Mallory+Kyle | Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

Mallory+Kyle | Las Vegas Wedding Photographer


Thursday, September 5th 2013. A beautiful Las Vegas day. A day Mallory & Kyle will always remember. As well as myself. This marks my first official wedding! They could not have made it easier on me, with the beautiful settings, touching little details, and absolutely perfectly paired couple.

I am so thrilled with the results and cannot wait to finish this amazing wedding. Here is a few teaser’s for the lovely couple.

Mallory+Kyle | Las Vegas Wedding Photographer Mallory+Kyle | Las Vegas Wedding Photographer Mallory+Kyle | Las Vegas Wedding Photographer Mallory+Kyle | Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

A New Look!

This is LONG overdue. But we finally have a new look! I am beyond thrilled with it. Its exactly what I was looking for! It’s been a great experience, I found the template on etsy and got to talk to the designer directly and she has been helping me slowly customize it over the last day or two. Obviously I am still working on it, but I hope to have it fully up and running soon!

Please feel free to leave feedback about it. What you like, what you miss. I love hearing from you guys for any reason. I do know the blog is still running slow. {That will take me some time to go back into 6 months of postings and re-edit them.} But for now I am just so elated to have a working site again and get back into blogging. I have definitely been neglecting it since my site went wonky.

If you are interested in the information of the site designer, please write me at I would love to direct you to her etsy shop. She really was everything I was looking for. Excellent customer service!


Thank you for your patience.

Happy Birthday Teresa Collins!

Hey all my scrapbook lovers. Did you know CHA is going on just 20 minutes from my house. Isn’t it just cruel to know that all the new paper lines are just down the road, {highway.} If you haven’t checked them out already, Teresa Collins is launching 4 new paper lines for Summer 2013. I AM IN LOVE. I’m going to give you a run down on all 4, and then I have a project to share with you! Yes it’s true, I have actually been scrapbooking instead of just hoarding beautiful scrapbook supplies. {I have some serious piles going on in here.} But first, did you know it also happen’s to be Teresa’s Birthday today? And to celebrate she is giving away ALL FOUR PAPER LINES to one lucky girl…or guy I guess? EXCITING! All you have to do is pop over to her blog and enter. But check out these amazing lines first.


This is Family Stories

Woodgrain, teal&pink, anchors, little people, arrows. I’m pretty sure she just took these images out of my head. This is absolutely perfect. I cannot wait to get my hands on it. It is just screaming mini album to me.

Teresa Collins - Summer 2013

This is Santa’s List.

Its a Christmas Line….EEEEEEeeeeeee This might actually inspire me to make a December Daily this year. So far 3 years in a row I have just “said” I was going to make one, but the vintage feel to this line is so inspiring. Did I mention she has treat bags in this line! WHAT, perfect easy peasy beautiful christmas gifts. Throw some cookies in there and no one will know how last minute that was. They are so beautiful that when I saw them on her page my mouth dropped and I had a sad moment where I thought she made them herself. Then I read they were products from the line and got all excited again.

Teresa Collins -Summer 2013

This is Memorabilia 

Chalkboard. That’s all I have to say about this gorgeous line. And then teal again! WITH YELLOW. Seriously, get out of my head. I really can’t decide which one I love more between this and Family Stories. But all the vintage looking frames, bicycle and hot air balloon’s are making me swoon. Good thing it is also my birthday this week and I have some extra cash that will be stashed away until these release!

Teresa Collins - Summer2013

This is Masquerade Party

First, could there be a cuter name for a Halloween line. Second, Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. I have no reason why really, it’s just a fun holiday. I have always loved getting dressed up and Las Vegas seems to embrace it like no other time of the year. The pumpkin patch last year was my favorite thing all year. And now there is a beautiful line to capture those memories. It’s hard to do a Halloween line without getting tacky, but Teresa absolutely nails it! O and hey, there is treat bags in this line too! AHHHH

Teresa Collins - Summer 2013

Are you still here? This is a big post today! Ok I now have a beautiful little album to share with you. Its not completely finished because I like to add to it and throw pages in at random. Its a mini album of pictures of just Sawyer and I. Through out the massive 2 years he’s almost been around for. It’s my casual easy album and I love it. The front cover is a layer of cute things from the Spring 2013 line “Memories.” I love this line too. I still have so much to play with from my massive buy this spring. {Is it sweet I save up Christmas money for one big paper line release and then Birthday money for the next? Works out quite nicely indeed!} I like that you can see the Past, Present, and Future tabs. Because this album has all random pictures and random pages. I also bound it with cord and tied int he back. Which means I can add pages whenever I want!

