to do that.



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