Teresa Collins Mini Album -

The inside of the cover is a massive pocket. I usually keep photo’s I want to work on next in it. Or special little things He receives. Cards or notes. Its big, it can hold a lot! I also added a popped up frame much like the one on the cover. I cut these out of the 2012 line “Tell Your Story.” I used pop dots to give them a bit more dimension. I swear he was that little just yesterday. Where is the time going!

Teresa Collins Mini Album -

The next page might be my favorite. Its just photo’s I grabbed on my phone during his first birthday party. They are grainy and not well framed and for me that is heartbreaking…Apparently his Birthday is the other day my big camera was not attached to my hands. It was a little chaotic though. But these two pictures melt my heart every time. I love them on the big yellow polka dot paper. Just love. I also used some stickers from Heidi Swapp’ line from Michaels. I cannot go into that store without buying one of her little embellishments. Get me every time! Also do you like my little photo bomber. He see’s a camera and doesn’t understand why he is not in front and in focus. I had to leave him in because I think it’s adorable!

Teresa Collins Mini Album -

Teresa Collins Mini Album -

This next page is my Birthday last year. One full year ago. Its a just a snap shot of Sawyer on my lap, Neither of us is paying attention but I remember every detail from it. Photo’s with real emotion behind them are always my favorite. Whether they are perfect or not. I love the doily added to this page. Its just wrapped around the photo for a different shape. Super simple.

Teresa Collins Mini Album -

This next and last page to share with you today, is the first photo’s of Sawyer. I love seeing the difference between these two pictures side by side. In the pocket is a little note about all the details from that day. I like having private journalling. It’s there for those who need to read it and prettily tucked away otherwise. {Is prettily a word?} I hope you liked it. It’s different from all my other albums, but its a fun format to work with! I get to leave lots of my pictures pretty big since it is 12×6.

Teresa Collins Mini Album -

And last but not least to share today. {I know I don’t post for a week and then I just load you up!} Since it was Teresa’s Birthday + I had extra cupcakes left over anyways + I was location scouting, just a couple blocks from her hotel. I ran these over with the help of one of her daughters! I had to dress the box all up. I love this idea. I saw it on pinterest months ago and have been waiting to use it. Perfect way to dress up a cupcake box. Way too cute. I just didnt want those things going to waste and I ate way too many cupcakes and cookies already this week. And don’t you worry I am already planning the birthday cake for Sunday. It will be EPIC, or a complete failure, since thats the way it seem’s to go. If we are following the pattern, its epic this year, as lsat year was the fail. But they always taste good! So stay tuned!

Teresa Collins Mini Album -



Guest Post: Featuring Katie Moore, Healthy Pregnancy.

Today we are featuring a guest post from a reader! This is too exciting to have someone love my blog enough to want to also be a part of it. I have a couple other guest post’s coming in the following months. Still getting the website re-done. {Im only one little girl who doesn’t have a clue what she is doing technically!} So for now enjoy this lovely post from Katie Moore about staying healthy through pregnancy! Katie is an active blogger who discusses the topics of, motherhood, children, fitness, health and all other things Mommy. She enjoys writing, blogging, and meeting new people! To connect with Katie contact her via her blog, Moore From Katie or her twitter, @moorekm26.

Hi Everyone!  I wanted to thank Alissa for allowing me to guest post on her site!  It’s always an honor to share my stories and tips with others and I love meeting new people.  I found Alissa’s site through what else- cupcakes!  I love making and creating new cupcakes with awesome frosting.  And if you can’t tell- we both make a mean cheeseburger cupcake! While baking is just a side hobby, my true passion is writing about my life as a mom and my pregnancy.  My husband and I live with our daughter Lily and we love watching her grow.  Feel free to reach out to me regarding anything- from babies to sprinkles at


Adopting Healthy Habits During Pregnancy

When I had my daughter, I wanted to do everything perfectly so my little one would be provided with the healthiest possible start in life. I spent hours each day reading everything including the value of banking my baby’s cord blood to how to track contractions! I was often overwhelmed by the amount of information available and the idea that everything I do while pregnant could affect my developing baby. Rather than burdening myself with too much information, I decided to stop reading and focus on acting on the things that I knew were good for me and my baby. Besides, sitting in front of the computer all day certainly wasn’t doing me any favors. Here’s a breakdown of my daily healthy habits:

Guest Blogger Katie Moore on Healthy Pregnancy at

Today, the common belief is that a pregnant woman is in delicate condition and should therefore be as inactive as possible. However, exercise is important for everyone, especially pregnant women. I knew that my chances of developing gestational diabetes was much greater if I didn’t stay physically active, so I made it a point to get at least 30 minutes of light exercise every day. I did this mainly by going for walks, but I also enjoyed swimming and yoga.

Hand Washing
There are a lot of pathogens out there, and my doctor had told me that the germs I get could be passed to my baby. Besides that, I was also more susceptible to illness. During pregnancy, a woman’s immune system doesn’t work as well as normal, so she has to be extra careful. I made sure to frequently, especially after running errands.

Guest Blogger Katie Moore on Healthy Pregnancy at

Eating Right
All throughout my pregnancy, nutrition was perhaps my strongest focus since it was so critical to my baby’s proper development. I avoided processed foods completely as these provide little nutrition and contain many questionable ingredients. Sugar was a no-no particularly because it further suppresses immunity and greatly increases the chances of gestational diabetes and other health problems. Instead, I ate plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, wholesome meats, dairy and eggs along with my prenatal vitamins.

Sleep is extremely important during pregnancy, yet according to some sources, most women experience disturbed sleep when they’re pregnant. I certainly did, especially when my baby decided to practice kickboxing on my bladder. I was up every couple of hours nearly every night, so my body never had a chance to enter deep sleep. It’s during deep sleep that your body carries out many of its growth and repair tasks, so taking frequent naps was important.

Guest Blogger Katie Moore on Healthy Pregnancy habits at

When I began managing these aspects of my pregnancy, I began feeling healthier and more confident about bringing my daughter, Lily, into our little world. Give them a try for yourself and perhaps these healthy habits will do the same for you!


Thanks so much Katie! We enjoyed your post and look forward to hearing more from you in the future! 



Hey it’s always fun to play along with some of the biggest blogging trends, right? This is one I have seen sweeping through lots of the creative blogs I follow. I thought it would be fun to do one of my own. So here is the currently of

WATCHING: O good we’re going to start with the most embarrassing! I recently re watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer from Season 1-7. And like most books or series, you just cant seem to shut that world away when it ends. That’s were spin off’s come in. So yes I am watching “Angel” now. Sad but True. Mostly I just have it on while I am editing or working on the never ending shutterfly books.

READING: “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me” by Mindy Kaling I don’t usually read celebrity written books. I don’t think they have much to offer for advice since they don’t really live in the real world. But I love Mindy. I mean LOVE. It started with the Mindy project this year. Not watching it? Do yourself a favor and catch up on season one, which just finished, before season 2 comes out. Then I found her book. It’s been my guilty little pleasure. Each chapter is only a few pages long. She is so funny and true. I think everyone should read this book. Seriously, go buy it.

LISTENING: I don’t typically download music or buy CD’s anymore. I most often just turn on Pandora. My musical station is getting a lot of play lately. But if I had to narrow it down to someone I can listen to over and over again its Rae Morris, Don’t Go. And Macklemore, Same Love.

MAKING: I haven’t been baking much, have you noticed. Something had to take a backseat in life. I have been too busy with photography. So I guess you could say I am making memories for other families. I truly love my job. I feel just as excited editing a beautiful happy picture, as if it were my own family. I am trying to scrapbook more. But it is often put on hold. Trying to change that.

FEELING: This is a little personal. But if I get it out maybe I will feel better? Ugh. We are trying for sawyer 2.0 However…Sawyer was a one and done baby. Exciting, no pressure, no thoughts. This has been a little different. We are coming up on 6 months and a lot of negative tests. Funny how that little negative sign can be a relief for some and utter devastation to others. Sometimes it’s all I can think of. And I know in the long run it’s not that long. I’ve heard it all already people. But when your in it and it was so easy last time, it’s hard to put those thoughts aside. Like why wont my body just agree with me on what I want! I know it will happen at the right time…I just thought the right time was 5 months ago.

PLANNING: Trips! One with an old friend and one home for the summer. Very exciting. Both with include photoshoots and fun. Going home for a month is extremely exciting. My mom is even flying down to drive home with me, since Brandon cannot take a month off work. And even though it’s a whole month I know it will go entirely too fast. How did it already become the end of May?

LOVING: Let’s make this just the most random list ever. Southwestern Salad. Cool nights on the deck watching Sawyer play. My hubby letting me nap yesterday after having a long week with a sick Sawyer. Sawyer’s pouty face. My sister’s visit last week. Pool days. Vanilla Coke Zero. Teresa Collins Stationary Noted. My Minds Eye Find your wings and Fly. Target. {Because you cant have a list about Love without Target.} Penpalling {totally a word I made up.} with my best friend in Texas. Sour cream and onion ritz chips. My new iMac. Wink Brand cards. PicTapGo photo editing on my phone.  My job. Pinterest, always. Surprises being planned. Strawberry trifle. New photography challenges. The Mindy Project. The color mint green. And yellow. Together. Green Tea Frapaccino’s from starbucks…at target. The smell of sunscreen. Ready Oliver Jeffers books with Sawyer. AC. My Hubby. My Sawyer. My Family.


1 Year Cranioversary

One Year Ago Today.


One year ago today was the hardest day I have ever experienced. It feels as close as yesterday and like it never happened at the same time. They are memories our entire family will think about almost daily. It was something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, yet I think it was a blessing in disguise 


Yes you read that right. I think Sawyer’s craniosynostosis was a blessing. Each day we had to deal with the process I became stronger. For my son, for myself. Each time I entered a Doctor’s office thinking I was having a bad day, I was reminded of how truly wonderful my life is. And even in the PICU, I was humbled by children suffering from terminal illness’s with the brightest outlook on life. These are things you cannot experience without going through the exact same thing. Knowing that, I consider our diagnosis as a whole a blessing. I am a better person by going through it. Sawyer is a healthier child for having caught it. And we are a stronger family for enduring a crisis together.

cranio goodbye

Having said that, they are not happy memories I bring back from this day in time. {except for Happy Birthday to my best friend, sorry this date will always be the best and worst of celebrations!} Last year I was handing my 8 month old baby to a stranger. Hoping it wouldn’t be the last time I saw his ever lasting smile. He was so trusting, he never even looked back. To interested in the pretty nurse showing him all the new things down the hallway. And then he was gone and a cold door was slamming in my face. Brandon and I stood in that spot for what seemed like eternity. Just crying and holding each other. The only ones who could be whole heartedly there for each other. Not to discredit my Mom who flew across 2 countries to be there for us. Her’s was a different kind of pain. Not only was she watching her first grandchild go through an unbelievably intense surgery. But also watching her daughter experience it from a parent’s side. I’m so lucky to be loved in such a caring way.


It was a long morning. It was a long week. I can’t describe how emotional and emotionless I was at the same time. I shed those tears when he left my arms, and never again. I always thought when I became a mother I would be an emotional wreck if something like this happened to my child. Instead I found I was a rock. I allowed others to cry for me, while I remained strong for Sawyer. Each day for 7 days we remained in a loop. Rounds at 5am, swelling, tests, morphine, visitors, crying out in pain, more rounds, more swelling, more test’s, never enough morphine. 7 days. It’s longer than the normal “total cranial vault reconstruction” recovery. Sawyer needed 7 blood transfusions. They were expecting 2, so the added blood caused excess swelling. He was unrecognizable. Because of this I was only able to hold sawyer twice. The first time was only minutes while a nurse changed his sheets. The second time I actually got to sit with him for the afternoon in my lap. I had to move him back to the bed after a couple hours because he was so swollen, his body weighed what felt like triple his weight. And then without warning they were discharging us and sweeping us out the door.


The worst part was being home. I was no in charge of my baby who loved me, but was guarded with his trust. I struggled with his drastic change in appearance. I broke my streak of not crying on the first night. I had a full on crying, screaming on the floor breakdown. After all, there was a lot built up. But then I picked myself back up and remembered we had already come this far and we could do this. And we did. Life went on. Each day we crossed another milestone and soon we no longer got horrified looks of other customers in Target. No one asked about his ear to ear zig zag scar. Days turned into weeks, turned into months, and here we are, a year later. You can no longer see his scar. A stranger would never know. Even I find it all hard to believe.

craniosynostosis scar

So if your reading this, don’t think of it in sadness. Remember it as a mean’s to live your life in a more humble giving way. Treat everyone you meet with kindness, you never know what they are going through. {That’s getting a bit cliche sounding, I’m aware.} But it’s still true. We often get caught up on little things. Don’t. You may have thought you were just writing me a little note that day. It wasn’t. The immense volume of love and support we received that day and all the days leading up to and following, are more than I could ever have imagined. They meant the world to me. Don’t be afraid to do that for other’s. If you want to honor this day in anyways, reach out to someone else today. And just love and support them in whatever way you think they need. Buy your nephew some ice cream. Play house with your cousin. Drop a random card in the mail for a friend, just because. Phone your grandma and catch up. Do something nice and let someone you love know them. Just because. Don’t take things for granted. Enjoy each moment. Because even painful experiences are blessing’s in disguise.


Happy One Year Cranioversary Sawyer.

Emelia’s Birthday | Las Vegas Children’s Photographer

I had the pleasure of doing Emelia’s Smash Cake session a couple weeks ago. And was also asked to photograph her first birthday party. I love all the candid moments you see while watching a party from afar. I feel that they best capture the joyful feeling of celebrations. But what makes my heart really sing is seeing my work on display at such an event. I’m proud of my work, but when my clients love it just as much and more, it means the world to me.

Emelia Birthday | Las Vegas Children's PhotographerEmelia Birthday | Las Vegas Children's PhotographerEmelia Birthday | Las Vegas Children's PhotographerEmelia Birthday | Las Vegas Children's PhotographerEmelia Birthday | Las Vegas Children's PhotographerEmelia Birthday | Las Vegas Children's PhotographerEmelia Birthday | Las Vegas Children's Photographer

And of course it’s not a party without some tears shed! I don’t think there has ever been a first birthday, {at least that I’ve attended.} Where there hasn’t been a meltdown. I call it the meltdown hour. Its usually during cake time. The birthday child rings it in, and it slowly hits all the kids. I love it, because it always makes for great candid pictures!

Emelia Birthday | Las Vegas Children's Photographer

Stay tuned, I have some crafting, and more sessions to share soon!

A Little Late, But Still Cute.

Easter 2013 |

Easter was a week ago. I had to check a calendar to make sure. Because I feel like this week has gone by in a blink. I have been BUSY! But that’s the thing, it is amazing to be busy. Between last Saturday and tomorrow I have had 4 session’s and of course Easter photos. I am trying to edit my little brain out, but life get’s in the way. Sawyer is breaking his 50th tooth. {wait they don’t get up to 50?? because I swear this is the 50th time we’ve gone through teething!} There are tiny little elves that break into my house every night and make a mess. Sort of like Christmas but no presents. And some how I am behind on blogging, posting pictures on fb and laundry. Like a lot of laundry. Seriously a lot.

Easter 2013 | Easter 2013 | Easter 2013 | Easter 2013 |

 And in between that all I get to dress up Sawyer, watch him go on his first Easter egg hunt. Treasure these moments that are slipping between my fingers way too fast. This morning he figured out how to pull back the race cars and let them go flying across the room. Since when do kids grow up so fast? And why am I just realizing this. And then right in the middle of my panic attack of growing older, he behaves just perfectly and throws a fit because ya a 6ft tall bunny is probably not be a comforting thing. But that’s ok, I’m going to look back one day and LOVE that he cried on both Santa’s and the Easter Bunny’s lap this year.

IMG_0756 Easter 2013 | Easter 2013 | Easter 2013 | Easter 2013 | Easter 2013 | Easter 2013 |

So I am always going to be behind. I am just trying to hold on to him. Can’t blame me for that. And then once in awhile I will stay up again too late and spam my lovely readers with a million pictures of this very well dressed red head. Enjoy, there’s only a couple more I swear!

Easter 2013 | lissables.comEaster 2013 | lissables.comEaster 2013 | lissables.comEaster 2013 | lissables.comEaster 2013 |

Tomorrow I have another session with a little girl for her 3 annual Birthday photo’s. I think kids are my favorite subjects behind a lens. Is anything more beautiful than seeing the world through a child’s eye’s. Stay tuned for those gorgeous previews!

Emelia’s Smash Cake | Las Vegas Children’s Photographer

Emelia Smash Cake | Las Vegas Children's photographer

I just adored capturing little Emelia’s Smash Cake session. I cannot get over her beautiful bright smile. She actually became a client of mine after her mom stumbled across my blog! The best part is I get to work with this little princess again on Saturday. I am covering her Birthday Party! I myself wish I had done the same. It’s always hard to enjoy and photography your own parties. So I offer events as well! But without further ado, here is her Beautiful One Year Smash Cake Session Photo’s!

Emelia Smash Cake | Las Vegas Children's photographerEmelia Smash Cake | Las Vegas Children's photographerEmelia Smash Cake | Las Vegas Children's photographerEmelia Smash Cake | Las Vegas Children's photographerEmelia Smash Cake | Las Vegas Children's photographerEmelia Smash Cake | Las Vegas Children's photographerEmelia Smash Cake | Las Vegas Children's photographer

You can check out the entire album on my facebook page this weekend!

To schedule your own session please contact me on fb or at

Emelia Smash Cake | Las Vegas Children's photographer

Alphabet Book

Alphabet Book |

There is lots of ways to be creative, but one of my favorites is with shutterfly books. I’ve shared some in the past. My favorite being the book to document Sawyer’s craniosynostosis story. And of course the yearly books, which have recently turned into half a year. Apparently I take too many pictures to meet the 1000 photo maximum. But just this week I am finishing up another special book for Sawyer. I saw the idea on pinterest a year ago and just knew I needed to make one.

It’s an alphabet book. Each letter has it’s own page with words that are special to our family. With each finished page I loved this book more! Here is the list of words we used. Some pages I couldn’t decide on one thing so I used multiple words. Of course change as many as you can to be uniquely yours!

A- Airplanes
B- Bitter beer face, Birthdays, Bubbles, Batman, Bathtime, & Babies
C- Christmas, Cuddles, Cousins, Cars, Cake & Craniosynostosis
D- Daddy
E- Easter Bunny
F- Feet
G- Grandparents
H- Halloween
I- Ice Cream
J- Jump
M- Monkey’s & Mommy
N- NapTime
O- Ocean
P- Party, Playdates, Pool Time
Q- Quiet Time
R- Red Rubber Boots
S- Super Hero’s, Swing, Smile, Sad, Santa & SAWYER!
T- Toys
U- Ultrasound
V- Valentines Day
W- Winter
X- Xray, Ok ours was actually a CTscan but all the same. {There is basically NOTHING that starts with X}
Y- You
Z- Zoo

Alphabet Book | lissables.comAlphabet Book | lissables.comAlphabet Book | lissables.comAlphabet Book | lissables.comAlphabet Book | lissables.comAlphabet Book | lissables.comAlphabet Book | lissables.comAlphabet Book | lissables.comAlphabet Book | lissables.comAlphabet Book | lissables.comAlphabet Book | lissables.comAlphabet Book | lissables.comAlphabet Book | lissables.comAlphabet Book | lissables.comAlphabet Book |

As you can tell this is still a work in progress. But I am working like crazy since shutterfly is offering their free 8×8 book promotion! {I have until Tuesday, I love companies that make big promotions like free photo books!}

I also included a page for Numbers, Colors and Months. I believe this will be a great tool in teaching and spending time together. I can’t wait to get it in the mail! It will also be our Easter gift to Sawyer this year! See you don’t need to be crafty to make customizable creative gifts. All you need is a few key starting points, shutterfly and LOTS of time 😉 Seriously I spend too much time on shutterfly. But it’s worth it!

And also browsing Pinterest on a daily basis doesn’t hurt!

Hope you enjoyed today’s {very picture heavy} post! Stay tuned this week for more scrapbooking and photography. And some party details from this weeks celebrations for my hubby and sister in law.